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Transcript of the entry for the Post Office, professions and trades for THIRSK in Bulmer's Directory of 1890.



  • Cathcart Earl, Thornton-le-Street
  • Lascelles Hon. G. E., Sian Hill
  • Scott Rev. G., Coxwold
  • Akenhead R., Esq., Otterington hall
  • Hincks Captain, Breckenbrough
  • Hawkins Rev. H. A., Topcliffe
  • Elsley C., Esq., New Buildings
  • Turton Captain, Upsall castle
  • Bell R., Esq., The Hall, Thirsk
  • Greenock Lord, Thornton-le-Street
  • Gallwey Sir Ralph Payne, Bart., Thirkleby park
  • I'Anson Major, Howe, Thirsk division, County Councillor for Topcliffe
  • Turton Robert Bell, Esq., Upsall castle
  • The Magistrates meet at the Court House, Westgate, Sowerby, every Monday at 11 o'clk.
  • Clerk to Magistrates - J. Richardson, solicitor, Thirsk
  • Bell Reginald, Esq., County Councillor for Thirsk division


  • Parish Church - Rev. W. Teesdale Mackintosh, M.A., vicar; Rev. G. Gill, curate; Sunday services, 8 and 10-30 a.m., 3 and 6-30 p.m.; Baptisms and Churchings at 3-45 p.m.; Funerals at 4 p.m.; Children's Service in the Church on the first and third Sundays in each month at 3 p.m.
  • Wesleyan Chapel, St. James' Green - Rev. T. Dickin and W. Wandless, ministers; Sunday services, 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.; Monday, prayer meeting at 7-30 p.m.; Tuesday, preaching at 7 p.m.
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel, Castlegate - Rev. W. Haddow, minister; Sunday services, 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.
  • Congregational Church, Finkle street - Rev. T. Stimpson, minister; Sunday services, 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.
  • Roman Catholic Church, Castlegate - Rev. L. McGonnell, priest; Sunday services, 10-30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.
  • Friends' Meeting House, Kirkgate - Sunday services at 10-30 a.m. and 5 p.m.


  • Cemetery, Thirsk; Robert B. Piggott, sexton
  • Corn Returns Office at the Black Bull, Market pl
  • Drill Hall (I Company, 1st Volunteer Battalion, Princess of Wales' Own Yorkshire Regiment, Castle yard; Reginald Bell, captain
  • Thirsk Art Class held at Thirsk Institute; Mr. J. Pennington, teacher; R. T. Tennent, sec.
  • Thirsk and District Naturalists' Field Club; Rev. W. T. Mackintosh, president; William Chapman, secretary

Thirsk Parish Council -

  • The vicar, Rev. W. T. Mackintosh;
  • Vicar's warden, Mr. J. Rhodes;
  • Parish warden, Mr. T. Coltman;
  • Sidesmen,
  • Messrs. W. W. Hall,
  • J. Pattison,
  • R. Bell,
  • J. H. Greenhill,
  • S. Stott,
  • G. W. Kemp,
  • W. Horn,
  • R. Jaques,
  • Dr. Hartley,
  • M. Westwick,
  • R. Atlay,
  • R. S. Purdy;
  • Parish clerk, Mr. W. D. Bateman, Market place;
  • Sexton, Mr. R. B. Piggott, Cemetery lodge
  • Superintendent Registrar, Mr. Charles McC. Swarbreck, solicitor, Thirsk
  • Registrar of Births and Deaths, Mr. D. Peat, Finkle street
  • Registrar of Marriages, Mr. J. Winter
  • Good Templars' "Friend in Need" Lodge meets every Tuesday evening at 7-30, in the Primitive Methodist schoolroom
  • Cricket Club - W. W. Hall, secretary; F. R. Hansell, captain
  • Football Club - C. Wray, secretary; T. S. Wheater, captain
  • Thirsk Institute - J. E. Foster, secretary
  • Inland Revenue Office - J. Storey, Sewerby
  • Stamp Office - T. Eeles, distributor, Kirkgate
  • Church of England Band of Hope - Rev. W. T. Mackintosh, president; Sgt.-Major Rawlins, secretary
  • Maternity Society - Mrs. Mackintosh, secretary
  • Masonic Hall (" The Falcon Lodge," No. 1,416, Thirsk) - Brother Charles Greensides, sec.
  • Magistrates' Office, Castlegate - John Richardson, clerk
  • Police Station and Court House, Westgate Sowerby - Joseph Ellerby, inspector
  • Thirsk Gas Company, Long street - Hy. Foss, manager; Alfred Todd, sec.; h Whitby
  • Thirsk District Water Works Co., Limited, registered office, Kirkgate - Geo. Anderson, secretary and manager


  • Ancient Order of Foresters, Court Mowbray, Thirsk, 380 members - T. Wiley, Sowerby, Thirsk, secretary
  • Manchester Unity of Oddfellows, Perseverance Lodge, Thirsk, 250 members - Christopher Hudson, Railway terrace, Thirsk, secretary
  • United Ancient Order of Druids, Vale of Mowbray Lodge, 210 members - George Best, Ingramgate, Thirsk


  • The Board meet every alternate Monday at the Workhouse
  • Chairman - Thomas W. Lloyd, Esq., Cowesby hall Northallerton
  • Vice-Chairmen - Quintin Rhodes, Kirkgate, Thirsk; John Kirby, farmer, Knayton
  • Ex-officio members -
  • Akenhead Robert, Esq., Otterington hall,Northallerton
  • Bell Reginald, Esq., Thirsk hall
  • Cathcart The Rt. Hon. the Earl, Thornton-le-Street hall, Thirsk
  • Elsley Charles, Esq., Newbuilding, Thirsk
  • Gallwey Sir Ralph P., Thirkleby park, Thirsk
  • Greenock Lord, Thornton-le-Street hall, Thirsk
  • Hawkins Rev. Henry A., Topcliffe, Thirsk
  • Hincks Captain, Breckenbrough, Thirsk
  • Hutton John, Esq., Solberge, Northallerton
  • I'Anson Major John, Howe, Thirsk (and Chairman of the Highway Board, Thirsk)
  • Lascelles The Hon. Geo. E., Sion hill, Thirsk, and Chairman of Magistrates for Birdforth district
  • Rutson John, Esq., Newby Wiske hall, Northallerton, and Chairman of Finance
  • Rutson Henry, Esq., Newby Wiske hall, Northallerton
  • Turton Captain, Upsall castle
  • Clerk - Charles MeC. Swarbreck
  • Treasurer - John Harris
  • Medical Officer - Dr. Henry Longford
  • Master - Malcolm Macpherson
  • Matron - Mrs. Ann Macpherson
  • Schoolmistress - Miss Ann Donaven
  • Relieving Officer - Henry Watson
  • Attendance and Enquiry Officer - Wm. Dale
  • Medical Officers - Thirsk and Sutton District,
  • Dr. Henry Longford; Kilburn District,
  • Dr. Mc.Cracken, M.B.; Pickhill District,
  • Dr. Mickle; Topcliffe District,
  • Dr. T. C. Mitchell


  • Chairman - Quintin Rhodes, Esq.
  • Clerk - Charles McC. Swarbreck, solicitor
  • Medical Officer of Health - Dr. Buchanan
  • Inspector of Nuisances - William Dale


  • Meetings are held monthly in the Board Room, Cemetery lodge
  • Members -
  • The Vicar, chairman;
  • Reginald Bell, Esq., T. Coltman,
  • J. Pattison,
  • W. Foggitt,
  • Thos. John Wilkinson,
  • R. Holyday,
  • Quintin Rhodes,
  • A. C. Bamlett
  • Clerk to the Board - H. Smith, solicitor


  • Held every two months at the Magistrates' Room, Westgate
  • Judge - His Honour Edmund Robt. Turner
  • Registrar and High Bailiff - Charles McC. Swarbreck, solicitor
  • Clerk to the Registrar - Thomas Kemp
  • Assistant Bailiff - J. Woodward; office, Market place
    The following places are within the jurisdiction of this Court:- Ainderby Quernhow, Bagby, Balk, Birdforth, Boltby, Carlton-Miniott, Carthorpe, Catton, Cowesby, Dalton, Redmire-with-Crakehall, Fawdington, Felixkirk, Holme, Hood Grange, Howe, Hutton Sessay, Kepwick, Kilburn, Kirby Knowle, Kirby Wiske, Knayton-with-Brawith, Maunby, Newby Wiske, Newsham-with-Breckenbrough, North Kilvington, Pickhill-with-Roxby, Sand Hutton, Sessay, Sinderby, Skipton-on-Swale, South Kilvington, South Otterington, Sowerby, Sutton-under-Whitestonecliffe, Thirkleby, Thirlby, Thirsk, Thornbrough, Thornton-le-Moor, Thornton-le-Street, Topcliffe, and Upsall

Commissioners of Income Tax -

  • Major John I'Anson, J.P., Howe hall, Thirsk;
  • Rev. W. C. Lucas, Wath vicarage, Ripon;
  • Henry Rob, Esq., Catton hall, Thirsk;
  • Theo. Wm. Lloyd, Esq., Cowesby hall, Northallerton


  • North Eastern Railway Co. - Station in Carlton Miniott, 1¼ miles west of Thirsk. - William Charlton, station master; Luke Welch, assistant station master; Wm. Thackeray, night station master. 'Bus from the Fleece Hotel, Market place, meets all trains

Carriers. To and from Thirsk.

  • Boltby, &c. - Robert Hutchinson, Blacksmiths' Arms, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
  • Coxwold. - Robert Agars, Three Tuns
  • Easingwold. - David Adams, Golden Lion
  • Kilburn. - Thomas Cobb and William Burn, Three Tuns; and Mark Bell, Black Bull
  • Osmotherley, Stockton. - Taylor, Blacksmiths' Arms
  • Stockton. - T. Leybourne, Blacksmiths' Arms
  • Stokesley. - J. Bell
  • Thornton-le-Moor. - A. Harland, King's Arms


  • Post Office, Market place; B. Jaques, postmaster. Box closes at 5-30 a.m. for letters intended for despatch by rural postmen; at 10-25 a.m. for York, Leeds, and places South; at 1-50 p.m. for general mail North (and York city only); at 7-20 p.m. for principal mail; and at 10-0 p.m. for general mail North and South. Letters can be registered up to 7-0 p.m, and by an additional fee up to 7-20 p.m. Letters are received in the office up to 7-30 p.m. with an additional ½d. stamp. The morning town delivery commences at 7-0; afternooon delivery at 3-15; and evening at 6-45. Money Orders and Postal Orders are granted from 9-0 a.m. to 6-0 p.m.; Saturdays up to 8-0 p.m. Parcels Mails are despatched at 10-0 a.m. and 7-0 p.m.
  • Wall Boxes. - Clearances: Stammergate, 5-15 and 10-0 a.m.; 1-5 and 6-15 p.m.; Ingramgate, 5-20 and 10-5 am.; 1-10 and 6-15 p.m.
  • Sowerby Receiving Office. - Money Order and Savings Bank business done and letters received from and despatched to the head office frequently daily, except on Sundays. Mr. B. Harwood, receiver.
  • Wall Boxes. - Sowerby, R.O., Clearances: 5-35 and 10-5 a.m.; 1-25, 2-45, 6-10, and 8-55 p.m.
  • Little Sowerby. - Clearances 5-40 and 10-10 am.; 1-30, 2-50, 6-15, and 9-0 p.m.
  • Sowerby Road. - Clearances 5-15 and 10-15 a.m.; 1-35, 6-20, and 9-10 p.m.
  • Money Order and Savings Bank business done at Kirby Wiske, Melmerby, Topcliffe, and Dishforth; sub-offices, Baldersby.

RURAL POSTMEN are despatched at 6-0 a.m., as follows

  • To Boltby, Kirby Knowle, Upsall, Kilvington Hall, Thornbrough, and Kilvington; mounted postman, James L. I'anson, Weetgate.
  • To Borrowby, Knayton, Brawith, and Thornton-le-Street; foot postman
  • To Dalton, Sessay, Hutton Sessay, Carlton Husthwaite, Thirkleby High and Low; mounted postman, Henry Haw, Westgate.
  • To Dishforth, Rainton, Asenby, Baldersby Park, Topcliffe, and Thorpe Field; mounted postman, T. Wilson, Wild's yard.
  • To Felixkirk, Thirlby, Cold Kirby, Hambleton and Scawton; mounted postman, B. I'anson, ong street.
  • To Maunby, Sand Hutton, Breckenbrough, Sion Hill, and Thirsk Railway Station; mounted postman, Robert Gatenby, Westgate.
  • To Newsham, Kirby Wiske, and Wood End; foot postman, Alfred Horner, Long street.
  • To Pickhill, Holme, Sinderby, Ainderby, Howe, Skipton Bridge, and Carlton Miniott; mounted postman, John H. Wright, Railway terrace.
  • To Sutton, Osgoodby, Balk, Bagby; foot postman, William Thompson, Millgate.

Miscellany of trades

  • Anderson George, secretary and manager to the Thirsk district water works Co., Ltd., Kirkgate
  • Appleton Henry, cooper & cowkeeper, Long st.
  • Atkinson David, mason, Ingramgate
  • Baker The Misses M. A. & M. H., Castlegate
  • Bamlett A. C., agricultural engineer
  • Bell Reginald, Esq., J.P., Thirsk hall, & county councillor for Thirsk division
  • Bradbury & Co., sewing machine manufacturers, Kirkgate
  • Butterwick Mrs. Elizabeth, St. James' green
  • Cannon Mrs. Mary, 3 The Crescent
  • Carlton Mrs. Martha, Kirkgate
  • Case Mrs. Ann, Kirkgate
  • Charlton Wm., station master, Thirsk junction
  • Clarke J. Robinson, photographer, Ingramgate
  • Clarkson Mrs. Esther, St. James' green
  • Coltman T., draper(Coltman Bros.); h Kirkgate
  • Coltman W., draper(Coltman Bros.); h Westgate
  • Cooper Benj., foreman brick and tile maker, Woodhill Field Brick works
  • Danby William, draper, (Grimston & Danby); h Sewerby
  • Dobson Miles, greengrocer, York road
  • Dowson Mr. George, Brook house
  • Dresser Fred., grocer's assistant, Market place
  • Eden Robert, shoemaker, Chapel street
  • Eeles Thomas, assistant overseer and stamp distributor, Kirkgate
  • Elliott Harry, bus driver, St. James' green
  • Ellis John, pig dealer, Long street
  • Farndale J. T., bank manager, Market place
  • Fawcett Mr. Hudson, St. James' green
  • Fawcett J. Hudson, piano tuner, and musical instrument repairer, St. James' green
  • Fawcett Thomas, St. James' green
  • Foggitt T. J., chemist (Wm. Foggitt & Son); h Market place
  • Foggitt Wm., chemist (Wm. Feggit & Son); h Bagby
  • Foss Henry, manager, Gas works, Long street
  • Fox John, musical instrument dealer & reporter, Market place
  • Gill G., bellman & sausage maker, Market pl.
  • Gill Rev. G., curate, Ingramgate
  • Grimston Alfred, draper (Grimston & Danby); h Market place
  • Gunson James, timber leader, St. James' green
  • Hall John Wm., draper, grocer, &c., Market place (B. Smith & Sons)
  • Hansell F. R., bank manager, Market place
  • Harker T., farm foreman, Woodhouse field
  • Harris John, bank manager, Market place
  • Haw Henry, post messenger, Westgate
  • Haw John, groom and gardener, Long street
  • Hebron Miss E., Ingramgate
  • Hill Mrs. Rachel, Kirkgate
  • Hodges Hy., dyer and cleaner, Finkle street
  • Hodgson Robert, whitesmith, St. James' green; h Ingramgate
  • Hodgson Mrs. Sarah, lodgings, Westgate
  • Holyday Mr. William, Millgate
  • Hook Isaac, gamekeeper, Dowlands
  • Horner John, Model lodging house, York road
  • Jefferson Mrs. Mary, Castle terrace
  • Knowlson James, horse dealer, Long street
  • Lawn Mrs. Betsy, Long street
  • Lee Robert, taxidermist, Market place
  • Mackintosh Rev. Wm. Teesdale, M.A., rural dean and surrogate, Vicarage
  • McGonnell Rev. Lawrence (catholic), All Saints' presbytery, Castlegate, (and chaplain of Northallerton prison)
  • Moss Thomas Yeates, goods clerk (N.E.R.), St. James' green
  • Mullins James, coach painter, Ingramgate
  • Nicholson Mrs. Isabella, St. James' green
  • Packer Mrs. Sarah Jane, Castlegate
  • Passfield Mr. George, Ingramgate
  • Pattison James, coach builder, St. James' green
  • Peacock Bros. (John & Joseph), cart owners, Long street
  • Pennington John, artist, Market place
  • Piggott Robert Beckett, sexton and verger, Cemetery lodge
  • Rawlins Sergeant-Major James, instructor of the Hon. Capt. Dawnay's troop of the Yorkshire Hussars, and teacher of riding, &c., &c., Ingramgate
  • Rhodes John (Swarbreck & Rhodes), solicitor, and clerk to Carlton Miniott, Carlton Husthwaite, and Sand Hutton school hoards; h 5, The Crescent
  • Ringrose Mr. Robert Ward, St. James' green
  • Robinson Wm. Brotherton, coal agent, Town station; h Ingramgate
  • Rose H., billposter and distributor, Market pl
  • Rutherford Charles G. (T. & C. Rutherford), butcher h Millgate
  • Rutherford Thos. (T. & C. Rutherford), butcher; h Kirkgate
  • Rymer Thomas, flour dealer, Finkle street
  • Shepherd Thomas, Ingramgate
  • Simpson Mrs. Isabella, Long street
  • Smith Mr. Henry, Market place
  • Stokes Mrs. Elizabeth, Kirkgate
  • Swarbreck Charles McCartney (Swarbreck & Rhodes), solicitor, clerk to Guardians, and Assessment corn., Rural Sanitary Authority and School Attendance Com., registrar of County Courts for Thirsk district; h Sowerby, Thirsk
  • Tennant Robt. T., bank clerk, insurance agent, &c., and secretary to the Orpheus Choral Society, Ingramgate
  • Thompson John, chimney sweeper, Long street
  • Tose James, fishmonger, Golden Lion yard
  • Walker John, sergeant drill instructor to the Rifle Volunteers
  • Walker Miss Maria, Castle terrace
  • Waring Sarah and Emma, ladies and children's outfitters, Finkle street
  • Watts Mrs. Susan, 10 The Crescent
  • West Miss Isabella, Market place
  • West Mr. W. R., Stoneybrough
  • Whitehead Robert, mail cart contractor, Norby
  • Wild Mrs. Mary, Castle terrace
  • Wilkinson Mr. Thomas John, 9 The Crescent
  • Wilson William, currier and leather dealer, Long street
  • Wooton Joseph, marine store dealer, &c., Long stroet
  • Wright John, actuary, Thirsk Savings Bank, Castlegate


Academies & Schools.

  • British and Foreign Schools, Long st; (boys') John Wm. Sugden, master,; Rbt. Delafield, assistant; (girls') Miss Dalgarno, mistress
  • Catholic School, Castlegate; Miss Helen Lynch, mistress
  • Jopling Misses Mary & Isab. (ladies'), 1 The Crescent
  • National Schools, St. James' green; (boys') Geo. Harvey,headmaster; C. Ray, assist.; (girls') Mrs. Harvey, mistress
  • Sutton Road School; Rev. F. Addison, B.A., master
  • Thirsk Infant School, York bridge; Mrs. Eliz. Snowden, mistress

Architect & Surveyor.

  • Stokes Thomas, Market place

Basket Makers.

  • Peniston Henry, Kirkgate
  • Varley John, York road

Auctioneers & Valuers.

  • Dowson George, Market place
  • Farmers' Live Stock Co., Lim., Three Tuns yard, Market pl
  • Freeman G. (& stock), Castlegate; h Sowerby grange
  • Robinson & Harland, Market place
  • Ward John, Finkle street (& house agent & rent collector)
  • Woodward J., 6 The Crescent


  • Thirsk Savings Bank, Castlegate; John Wright, actuary
  • York City and County Bank, Market place: J. Harris, manager
  • York Union Banking Co., Market place; J. T. Farndale, manager
  • Yorkshire Bank, Market place; F. R. Hansell, manager


  • Burnby John, Finkle street
  • Dobson Henry, Long street
  • Dobson William, Bridge street
  • Gowland F. & Son, Kirkgate

Booksellers, Stationers, &c.

  • Hodgson, Mrs. J.
  • Jaques Robert (and music seller and emigration agent to all parts of the world, Finkle street), Post office, Market place
  • Wright Zaccheus, Market pl

Boot and Shoe Makers.

  • Allanson Wm., Market place
  • Braithwaite Thos., St. James' green
  • Darnbrough John, Long street
  • Deighton William, Finkle st
  • Farmery Jno. Smith, Kirkgate
  • Fox William, Market place
  • Friend Abraham, Millgate
  • Hopper Jacob, Finkle street
  • Lee Albert Hy., Stammergate
  • Meek John, Chapel street
  • Pratt John Chris., Market pl
  • Rowell William, Kirkgate
  • Stapylton Mrs. Ann, Market pl
  • Stockdale Mrs. J., Market pl
  • Straffen John Robt., Millgate
  • Wright George, Kirkgate


  • Cass Mrs. Samuel, Kirkgate
  • Rhodes Quintin, Kirkgate
  • Tweedy Thomas, Long street

Brick and Tile Manufacturers.

  • Bell R., Woodhill Field Brickworks; Henry Smith, agent, Market place
  • Jackson William, Thirsk Junction; h Westgate


  • Atkinson Henry (and mon.), Stammergate
  • Biggins Joseph Rd. (mason). St. James' green
  • Jackson William, Westgate
  • Kitson Geo. (bricklayer), Rose cottage, Norby
  • Kitson Geo., St. James' green
  • Manfield George, Bridge street
  • Wood William, Long street


  • Hare Francis, Millgate
  • Horn William, Market place
  • Horner Wm. Jas., Market pl
  • Hudson Geo. (pork), Market pl
  • Johnson Edwin, Market place
  • Lee James Robert, Castlegate
  • Lee John, Market place (and ham and bacon' factor), Castlegate
  • Mosey Alfred, Millgate
  • Parker John Geo., Kirkgate
  • Rutherford Geo., Market place
  • Rutherford Septimus (pork), Market place
  • Rutherford T. & C., Market pl
  • Ward George, Long street

Cabinet Makers, &c.

  • Coulson John (& wood turner), Kirkgate
  • Lee Robert, Bridge street
  • Richardson, Robt., Millgate
  • Rose John, Finkle street and St. James' green


  • Ayre George & Son, Market pl
  • Foggitt Wm. & Son, Market pl
  • Knaggs Chas. M. R., Market pl

China, &c., Dealers.

  • Ingham Mrs. T., Finkle street
  • Skilbeck Robert, Market place

Coal Agents.

  • Rawlins James, Ingramgate
  • Robinson W. B., Ingramgate; office, Town station


  • Backhouse M., Market place
  • Bickers Hannah, Millgate
  • Lee Mrs. Ann, Market place
  • Shepherd Jane, Castlegate

Corn & Flour Dealers.

  • Dale Wm., Millgate (& sanitary & school attendance officer); h Ingramgate
  • Manfield John, Long street
  • Poor Man's Union Corn Mill Co., Ltd., Long street; Thos. Smales, clerk; Thos. Willey, auditor
  • Ryder Lot, Finkle street
  • Rymer William, Millgate (and miller), South Kilvington mill
  • Seavers George (and hay and straw), Blacksmiths' Arms


  • Appleton Henry, Long street
  • Catterick Thos., Plump bank
  • Clarkson J., St. James' green
  • Edmondson Robt., Long street
  • Willey Edward, Long street

Drapers (Linen and Woollen).

  • Coltman Bros. (Thos. & Wm.), Kirkgate
  • Dowson Geo. (and appraiser), Market place and Finkle st
  • Grimston & Danby, Market pl
  • Ingham Samuel Henry (and clothier), Market place
  • Myers Geo. E., Market place
  • Reed Edward, Market place
  • Seavers John, Market place
  • Smith B. & Sons, Market pl

Dress & Mantle Makers.

  • Alderwick Mrs. E. M., Castlegate
  • Coates Miss Mary Ann Grace, Kirkgate
  • Eden Miss Jane, St. James' green
  • Ellerby Miss Lilly, Westgate
  • Hepdon Mrs. Ann, St. James' green
  • Kemp Mrs. Eliz. M., Market pl
  • Smith B. & Sons, Market pl
  • Tose Mrs. Elizabeth, Kirkgate
  • Wilson and Anson, Chapel st

Fancy Repositories.

  • Coulson & Campbell, Kirkgate
  • Jaques Mrs. M. A., Kirkgate


  • Appleton T., Plump bank and Woodcock farms; h Finkle st
  • Bamlett A. Carlisle, Kirkgate
  • Barley William, Abel grange
  • Bowser Matthew, Long street
  • Buckle Wm., St. James' green
  • Ellis George, Stoneybrough
  • Greenhill John Henry, Thirsk lodge, and Sowerby farm, Sowerby
  • Hall Wm. Barbeck, of Golden Fleece
  • Haw Robert, Grizzlefield
  • Hutton Thos., Wood Hill field
  • Jordison Wm. Coates, The Spa
  • Long Robert, Hollin barn
  • Pick T. O. I., Woodhouse field
  • Pick Thos., Thirsk and Calves Hall farm
  • Skelton George, Manor farm
  • Skelton Jph., Wood Hill field
  • Spence Thos. (yeo.), Long st
  • Tweedy Thomas, Shire house
  • Wray John, Long street

Fire & Life Insurance Offices, &c.

  • Accident Insu'r. Co., London; Robert Jaques, Post office
  • Atlas (Fire and Life); J. E. Foster, Finkle street
  • Crown Accident and Insurance Co.; R. Jaques, postmaster
  • Guarantee Socty.; J. E. Foster,Finkle street
  • Hailstorm Insur. Co., Lincoln; Robert Jaques, Post office
  • Imperial Live Stock Insurance Association; J. E. Foster, Finkle street
  • Law Union Insur. Co. (Fire and Life); W. B. West, Market place
  • Liverpool and London and Globe (Life and Fire); R. Jaques, Post office
  • London Assur. Co.; J. Richardson, Castlegate
  • London and Lancashire Insur. Co. (Fire); W. B. West, Market place
  • Midland Counties, Lincoln (Life and Fire); R. Jaques, Post office
  • Phoenix (Fire); Henry Smith, solicitor, Market place
  • Plate Glass Insurance Co.; R. Jaques, Post office
  • Prudential (Life); John Stott, Market place
  • Scottish Accident; J. Harris, Market place
  • Scottish Equitable; J. Harris, Market place
  • Scottish Union and National (Fire and Life); R. Jaques, Post office
  • Scottish Union; R. T. Tennant, Market place
  • Scottish Widows' (Life); J. Rhodes, Market place
  • Standard Life Assurance Co.; Thos. Willey, Market place
  • Sun (Fire and Life); Thomas Stokes, Market place
  • The Queen (Fire and Life); R. Jaques, Post office
  • United Kingdom Temperance Provident Institution (Life); Robert Jaques, postmaster
  • Yorkshire (Fire and Life); C. McC. Swarbreck, Market pl

Grocers, Tea and Provision Dealers, &c.

  • Ayre George & Son, Corn market and Finkle street corner
  • Baker George Richardson, Market place
  • Bateman William Dale (and butter and egg factor), and parish clerk, Market place
  • Clark & Co., Millgate
  • Fawcitt Rd. A., Market place
  • Fisher John, Market place
  • Foster J. E., Finkle street
  • Hodgson Mrs. Jane & Son, Finkle street
  • Holyday Robert, Kirkgate
  • Mosey Fred., Market place
  • Seavers Thomas, Market place
  • Smith B. & Sons, Market pl
  • Stott James, Long street
  • Stott John (and game dealer),Market place
  • Thirsk Co-operative Society, Millgate; J. Wood, mngr.


  • Neesam Mark (& fancy goods dealer), Finkle street
  • Pennington Mrs. H., Market pl
  • Scott Jph. (and tobacconist), Castlegate

Hotel (Commercial, &c.)

  • Golden Fleece Hotel, Market pl (family, commercial, and posting house; omnibus meets
  • all trains, and all kinds of carriages and horses on hire); W. Hall, proptr.

Hotels, Inns, &c.

  • Black Bull Hotel, Market pl; William Haw
  • Black Horse, Long street; W. Swales, (and general dealer)
  • Black Lion Hotel, Market pl; William Coggill
  • Black Swan, Norby; George Johnson
  • Blacksmith's Arms, Market place; George Seavers
  • Cross Keys, Kirkgate; Francis Gowland
  • Crown Inn, Market place; Amos Bulmer
  • Dolphin & Anchor, St. James' green; Septimus J. Dowson
  • Duke of Wellington, Long st; T. Trenholme, (and draining contractor)
  • Frankland Arms, Ingramgate; Teasdale Appleton
  • Golden Fleece Hotel (family, commercial, and posting), Market pl; William Hall
  • Golden Lion, Market place; John Wright
  • Greyhound Inn, Bridge street; Mrs. Hannah Cole
  • King's Arms, Market place; G. M. Wain
  • King's Head, Millgate; Mrs. Rachel Ann Bulmer
  • Lord Nelson Inn, St. James' green; Thos. Dinsdale, (and general dealer)
  • New Inn, Westgate; Thomas Douthwaite
  • Old Three Tuns, Finkle street; Thomas Appleton
  • Pheasant Inn, St. James' green; John Stapylton, (and slipper maker)
  • Porter Vaults, Chapel street; Matthew Bowser
  • Queen's Head, York road; G. Hunt
  • Red Bear, Marketplace; Wm. Cowton
  • Rising Sun Inn, St. James' green; Johnson Hutchinson
  • Royal Hotel, Market place; George Harker
  • Royal Oak, Market pl; Miss Mary Simpson
  • Star Inn, Westgate; Thomas Hutchinson
  • Three Tuns Hotel, Market pl; Robert Long
  • Wheat Sheaf, St. James' green; Mrs. Ann Bell
  • White Horse, Long street; William Wright
  • White Mare Inn, York road; Mrs. Jane Jefferson
  • White Swan, Market place; William Trueman Spence

Ironmongers, Tinplate Workers, &c.

  • Clayton J., Golden Lion yard
  • Clough Hy. Burn (and gun maker), Kirkgate
  • Foster J. E., Finkle street
  • Purdy Richd. S., Market place
  • Wigglesworth Mrs. Elizabeth Jane, Market place


  • Bamlett A. C.
  • Watson Philip, Norby
  • Watson Samuel, Bridge street


  • Harker Rd. (& wheelwright)
  • Ruecroft Wm. (and builder), Kirkgate
  • Weetwick Matthew (and saw mill), Market place

Market Gardeners.

  • Davison Mrs. A., Ingramgate
  • Snowden John, York road


  • Alderwick Mrs. Edith Mary, Castlegate
  • Bailey Mrs. L., Finkle street
  • Barnes Mrs. J., St. James' gn
  • Coates Miss M.A. G., Kirkgate
  • Kemp Mrs. Eliz., Market place
  • Robson Miss H., Westgate

Mineral Water Manfrs.

  • Fisher John, Market place
  • Johnson Edwin (and ale and porter bottler), Market place
  • Walker Mrs. E., St. James' gn

Nurserymen, Seedsmen & Florists.

  • Hutchinson Thos., Westgate
  • Smith Alex. & Sons, Nurseries, Market place
  • Snowden John (and market gardener), York road

Painters, Paperhangers, &c.

  • Bickers John, Millgate
  • Long Charles, Long street
  • Pattison W., St. James' green
  • Pattison Wm., Long street
  • Rutherford J., Market place
  • White Thomas, Castlegate

Registry Offices for Servants.

  • Bailey Mrs. L., Finkle street
  • Jaques Mrs. M. A., Kirkgate
  • Jaques Mrs. Robt., Post office, Market place

Plumbers, Gasfitters, &c.

  • Amos Thos., St. James' green
  • Anderson George, Kirkgate
  • Best George, Ingramgate
  • Hudson (exors. of), Market pl

Professors of Music.

  • Fall Thos. Hirst, Mus. Bach., Cantab (& organist at Parish Church), The Crescent
  • Hawkswell C. H., Westgate


  • Bell John, Golden Lion yard, Market place
  • Peat David & Son (and publishers), Finkle street
  • Wright Zaccheus, Market pl

Refreshment Rooms.

  • Backhouse M., Market place
  • Barnett Thos., Coffee rooms, Market place
  • Clayton John, Market place
  • Horner Mrs. Eliz., Finkle st

Rope & Twine Makers.

  • Stott Simon, Market place
  • Thompson Thomas, Millgate


  • Broadwith John, Market pl
  • Curry Thomas, Market place
  • Lancaster Mrs. Mary Eliz., Market place
  • Scott Wm. W., Market place
  • Thompson Thomas, Kirkgate

Seed and Cake Merchants.

  • Dowson George, Market place and Finkle street
  • Foster J. E. (and artificial manure), Finkle street
  • Pearson Richd. (and artificial manure), Market place


  • Appleton George, Ingramgate
  • Barnes Miss Jane (general), St. James' green
  • Dale John, Norby
  • Ellar Margt., Bridge street
  • Gowland Mrs., Kirkgate
  • Grainger James, Westgate
  • Matson Miss Mary, Long st
  • Newbald James (and baker), St. James' green
  • Nicholson J., St. James' green
  • Pickersgill Mrs. S., Long st
  • Shaw Wm., Norby
  • Trenholme Thos., Long street
  • Walburn George (and carter), Market place
  • Wetherill Miss Elizabeth (and baker), Finkle street
  • Wilson Richard, Long street


(Marked thus * are Commissioners for Oaths).

  • (See alphabetical list for partners in firms).
  • Cass Arthur Wm., Kirkgate
  • Mawson William, Finkle st.; h The Crescent
  • *Richardson John, Castlegate, and clerk to Magistrates of Thirsk: to Commissioners of taxes for divisions of Birdforth and Hallikeld; to Birdforth District Highway Board; and to Thirsk Association for the Protection of Persons and Property and the Prevention of Crime; and steward of the several Yorkshire Manor courts of Lady Payne Frankland; h Sowerby, Thirsk
  • *Smith Henry (& estate agent and clerk to Thirsk Burial Board), Market place
  • *Swarbreck & Rhodes, Market place
  • *West William Robert (solicitor to Thirsk Permanent Benefit Building and Investment Society), Market place


  • Buchanan H. D., Kirkgate
  • Hartley Reginald, Kirkgate
  • Longford Henry (and medical officer for the Thirsk Union), Ingram house

Tailors & Drapers.

  • Baker John Gilbert & Co. (and outfitters), Market pl.
  • Clayton George, Westgate
  • Eden James, St. James' green
  • Fawcitt John & Son (and outfitters), St. James' green
  • Goodwill Robert, Ingramgate
  • Kemp George Wm., Market pl.
  • Ridsdale Henry, Kirkgate
  • Smith B. & Sons (& outfitters), Market place
  • Spence Edward (and dyer's agent), Westgate
  • Spence Wm. Trueman, White Swan Inn
  • Sturdy David, Westgate
  • Trueman Charles, Market pl.
  • Ward John, Finkle street (and clothier and outfitter)

Temperance and Commercial Hotels.

  • Barnett Thomas, Market place
  • Ingham Mrs. T., Finkle street

Veterinary Surgeons.

  • Harrison Thos. M., St. James' green
  • Wood W. Howard, Ingramgate

Watchmakers and Jewellers, &c.

  • Briggs William, Chapel street
  • Goodrick James Langlands, Market place
  • Raper Sidney, Market place
  • Robson Robert, Finkle street
  • Skipper Sam. Wm., Market pl.
  • Welbourn Fred., Market place

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

  • Fisher John, Market place
  • Masterman Henry, Market pl.
  • Rhodes Quintin, Kirkgate
  • Tweedy Thomas, Shire house, Long street

Wood Turners.

  • Coulson John, Kirkgate
  • Fawcett Rd, Stammergate

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