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Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades for LEYBURN in Pigot's Directory of 1834.


  • Post Office, Leyburn, Thomas Fale, Post master

Gentry & Clergy,

  • Allen William, esq. Hill top
  • Anderson William, esq. (magistrate) Swinnythwaite
  • Bell Mrs. ---, Leyburn
  • Brooks Rev. George, Leyburn
  • Calvert Rev. Robert, Redmire
  • Chaytor John Clavux, esq. Spennythorne
  • Chaytor Miss Mary, Wensley
  • Clifton John, esq. Leyburn
  • Costobadie Rev. Henry, Leyburn
  • Goldsmith Peter, esq. M.D. Leyburn
  • Humphreys Mr. John, Wensley
  • Ianson Mr. William, Leyburn
  • Middlehearst Rev. Thomas, Leyburn
  • Nicholson Mrs. Elizabeth, Leyburn
  • Orde Rev. John, Wensley
  • Other Thomas, esq. Redmire
  • Powlett the Hon. Thomas Orde, Bolton hall
  • Pullaine Rev. Robert, Spennythorne
  • Rigby Mrs. Elizabeth, Wensley
  • Ryder Mr. Benjamin, Spennythorne
  • Sadler Mr. William, Wensley
  • Stapylton Ralph, esq. Leyburn
  • Van Strowbenzee Henry, esq. Spennythorne

Academies & Schools,
Not otherwise described are Day Schools

  • Alderson George Walton, Leyburn
  • Calvert Rev. John, Redmire
  • Jewitt Hannah (ladies' boarding) Leyburn
  • National School, Wensley --- John Bell, master
  • Topham John, Leyburn


  • Allen William, Leyburn
  • Heslop Ralph William, Leyburn


  • Metcalfe Sarah (& confectioner) Leyburn
  • Milner George, Leyburn


  • Hutton & Co. (branch of Richmond) -- (draw on Hankey & Co. London) -- William Ware, agent
  • Savings' Bank, Leyburn -- John Dent, jun. clerk


  • Harker John, Leyburn
  • Nicholson Christopher, Redmire
  • Pearson Richard, Leyburn
  • Plews William, Leyburn
  • Plews William, Spennythorne
  • Scott Christopher, Wensley
  • Stead Robert, Leyburn
  • Willis John, Redmire
  • Wood Hutchinson, Redmire

Bookseller & Stationer,

  • Fall Thomas (& printer) Leyburn

Boot & Shoe Makers,

  • Bradley Edward, Leyburn
  • Cloughton Henry, Harmby
  • Collinson George, Wensley
  • Cooper William, Leyburn
  • Dodsworth John, Harmby
  • Fishwick William, Leyburn
  • Hunter William, Leyburn
  • Mason John, Leyburn
  • Mason William, Leyburn
  • Pearson William, Leyburn
  • Ratcliffe George, Leyburn
  • Robinson John, Redmire
  • Robinson Thomas, Leyburn
  • Robson Henry, Leyburn
  • Rowe David, Redmire
  • Spence John, Spennythorne
  • Spence Matthew, Leyburn
  • Walker Arthur, Redmire
  • Wilson John, Leyburn


  • Bowes Emmerson, Leyburn
  • Milestone James, Leyburn
  • Peacock Matthew, Harmby
  • Peacock Thomas, Redmire
  • Peacock Thomas, jun. Redmire
  • Plews William, jun. Leyburn
  • Whitelock Robert, Harmby


  • Day John, Leyburn
  • Wiggin William, Leyburn

Druggists & Tea Dealers,

  • Dobson John, Leyburn
  • Pearson Robert, Leyburn

Fire, &c. Office Agents,

  • Norwich Union, William Ward, Leyburn
  • Yorkshire, Joseph Jaques, Leyburn

Flour Dealers,

  • Peveler John, Leyburn
  • Render Anthony, Leyburn
  • Thackeray William, Leyburn

Game -- Dealers In,

  • Jaques Joseph, Leyburn
  • Milestone John, Leyburn

Grocers & Tea Dealers,
(See also Shopkeepers, &c)

  • Anderson Elizabeth, Leyburn
  • Bowker John, Leyburn
  • Dent John & Son, Leyburn
  • Dobson John (& tallow chandler) Leyburn
  • Jaques Joseph, Leyburn
  • Plews William (& dealer in glass) Leyburn
  • Wood Thomas, Leyburn


  • Bolton's Arms (commercial & posting) William Burton, Leyburn
  • King's Head (& excise office) Richard Coultman, Leyburn


  • Plews William, Leyburn
  • Robinson William, Leyburn


  • Beckwith Robert, Leyburn
  • Chapelow John, Leyburn
  • Cooper James, Redmire
  • Cooper Joseph, Redmire
  • Hutchinson James, Leyburn
  • Raper James, Harmby
  • Willis Christopher, Leyburn
  • Wilson John, Leyburn

Linen & Woollen Drapers,

  • Anderson Elizabeth, Leyburn
  • Bowker John, Leyburn
  • Dent John & Son, Leyburn
  • Richmond William, Leyburn
  • Smith John (& mercer and hatter) Leyburn
  • Wood Thomas, Leyburn


  • Buck Peter, Leyburn
  • Coultman Richard, Leyburn
  • Dobson William, Leyburn


  • Clarkson Thomas, Wensley
  • Dinsdale James, Redmire
  • Masterman William, Wensley New mill

Milliners & Dress & Straw Hat Makers,

  • Alderson Frances, Leyburn
  • Bowes Mary, Leyburn
  • Cloughton Ann, Leyburn
  • Cooper Ann, Leyburn
  • Coultman Ann, Leyburn
  • Dixon Jane, Leyburn
  • Holmes Mary & Elizabeth (straw hat makers) Leyburn
  • Milner Lucy, Leyburn
  • Morland Mary Ann, Leyburn
  • Ratcliffe Elizabeth, Leyburn
  • Robinson Frances, Leyburn
  • Spence Mary, Leyburn
  • Stead Ann, Leyburn
  • Winsley Dorothy, Leyburn

Nursery & Seedsmen,

  • Butterfield William, Leyburn
  • Sanderson Charles (& florist) Leyburn

Plumbers, Glaziers & Tin Plate Workers,

  • Deighton William, Leyburn
  • Dobson Peter, Leyburn


  • Atkinson John, Leyburn
  • Dixon George, Leyburn

Shopkeepers & Dealers in Groceries & Sundries,

  • Beattie James, Leyburn
  • Clarke John, Wensley
  • Johnson James, Wensley
  • Plews William, Spennythorne
  • Robinson James, Redmire
  • Robinson Matthew, Wensley
  • Scar Mary, Harmby

Stone Masons,

  • Constantine John, Harmby
  • Summers Joseph, Leyburn


  • Edmundson Thomas, Leyburn
  • Terry John, Leyburn


  • Alderson Christopher, Leyburn
  • Auton William, Leyburn
  • Dennison Anthony, Harmby
  • Lye George, Wensley
  • Robinson Joseph, Leyburn
  • Rowntree Richard, Leyburn
  • Rowntree Richard & Co. (& drapers) Leyburn
  • Rowntree William, Leyburn
  • Terry Edmund, Harmby
  • Watson George, Spennythorne
  • Williamson John, Leyburn

Taverns & Public Houses,

  • Angel, William Plews, Leyburn
  • Black Swan, Peter Milestone, Leyburn
  • Board, Jonathan Atkinson, Leyburn
  • Board, John Wensley, Leyburn
  • Bolton Inn, William Hudson, Harmby
  • Green Tree, John Dobson, jun. Leyburn
  • King's Arms, Joseph Rider, Redmire
  • New Inn, Hutchinson Wood, Redmire
  • Oak Tree, George Robinson, Harmby
  • Old Horn, Cuthbert Godfrey, Spennythorne
  • Punch Bowl, Ann Robinson, Wensley
  • Three Horse Shoes, Christopher Scott, Wensley

Watch & Clock Makers,

  • Pratt Charles, Leyburn
  • Robinson William (& jeweller) Leyburn


  • Beckwith Robert, Leyburn
  • Robinson Charles, Wensley
  • Winsby John, jun. Leyburn
  • Winsby Richard, Spennythorne


  • Alderson Walton, brewer & land surveyor, Leyburn
  • Atkinson John, retailer of beer, Leyburn
  • Blenkinsop William, lime burner, Leyburn
  • Emmerson George, clerk to the magistrates & commissioners of taxes, Leyburn
  • Holmes Leonard, auctioneer & appraiser, Leyburn
  • Horner Christopher, tanner, Redmire
  • Horner Thomas, painter & paper hanger, Leyburn
  • Milestone John, corn & cattle dealer, Leyburn
  • Milner George, retailer of beer, Leyburn
  • Scar Joseph, weaver, Harmby
  • Sparrow Editha, earthenware dealer, Leyburn
  • Stamp Office, John Dent, jun. distributer, Leyburn
  • Storey Robert, tallow chandler, Redmire
  • Wray James T. wine, spirit & timber merchant, Leyburn
  • Wray John, hair dresser, Leyburn


  • To Bedale, James Cloughton, Tuesday
  • To Hawes & Kendal, Thomas Blackburn, from the King's Head, every Mon & Thurs.
  • To Lancaster, Nathan Metcalfe, from the King's Arms, every Wednesday
  • To Leeds, Robert Colling, Monday
  • To Richmond, Nathan Metcalfe, from the King's Head, every Tues. --- William Thackery, every Thurs. & Sat. --- and James Cloughton, every Fri. & Sat.

Transcribed by Steve Garton. ©2000

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