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WEST WITTON: Transcription of the Burials 1822-1846

CLARKSON ElizabethWest Witton17 JUL 182270yrs
COLLINSON FrancisWest Witton9 APR 182267 yrs
HARKER GuyWest Witton15 MAY 182287 yrs
HUTCHINSON Mary AnnWest Witton13 MAY 18222 yrs
JACKSON NancyWest Witton15 JUN 182263 yrs
STRAFFEN Jameswest Witton24 JAN 1822INF

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
ABBOT FrancesWINSLEY?13 NOV 18239yrs
ABBOT DorothyWINSLEY?17 NOV 18235yrs
BUCKLE JohnWest Witton8 JAN 182319 yrs
BUCKLE ThomasLEEDS21 OCT 182318yrs
BUCKLE WilliamWest Witton9 NOV 182379yrs
CLARK ChristianaWest Witton19 FEB 182362 yrs
ETHRINGTON? RalphWest Witton13 NOV 182332yrs
HARKER RobertWest Witton27 SEP 182361yrs
TOMLIN MarmadukeWest Witton18 JUN 182358yrs
WILSON JohnWest Witton1 JUN 182378 yrs
WOOD CharlesWest Witton21 MAR 182312 yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
FATHAM? AnnWest Witton23 NOV 182488yrs?
FURNESS? AnnWest Witton1 MAY 182448yrs
JAMES ElizabethWest Witton9 FEB 182413Yrs
JAMES MayWest Witton1 MAR 18249yrs
PARKER JamesSwinthwaite20 FEB 182432yrs
SEDGWICK? SamuelWest Witton27 JAN 182471yrs
SCOTT Nancy (nanny?West Witton3 MAY 182492yrs
TATHAM? JamesCarlton28 MAR 182482yrs
WARD AlexanderWest Witton15 JAN 1824inf

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
JACKSON ElizabethWest Witton3 APR 1825INF
JACKSON JohnWest Witton3 JUN 182531yrs
KING HenryWest Witton8 NOV 1825INF
SAVILLE RobertWest Witton1 JUL 18251yr
TATHAM? GeorgeWest Witton8 JUN 182570yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
EATON ThomasLONDON2 AUG 182643yrs
ETHERINGTON MargeryWest Witton6 SEP 182676yrs
ETHERINGTON JohnWest Witton9 OCT 182681yrs?
MIRTHWAIT? CatharineWest Witton28 FEB 182618yrs
SAVILLE RobertWest Witton27 OCT 1826INF
SEDGWICK JohnWest Witton28 DEC 182683yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
SEDGWICK SamuelWest Witton4 FEB 1827INF
TATHAM JohnWest Witton22 NOV 182781yrs
WOOD WilliamWest Witton12 FEB 182730yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
3 Entries Unreadable
BARWICK MargaretWest Witton22 MAR 182894yrs
BLACKBURN AnnWest Witton7 JUN 18282yrs
BLADES MarySwinthwaite29 DEC 1828INF
COLLINSON ThomasWest Witton3 MAR 1828INF
COLLINSON MargaretWest Witton21 MAY 182829yrs
JACKSON JamesWest Witton21 MAR 182876yrs
LONGSTAFF ?????West Witton8 ????? 182841yrs
SEDGWICK JamesWest Witton7 APR 182862Yrs
SAVILLE AlexanderWest Witton17 APR 1828INF
WALKER ElizabethWest Witton24 MAR 182880yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
BARWICK? RichardWest Witton23 JAN 18291yr?
BARWICK BenjaminWest Witton16 DEC 182989yrs
CLOUGHTON? AliceWest Witton20 AUG 182976yrs
SEDGWICK JosephWest Witton7 APR 1829INF
TATHAM? AnneLEEDS25 MAY 182916yrs
TOMLINSON GeorgeWest Witton9 AUG 182976yrs
TATHAM? GeorgeWest Witton27 OCT 182969yrs
WILTON? HannahWest Witton26 DEC 182968yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
AMBLER ANNEWest Witton14 NOV 18301yr
BARWICK RichardWest Witton18 FEB 183051Yrs
BILLINGTON?????West Witton9 OCT 1830
GRAHAM? ThomasWest Witton24 FEB 183071yrs
GRAHAM PeterWest Witton21 AUG 1830INF
GRAHAM Jane(Oswald Pathia? )3 SEP 183041yrs
KING HenryWest Witton15 DEC 183090yrs
SAVILLE ElizabethWest Witton21 AUG 183057yrs
SCOTT ElizabethWest Witton14 DEC 183076yrs
TATHAM? MiriamWest Witton1 DEC 183078yrs
WARD JamesWest Witton19 MAR 183011yrs
WARD ElizabethWest Witton4 MAY 183050yrs
WALTON ThomasWest Witton7 JUL 1830INF

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
ALLEN Margaret(MALSOM?)19 OCT 183184yrs
HEMSLEY WilliamSwinithwaite15 JUN 18311yr
HARKER FannySwinithwaite12 FEB 18312yrs
HARKER FannySwinithwaite17 JUN 1831INF
JACKSON ElizabethWest Witton21 APR 183122Yrs
CURRY Mary AnnWest Witton2 JUNE 1831INF
CURRY MaryWest Witton16 AUG 183136yrs
SMITH JohnWest Witton27 JUN 183162yrs
SPENCE AnnMiddleham13 MAR18317yrs
TATHAM? ChristianWest Witton25 NOV 183138yrs
TOMLINE MargaretHarrowgate3 DEC 18311yrs
TURNIP WilliamWest Witton12 DEC 183154yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
ALDERSON HenryWest Witton7 FEB 183272yrs
BLADES GeorgeSwinithwaite1 JUN 183278yrs
BRUCE MaryWest Witton20 APR 183215yrs
BRUCE WilliamWest Witton18 MAY 183213yrs
BRUCE JohnWest Witton21 JUN 18329yrs
CLOSE ChristianaWest Witton28 NOV 18322yrs
ETHERINGTON ElizabethWest Witton22 MAR 183250yrs wid/of Ralph
HARKER GeorgeWest Witton11 DEC 18323yrs
HAW HenryWest Witton1 JAN 183290yrs
LONGSTAFF ThomasWest Witton15 APR 183243yrs
ORTON UrsulaWest Witton11 JAN 183279yrs
SAVILLE AnnWest Witton26 JUN 183235yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
ABBOT MargaretWest Witton4 FEB 183313Yrs
ALLASON JohnWest Witton20 APR 1833INF
BRUCE ElizabethWest Witton11 APR 183346yrs
CLARKE ChristianaWest Witton7 FEB 18338yrs
CLARKSON JosephWest Witton2 MAY 183390yrs
HARKER JaneWest Witton18 MAR 183335yrs
HARKER GeorgeWest Witton25 AUG 1833INF
HARKER ElizabethWest Witton19 DEC 18332yrs
HOUGHTON JamesSwinithwaite27 JUN 183383yrs
TOMLIN AnneWest Witton13 MAR 183377yrs
WARD AlexanderWest Witton25 APR 183356yrs
WILSON JohnWest Witton25 JUN 1833INF

BOYS JohnWest Witton16 JAN 183688yrs
BRAND ElizabethWest Witton23 JUN 1836INF
LANGDALE? Eleanor JulieLEEDS13 DEC 183630yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
EUBANK? AgnesTEMPLE7 MAY 183514yrs
LUMLEY NancyWest Witton19 APR 183534yrs
PROCTOR AnnWest Witton23 JUN 183583yrs
SEDGWICK AnnWest Witton12 AUG 183534yrs
SMITH AnnWest Witton22 DEC 183555Yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
BLACKBURN ThomasWest Witton22 SEP 18363yrs
FAIRBANK ThomasWest Witton9 JAN 183680yrs
COLLINSON JaneWest Witton10 MAR 183690yrs
DURY JohnWest WittonJUN 1836?
GRAHAM GeorgeWest Witton3 MAY 1836INF
HARRISON ElizabethWest Witton29 MAR 1836INF
JACKSON AnnWest Witton30 AUG 183623yrs
PROCTOR EllenWest Witton9 JUN 183687yrs
RUBB?(TH)??RICHMOND20 OCT 183615yrs
SEDGWICK ThomasWest Witton5 JUN 18362yrs
TATHAM MargaretLEEDS21 FEB 183628yrs
THOMLINSON ------West Witton24 NOV 183635yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
FATHAIUS? JohnGilling NR Richmond18 FEB 183751yrs
HARRISON ElizabethWest Witton1 JUN 1837INF
HOUGHTON AnnAysgarth12 JUN 183784yrs
IBBETSON GeorgeWest Witton8 MAR 183781yrs
ROBINSON JohnWest Witton11 OCT 1837INF
ROUTH? MarySwinithwaite5 OCT 183784yrs
SIMPSON JohnWest Witton14 JUL 183790yrs
TOPHAMS JohnWest Witton1 MAR 183797yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
COLLINSON ElizabethWest Witton1 NOV 183881yrs
LATEMAN? MattyWest Witton15 OCT 183869yrs
PLEWS ChristopherWest Witton28 OCT 1838INF
WILSON ElizabethWest Witton28 OCT 18388yrs

BURNS JohnWest Witton22 JUL 18389(6)yrs
BARWICK JacksonWest Witton28 OCT 183867yrs
GRAHAM WilliamWest Witton25 OCT 183840/20yrs
JACKSON HenryWest WittonNOV 183880/30yrs
SALDMAN? MarkWest Witton8 JUN 183872yrs
SEDGWICK CharlotteWest Witton29 JUL 183820yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
DURY (DARY?) JamesWest Witton28 MAR 18391yr
GRAHAM GeorgeWest Witton16 JUN 1839INF
HARRISON AliceWest Witton5 SEP 1839INF
HESELTONE? MayWest Witton15 DEC 183968yrs
MILBER? ElenWest Witton16 DEC 183979yrs
SEDGWICK AnnWest Witton5 SEP 183985yrs
STORT? MargaretWest Witton11 DEC 183974yrs
TATHAM BridgetWest Witton25 JUN 183936yrs
(TUTHAM?) RichardWest Witton3 MAR 183967yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
8 Entries For 1840 not readable
EUBANK ROBERTTemple House20 DEC 184069yrs
The Family AT TEMPLE are Called EWBANK. Descendants Still there.
KING Mary JaneParkgate House17 DEC 184019yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
BINKS ThomasSwinithwaite4 DEC 18413yrs
CLARKSON JamesWest Witton9 JUL 184164yrs
RENDER AnnWest Witton31 DEC 18413yrs
GRAHAM ElizabethSwinithwaite26 NOV 18419yrs
GRAHAM RobertWest Witton1 DEC 18419yrs
HARKER JaneWest Witton25 FEB 184130yrs
JACKSON ElizabethWest Witton21 OCT 184173yrs
REYNOLDS JohnWest Witton11 MAY 184183yrs
ROUTH? ChristopherSwinithwaite3 JAN 184185yrs
SEDGWICK MargaretWest Witton21 NOV 18414yrs
WILSON RobertWest Witton25 APR 184153/63yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
BARWICK JaneWest Witton8 JAN 184222yrs
CLARK JohnWest Witton18 APR 184281yrs
ETHERINGTON AliceWest Witton29 MAR 18428yrs
FURNIP? JaneWest Witton10 MAR 184268yrs
LAMBER? ThomasWest Witton15 JAN 18426yrs
LAMBERT ElizabethWest Witton5 APR 18421yr
LONGSTAFF JohnWest Witton12 APR 184255yrs
RENDER ThomasWest Witton1 JAN18421yr
SEDGWICK JohnWest Witton22 FEB 18424yrs
SEDGWICK SarahWest Witton12 JUL 184276yrs
WILSON Mary AnnWest Witton4 JAN 1842INF
WILSON WilliamWest Witton9 DEC 184271yrs
WILSON AnnesWest Witton29 DEC 184274yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
BELL? PhilisWest Witton24 MAY 184318yrs
BOYES EleanorWest Witton24 APR 184378yrs
FAIRBANK ElizabethWest Witton12 NOV 184369yrs
HAMILTON BellaWest Witton20 NOV 184364yrs
HARKER BellaWest Witton28 JAN 184318yrs
LAMBERT CatharineWest Witton2 MAR184342yrs
KING ElizabethWest Witton1 DEC 184394yrs
PLEWS WilliamWest Witton18 NOV 1843INF
RODWELL CarolineWest Witton16 DEC 1843INF
THOMPSON JohnWest Witton25 JUL 184328yrs
WEBSTER MarySillabob? cottage18 OCT 184380yrs
WHITE JamesWest Witton28 APR 194359yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
CLARK WilliamWensley Field House25 MAR 184472yrs
DAVY FrancisLEYBURN15 FEB 184481yrs
(FROSS?) WilliamYork & Swinithwaite HALL28 DEC 184472yrs
JAMES WilliamWest Witton15 DEC 184440yrs
SIMPSON EdwardWest Witton18 MAR 184465yrs
RIPLEY MargaretWest Witton28 MAY 184420yrs
SCOTT GeorgeLEYBURN18 JUL 184483yrs
WALTON ThomasWest Witton25 DEC 1844INF

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
HARKER JamesWest Witton5 Feb 18453yrs
HARKER DavidWest Witton15 May 1845INF
MIDDLEMISS AnnWest Witton6 Feb 184579yrs
ROBINSON JohnWest Witton20 Jun 184576yrs
SAVILLE MaryWest Witton11 Jan 1845INF
SIMPSON JaneWest Witton20 Jun 184570yrs
TATHAM MargaretWest Witton15 May 184515yrs
WILSON JaneWest Witton29 May 184571yrs

CLARKSON JosephWest Witton5 Jul 184566yrs
HARRISON JamesWest Witton28 Sept 1845INF
JAMES AbramWest Witton30 Nov 18455yrs
(S)OORLY JaneWest Witton21 Oct184561yrs
SEDGWICK JohnWest Witton25 Nov 184581yrs
WALKER SarahWest Witton13 Dec 18452yrs

NameAbodeDate buriedAge
RIPLEY SarahWest Witton27 Sep 1846INF
SIMPSON ElizabethWest Witton25 Jun 184673yrs
STRAFFEN JosephWest Witton24 Jul 184631yrs
WALTON ElizabethWest Witton26 Dec 184639yrs
WHITE MargWest Witton25 Mar 184659yrs