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Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades
for LEEDS in White's Directory of 1837.


Academies Marked:


Accountants, (see also Agents and Collectors),

Agents, Marked 1 are Commission, and 2 General Agents,



Law Stationers,

Auctioneers &c.,
Marked * are Appraisers only

Axle Trees - See Patent,

Baby Linen - See Milliners &c,

Bacon, Ham, Cheese and Butter Factors, (see also Shopkeepers),

Bakers & Flour Dealers, - See also Shopkeepers,

Banks, with houses draw on in London,


Basket Makers,

Beer Sellers - See after Inns & Taverns,

Bird &c, Preservers,

Black Beer Brewers,


Blank Makers


Bobbin Mkrs - See Turners,

Bone Merts & Crushers,

Bookbinders - Marked * are Paper rulers by machine - See also booksellers,

Book Sellers & Stationers marked:

Book Sellers & Stationers,

Boot & Shoe Makers,

Boot Tree & Last Makers and dealers in grindery,

Brass Founders - See Braziers and Ironfounders,

Braziers & Tinners, Marked 1 are Brassfounders and 2 Coppersmiths,

Brewers (Ale & Porter) - See also Inns & Tavs, Porter dlrs &c),

Bricklayers & Builders,

Brick Makers,

Brush Manufacturers,

Buckram Manufactrs,


Cabinet Makers,
Marked * are Upholsterers
(See also joiners & furniture whs)


Canvass Manuftrs - marked * are also Sacking mfrs,

Card Makers,

Carpet & Rug Manuftrs,

Cart & Oil Cloth Mfrs,

Carvers & Gilders,

Cattle Dealers ( See also Horse dealers),

Chair Makers - See also Cabinet makers,

Charcoal Dust &c Mfr,

Chemists (Manufactg),

Chemists and Druggists,

Clock Makers,
Marked * are Turret clock and + German
(See also watch makers)

Clock Dial Makers,

Clog Makers,
(See also Translators & Cloggers)

Cloth Dressers,

Cloth Freizers,

Cloth Glossers,

Clothes Brokers - See also Tailors and Drapers,

Coach Builders and Harness makers,

Coach & Livry. Lace Mfrs,

Coal Owners,

Coffee Roasters,

Collectors of Rates &c,

Comb Manufacturers,

Commissioners for taking Special Bail,

Confectioners - Marked * are Fruiterers, + wholesale & # British Wine dealers,



Cork cutters,

Corn Merchants,

Corn & Flour Dealers,

Corn Millers,

Cotton Bank Mfrs,

Curriers & Leather ctrs,

Marked * are Surgeons' Instrument and Truss makers,


Marked 1, dye woollen cloth and 2 wool, 3 are stuff dyers and finishers, 4 silk and cotton, and 5 worsted yarn dyers,

Dyers' Ware Grinders,

Earthenware Mfrs,
Marked * are also stone Bottle mfrs,

Earthenware Dealers - See Glass, China YC Dealers,

Eating Houses,

Engravers and Printers in Copper and Wood,
Marked * are Gold & Silver Letter manufacturers also,

Fellmongers - See Tanners,

File Cutters,

Fire and Life Offices,

Fishmongers - See also Oyster Dealers,

Flax Dressers,

Flax & Tow Spinners - Marked * are also Thread mfrs,

Flock Dealers,

Fruiterers - See also Confectioners,

Fullers and Scribbling Millers,

Furniture Brokers,

Furriers - (See Hatters),

Game Dealers,

Gardeners & Seedsmen - Marked * are Nurserymen also,

Gas Companies,

Gas Fitters - See Plumber and Glaziers,

Ginger Beer Makers,

Glass Manufacturers,

Glass & Lead Merchants,

Glass, China & Earthenware Dealers,
Marked * are Glass Cutter also,

Gold Leaf Dealers,

Gold & Silver Smiths & Jewellers,

Grocers & Tea Dealers, Marked * are Tallow Chandlers,

Gun Makers,

Haberdashers - (Smallware dealers &c) - See also Linen drapers,

Hair Seating &c Mrfs,

Hardware dealers )See Ironmongers, cutlers & Toydlrs),

Hatters, marked * are Hat manufacturers,

Hay & Straw Dealers,

Heckle & Gill Pin Mkrs,

Hop Merchants, - See also Grocers,

Horse Dealers - See also Livery Stable keepers,

Hosiers & Glovers (Se also Drapers & Stocking mfrs),

Hotels, Inns & Taverns,

Beer Houses,

Iron & Brass Founders &c,
Marked 1 are Steam Engine builders, 2 Boiler makers and 3 Stove Grate manufacturers,

Iron Masters & Merchts,



Joiners and Builders, Marked * are also Cabinet makers,

Land Surveyors,

Lead &c Merchants - See also Glass & Lead Merchants,

Leather Factors & Rawhide Merchants - See also tanners,

Libraries - marked * are Subscription & the others Circulating Libraries,

Lime Merchants,

Linen & Wln Drapers - Silk Mercers, haberdashers, hosiers and Lace dealers,

Linen Manfrs & Merts,
Those marked * are manufacturers - See also Canvass manfrs,

Listing Manufacturers,

List, Nook &c, Dealers,

List & Cloth Shoe Mkrs,

Livery Stables - Marked 1 have Hackney Coaches, 2 Horses Gigs for Hire,

Lock Makers,

Machine Makers,


Mattress Makers,

Merchants - See also Stuff and Woollen manfrs,


Milliners & Dress Mkrs,


Music Warehouses &c (for Teachers, see Academies),
Marked * are Organ Builders,

Mustard Manfrs,

Nail Makers - Marked * are Cut Nail makers,

Needle & Fish Hook Mfrs,

Newspaper Publishers (all issued on Saturday),

Nurserymen - See Gardeners and Seedsmen,

Oil Merchants &C, * are Oil Millers & +Refiners,


Oyster Dealers - See also Fishmongers,

Painters (Historic, Portrait, Landscape etc),

Painters (House &c),

Paper Stainers,

Paper manufacturers, Marked * are only dealers,

Patent Arm & Ale Mfrs,

Patten & Ring Mfrs,

Pawnbrokers, Marked * have Plate Licences,

Perfumers & Hair dsrs,

Periodical Booksellers,


Plane Makers and dealers in Joiners' tools,


Plumbers & Glaziers, Marked * are Gas fitters,

Pocket Book & Pattern Card Makers,

Porter & Ale Merchants - See also Brewers & Wine merchants,

Poulterers &c,

Print Block Cutter,

Printers (Letter Press) - See also Booksellers,

Quill Dressers &c,

Rag &c Dealers,

Register Offices,

Rolling and Packing Board Makers,

Rope & Twine Makers,

Sacking Manuftrs - See also Canvass manufacturers,

Saddlers &c,

Saddlers' Ironmonger,

Sail Makers,

Salt Merchants,

Saw Manufacturers,

Saw Mills,

Screw Cutters,

Shopkeepers (Grocery, Flour &c dealers),

Shear Makers & Grinders,

Sheriff's Officers,

Shuttle Makers,

Silk Spinners,

Size Boilers & Dealers,

Slaters and Blue Slate Merchants,

Slay & Gear Makers,

Sloop & Boat Builder,

Soda Water Manfrs,

Soap Boiler,

Spade & Shovel Mfrs,

Spindle & Flyer Makers,

Stamp Office, 14 Benson's buildings,

Starch Manufacturers,

Stay makers & Dealers,

Steam Engine Builders - See Ironfounders,


Stocking Manfactrs,

Stock & Share Brokers,

Stone Masons,

Stone Merchants and Quarry owners,

Straw Hat Mfrs,

Stuff Manufacturers - See also merchants,

Stuff & Wln Printers,


Surgeon Dentists,

Marked * are also Woollen Drapers, and + Clothes dealers
(See also Clothes Dealers),

Tallow Chandlers - See also grocers,

Tanners &c - Marked 1 are Tanners; 2 Tawers; and 3 Oil Leather Dressers,

Tea Dealers - See also Grocers, Shopkeepers, and Tobacconists,

Tea Dealers & Drapers (Travelling),

Teasel Dealer,

Thread Manfrs - See also Flax & Tow Spinners,

Timber & Raff Merchts,
Marked * are Mahogany merchants also, and + hard Wood dealers,

Tobacco Mfrs & Dlrs - Marked 1 are manufacturers and 2 tea dealers,

Tobacco Pipe Makers,

Toy &c Dealers - Marked * are Hardware dlrs also,

Translators (Boot, Shoe and Clog menders),

Trunk Makers,

Turners - Marked * are also Screw cutters and + Bobbin turners,

Umbrella Makers,


Upholsterers - See cabinet makers,

Upholsterers (Working),

Veterinary Surgeons, &c, Marked * are Cow Leeches,

Ware Grinder - See Dyers' Ware Grinders,

Watch & Clock Makers,

Watch Glass Mfr,


Whip Makers,

Whitesmiths and Bell Hangers,

Whitesmiths and Bell Hangers,

Wine & Spirit Merchants, Marked 1 are Rectifiers; and 2, Porter merchants,

Wire Workers & Drawers,

Woollen Cloth Manfrs - See also merchants,

Woollen Printers - See Stuff and Woollen Printers,

Woollen Drapers - See also Tailors and Drapers,

Woolstaplers & Merts,

Worsted Spinners & Mfrs,

Transcribed by Susan Johnson. ©2000

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