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ROBIN HOOD'S WELL, a hamlet east side in the township of Burghwallis, and parish of Owston, west side in the township and parish of Skellbrook; 6¾ miles NW. of Doncaster.

Robin Hoods Well is a square building, nine feet high, and joins the turnpike road. A mile and a half from this piece, Robin Hood is said to have robbed the Bishop of Hereford, and about a quarter of a mile from the Well, is Bishop Tree Root. On this spot stood the Tree, round which Robin made the Bishop dance in his boots, after he had robbed him.

                        Nescit sitis artem modi,
                        Puteum Roberti Hoodi
                        Veni, et liquente vena
                        Vincto catino catena,
                        Tollens sitim, parcum odi,
                        Solvens obolum custodi.

[Description(s) edited from various 19th century sources by Colin Hinson © 2007]

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