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Yorkshire Surname Interests - Q
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QUAID 1881+ Beverley, Doncaster, Kingston Upon Hull
Jean Rinaldi

QUAIFE 20thC West Melton

QUARLESS Huddersfield
Lynn B McDonald

QUARMBY Linthwaite

QUARMBY Brighouse
Janis King

QUARMBY 1700-1820 Thornill
Donald Gowing

QUARMBY 1809+ Slaithwaite, Huddersfield area
Jackie Browne

QUARMBY 1853 Huddersfield, Linthwaite
Helen Ellis

QUARMBY 1924 Huddersfield
George Quarmby

QUARTON Aft 1756 Millington
Lynne Dalton

QUEENAN 1800-1999 Selby
Jonathan Stevens

Cretia Olsen

Peter Quest

QUEST 1770-1901 Ripplingham, Rowley, Swanland, Elloughton, Bishop Burton
Mark Andrew

QUEST Bef 1810 Rowley, Sculcoats
John Quest

QUEST Elloughton, Brough, North Ferriby
Peter Hopper

George Quibell

QUICK Bef 1900 Sheffield
Keith Young

Kerry Quihampton

QUINLAN 19thC-20thC Sheffield
Val Nycz

QUINLAN 1920-1940 Leeds
Terry Connor

QUINN Aft 1870s Dewsbury
Jennifer Penner

QUINTON 1800-1860
Carol Weaver

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