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Yorkshire Surname Interests - Y
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YARBOROUGH 1600s Snaith
Julie Yarborough

Alma W. Painter

YARDY Mexborough, Doncaster, Pontefract
Bryan Yardy

Carol Wilson

YATES 1800-1850 Leeds, Holmfirth, Wakefield
Thelma Birrell

YATES Sessay
Sara McGinlay

YATES 1800-2003 Sowerby Bridge, Goole, Akroydon
David Yates

YATES 1850 1901 Shipley Baildon
Robina Foster

YATES Aft 1875 Middlesbrough
Richard Brothwell

Valerie Hobson

YATES Birstall, Gomersal, Bradford
Deborah Yates O'Brien

YATES Bradford
Malcolm Yates

YATES 1800s Buslingthorp, Leeds
Kaye Christian

YATES 1890-1930 Birstall, Morley
Nigel Yates

YATES Bef 1700 Leeds, Kirkgate, Chapel-Allerton, Brigate, Headrow
Bill Yates

YATES Bef 1875 Goole, Howden
Anne Fryer

YATES Bef 1881-present Tockwith, Leeds
Edna Chambers

YEADON Bef 1820 Rawdon, Guiseley, Yeadon
Laurae Harvey

Terry Yeadon

YEADON 1796 1870 Guiseley Manningham
Edward Rushworth

YEADON 1800+
Jo Myers

YEARDLEY 18thC Ecclesfield, Wortley

YEARDLEY Wortley, High Green
Jill Smith

YEARDLEY 1640-1760
Susan Yates

YEARDSLEY 1700-1900 High Green, Wortley, Sheffield
Jill Smith

YEATES 17thC-18thC Langthorpe, Ripon
Geoff Marshall

YELLIOTT 1804 Doncaster
Lawrence Waite

YELLOTT 1730-1820 Dodworth, Ecclesfield, Silkstone, Sheffield
Carol Ritchey

YELLOTT 1700s Bradfield
Dorothy Joycey

YEOMAN 17th-18thC Pateley Bridge
Frances McDaid

YEOMAN 1826-1878 Burnsall, Bradford
Frieda Haynes

YEOMAN 1800-1848 Bradley, Woodhall, Askrigg, Caldberg
Peter Kennedy


YEOMANS Bef 1850 Idle

YERRELL 1740-1890 Bingley
Brian Yerrell

YORK 1700-1750 Ecclesfield
David A York

YORK 17thC
Suzy Bryant

YOULE Sheffield
Liz Newbery

YOUNG 1788-1863 Pocklington, Market Weighton
Patricia O'Brien

Mavis Powell

YOUNG Aft 1886 Leeds
Sylvia Harrison

Sara McGinlay

YOUNG 1845-1901 Whitby, Leeds
Dianne Guy

Sue Churchill

YOUNG 1770-1820 Melbourne, Londesborough
Keith Smith

YOUNG(1) 1890-1900+ Huntington
Jonelle Fell

YOUNG(2) 1880-1900+ Shadwell
Jonelle Fell

Hazel Yoxall

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