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GENUKI Home page Kindly read the instructions carefully and right through to the end, BEFORE using the form.

AOL.COM users, please note that you cannot use the form as your server will not forward it.  Kindly follow the instructions for email submissions.

The YKS Surnames List

The YKS Surnames List is a free, voluntary service for everyone who is researching their family trees in Yorkshire, and Yorkshire only.  These ARE NOT MY names, so please do not ask me to do lookups or to post queries.  Either contact other researchers directly, submit your own name(s) to this list and/or post your query on one of the genealogy lists for Yorkshire.  You can find directions for these at http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/YKS/.

 Your submissions are formatted and put on the list by me - they do not automatically appear on the list after you have submitted them.    New submissions and amendments to current entries will appear with the next update of the pages, usually within ten days.  Whenever possible, use the form supplied below to submit your surname(s).  The forms are checked by software, so follow the instructions carefully.  If you don't, your submission may be ignored by the software.

Email submissions

Some people have difficulty in getting the form below to accept a submission .

Some servers, such as aol and occasionally btinternet, refuse to accept the form.
- if you have any problems just send your submission by e-mail to
with the subject line "surname submission"
and your entry(ies) in the following format:

SURNAME only, no forenames - type the surname only in ALL CAPS
- if you have some, if not, leave blank
- if you have some, if not, leave blank
Your contact name
Your email address
Your webpage URL
- if you have one, if not, leave blank

You can send several names on the same email. 

Just remember to REPEAT the above information for EACH name you are submitting.

Entering Information on the Form

  1. Submit ONLY ONE SURNAME (and/or respective variations) per form and CLICK on SUBMIT SURNAME ONLY ONCE.
  2. Type the SURNAME only, no forenames,  in ALL CAPS.
  3. Enter a date or dates if you have them. If not, leave blank.
    1. Use Bef for before
    2. Use Aft for after
    3. Use c. for circa
    4. Indicate centuries thus: 17thC
  4. Enter one or more locations if you have them. If not, leave blank.
    1. Capitalise the names of towns (Sheffield, Bradford, etc.)
    2. Separate the names of towns with a comma (not a dash or other)
  5. Enter a contact name for the researcher - any name you prefer to use, even just a first name will do.
    1. Capitalise your name (John Doe, Mary, etc.)
  6. If you have a website, enter the details. If not, leave blank.

Please do not resubmit names you have already sent.

Changing Your Information

There is no form for changing information. I will happy to do so for you; just send me an email to YKSsurnames@yahoo.com and please don't forget to include the following details:

  1. Name(s) affected
  2. Your name and email AS IT APPEARS on your original submission
  3. Your NEW name or email address if this is what you are changing
  4. Any dates, locations and other details you would like me to add or remove.

This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT as it is UP TO YOU to update all changes in your email address.   If your email bounces, all your submission(s) will be summarily deleted from the list.

Bouncing emails

Sadly, not everyone remembers to tell me when they change emails.  If you attempt to contact another researcher and the email bounces, please let me know at YKSsurnames@yahoo.com Please don't forget to send me the researcher's name as well as the bouncing email address.  You may also wish to post a notice to one of the Yorkshire genealogy lists in the hopes that he/she will read it and contact you directly.  You can find directions for Yorkshire genealogy lists at:  http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/YKS/

Thank you for submitting your Surname interest and/or for updating your information. 



Please enter the SURNAME [in CAPITALS please] - no first names.


Dates [e.g. 1740-1890, or 17thC, or Bef 1600, or Aft 1850]
If you are interested in all dates please leave blank - do not type "all".


Area[s] -[please DO NOT put Yorkshire - only the towns/cities]
If you are interested in all areas please leave blank - do not type "all".


Enter your name [Please DO NOT use all capitals]
Your name:


Enter your e-mail address - please check it's correct before submitting


Enter your website address, if any.
If you do not have a website please leave blank





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