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County Donegal

"Donegal, a county of Ireland, in Ulster, 68 m. long and 44 broad; bounded W and N by the ocean, E by Londonderry and Tyrone, and S by Roscommon and the bay of Donegal, in a champaign country; containing 42 parishes, and sends 2 members to parliament; has extensive linen manufactures, and abounds with harbours. Pop. 249,483."
[From The New London Gazetteer (1826)]




Duffy, G.F., (Ed.). A Guide to Tracing your Donegal Ancestors, Glenageary, Co. Dublin, Ireland, Flyleaf Press - 96 p. - [ISBN: 0 9508466 6 X] - Ph.353 1 8370177 Fax 353 1 8370176


Heritage Centres:

Land and Property


From Fianna:

Donegal Annual,
Mrs. K. Emerson, Co. Donegal Historical Society, Ballyshannon
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