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"Callan", an incorporated market and post-town, and a parish (formerly a parliamentary borough), partly in the barony of Shillelogher, but chiefly in that of Kells, county of Kilkenny, and province of Leinster, 8 miles (S. by W.) from Kilkenny, and 65 1/2 miles (S. W. by S.) from Dublin; containing 6112 inhabitants. This is a place of considerable antiquity, and was the territory or ancient inheritance of the O'Glohernys and the O'Coillys or O'Callans: the Fforstalls or Forestalls, Butlers, and Comerfords had fortified castles here, the ruins of some of which yet exist. It was a walled town, as appears from the divers grants of murage to the local authorities.
The town is situated on the King's river, and on the mail coach road from Dublin, by way of Clonmel, to Cork; it is chiefly the property of the Viscount Clifden, and consists of four streets meeting in the centre, and in point of size ranks the second in the county. This appears to be a corporation by subscription; and it is recorded that William Mareschal, or Marshall, granted a charter to it in 1217.
The parish comprises 4700 statute acres, as applotted under the tithe act, and valued at 5798 per annum; about 600 acres were enclosed under an act in 1831. The living is a rectory and vicarage, in the diocese of Ossory, united by council, in 1763, to the rectories and vicarages of Tullaroan, Tullamain, Coolaghmore, Killaloe, and Ballycallan, together forming the union of Callan, in the alternate patronage of the Crown and the Marquess of Ormonde. There are two churches in the union, one at Callan, and the other at Ballycallan. The parish church, which was very extensive, was formerly occupied by Canons Regular of the order of St. Augustine, under an abbot: the ante-chapel is in ruins, but displays two windows of beautiful design. The church at Ballycallan, distant about 4 miles, is a small edifice, built about 60 years since at the request of several of the inhabitants. There is no glebe-house: the glebe lands of the union are in divers places, and comprise 32 acres. In the R. C. divisions the parish is partly in the union or district of Ballycallan; and the remainder forms the head of a union, comprising also of the parishes of Coolaghmnore, Tullmain, Earlstown, and part of that of Kells, called Mallardstown. The latter union or district contains three parochial chapels, situated respectively at Callan, Newtown, and Coolagh.
[From A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837)]

Church Records

Civil Parish: Callan. RC Parish: Callan; also part Ballycallan.
Callan - Earliest Records: b. Jan 1821; m. Jan 1821.
Ballycallan - Earliest Records: b. May 1820; m. Jul 1820.

Cross reference to Family History Library microfilm (double-check with the Library)

Civil 		Roman Catholic	Time 		FHLC
parish		parish		period		number
Callan		Callan		1821-1880	0926189

Historical Geography

Townlands (1851)
Parish		Townland		Acres	Diocese
Callan		Ballyclovan		192	Ossory    
Callan		Ballyclovan Meadows	42	Ossory    
Callan		Ballywalter		230	Ossory    
Callan		Baunoge			159	Ossory    
Callan		Baunreagh		6	Ossory    
Callan		Baunta			90	Ossory    
Callan		Baunta Commons		418	Ossory    
Callan		Bennettsmeadow   	2	Ossory    
Callan		Bigmeadow     		14	Ossory    
Callan		Blackstaff        	23	Ossory    
Callan		Bolton        		133	Ossory    
Callan		Broadmore        	102	Ossory    
Callan		Callan North		21	Ossory    
Callan		Callan South		96	Ossory    
Callan		Cannafahy     		31	Ossory    
Callan		Cappahenry		12	Ossory    
Callan		Cappahenry East		49	Ossory    
Callan		Cappass       		56	Ossory    
Callan		Castletobin       	85	Ossory    
Callan		Castletobin East	11	Ossory    
Callan		Castletobin West	67	Ossory    
Callan		Clashacollare     	84	Ossory    
Callan		Commoge			13	Ossory    
Callan		Coolalong        	79	Ossory    
Callan		Corbally        	61	Ossory    
Callan		Cornyeal		12	Ossory    
Callan		Crossoge		3	Ossory    
Callan		Curkacrone		45	Ossory    
Callan		Dirtystep		31	Ossory    
Callan		Drimeen			59	Ossory    
Callan		Drimeen North		26	Ossory    
Callan		Drimeen South		5	Ossory    
Callan		Earlsland		61	Ossory    
Callan		Foulksrath       	162	Ossory    
Callan		Graiguesmeadow   	8	Ossory    
Callan		Haggartsgreen     	109	Ossory    
Callan		Kilbride       		2	Ossory    
Callan		Kilbride Glebe   	39	Ossory    
Callan		Kilminnick East		18	Ossory    
Callan		Kilminnick West		68	Ossory    
Callan		Kylevehagh Commons	83	Ossory    
Callan		Lintaun   		86	Ossory    
Callan		Loughooly		23	Ossory    
Callan		Maxtown			119	Ossory    
Callan		Minnauns		197	Ossory    
Callan		Moanamought Commons	53	Ossory    
Callan		Moankeal Commons	44	Ossory    
Callan		Moanmore Commons	281	Ossory    
Callan		Molassy			169	Ossory    
Callan		Monarche Commons	389	Ossory    
Callan		Mullaunglass 		4	Ossory    
Callan		Pawlerth       		53	Ossory    
Callan		Prologue         	39	Ossory    
Callan		Riversfield		69	Ossory    
Callan		Sheskin Commons		7	Ossory    
Callan		Skeaghacloran		204	Ossory    
Callan		Slade			157	Ossory    
Callan		Tinnamoona  		59	Ossory    
Callan		Westcourt Commons	118	Ossory    
Callan		Westcourt Demesne	140	Ossory    
Callan		Westcourt North		466	Ossory    
Callan		Westcourt South		19	Ossory    
Callan		Whitesland   		106	Ossory    
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