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"Castlecomer", a market and post-town, and a parish, in the barony of Fassadining, county of Kilkenny, and province of Leinster, 9 1/2 miles (N.) from Kilkenny, and 46 miles (S. W.) from Dublin; containing 13,242 inhabitants, of which number, 2436 are in the town. This town is situated on the river Deen, and on the road from Kilkenny, by Athy, to Dublin. The parish comprises 21,708 acres, and contains the principal portion of the extensive coal field of the district. The coal is of a kind commonly called Kilkenny coal, which, containing no bitumen, burns without blaze or smoke. The living is a rectory and vicarage, in the diocese of Ossory, and in the patronage of the Crown. The church, situated in the town, is a neat edifice with a tower; and their is a chapel of ease at Mooneenroe, in the collieries. The glebe house was built in 1819. In the R. C. divisions the parish forms part of the three several unions or districts of Castlecomer, Clough, and Muckalee, the first of which comprises about one-half of it; there are four chapels belonging to these unions, on of which is in the town. There is also a place of worship for Wesleyan Methodists. Near the R. C. chapel is a convent, and adjoining it a school under the care of the nuns. The schools adjoining the parish church and chapel of ease are supported by annual donation of 100 from the Hon. C. B. Wandesford, and 34 from the rector; an infants' school is also supported by subscription. In these schools about 380 children receive gratuitous instruction; and there are also eight pay schools, in which are about 330 children, and three Sunday schools.
[From A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837)]

Church Records

Civil Parish: Castlecomer. RC Parish: Castlecomer.
Earliest Records: b. Jan 1812; m. Aug 1842.

Civil Parish: Castlecomer. RC Parish: Clough.
Earliest Records: b. 1832; m. 1830.

Civil Parish: Muckalee. RC Parish: Muckalee.
Earliest Records: b. Oct 1801; m. Apr 1809.

Cross reference to Family History Library microfilm (double-check with the Library)

Civil 		Roman Catholic		Time 		FHLC
parish		parish			period		number
Castlecomer	Castlecomer pt		1812-1880	0926702
					1847-1880	0926189-190
		Clogh pt		1858-1880	0926702
					1858-1880	0926191
		Muckalee		1801-1880	0926200

Historical Geography

Townlands (1851)
Parish		Townland		Acres	Diocese
Castlecomer	Aghamucky		1061	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Ardra			770	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Aughatubbrid or Chatsworth 1651	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Ballylinnen		659	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Castlecomer      	81	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Chatsworth or Aughatubbrid 1651	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Clogh          		506	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Cloneen         	800	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Coolbaun        	683	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Coolnaleen        	430	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Croghtenclogh		3470	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Crutt			2456	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Donaguile		784	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Drumgoole		295	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Firoda Lower or Glenmagoo 1049	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Firoda Upper		1184	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Glebe			19	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Glenmagoo or Firoda Lower 1049	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Gorteen            	682	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Kiltown       		730	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Loan       		872	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Moneenroe		1303	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Moyhora			1172	Ossory    
Castlecomer	Skehana			926	Ossory    
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