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"Gowran", an incorporated post-town (formerly a parliamentary borough) and a parish, in the barony of Gowran, county of Kilkenny, and province of Leinster, 6 miles (E.) from Kilkenny, and 52 miles (S.W. by S.) from Dublin, on the road to Waterford; containing 2783 inhabitants. In the 14th century a strong castle was built here by James, third Earl of Ormonde, who made it his principal residence till 1391, when he purchased the castle of Kilkenny. James I., in the sixth year of his reign, made the town a parliamentary borough, and incorporated the inhabitants under the designation of the "Portreeve, Chief Burgesses, and Freemen of the Town and Borough of Gowran," by charter setting forth that the inhabitants had always been loyal, but were then greatly reduced by the war and the late plague. In 1650, the [former Butler] castle was beseiged by the forces of Cromwell under Sankey and Hewson, to whom, after an obstinate defence by Col. Hammond, it ultimately surrendered, when the commander and the garrison were inhumanly massacred and the castle destroyed by fire. The town, which is the joint property of Viscount Clifden and W. Bayly, Esq., contains 193 houses, many of which have been recently rebuilt. The parish comprises 7682 statute acres, as applotted under the tithe act; the land is chiefly under tillage. Adjoining the town is Gowran House, the seat of Viscount Clifden, finely situated in a richly wooded demesne, with a deer-park attached. The living is a rectory and vicarage, in the diocese of Ossory, and in the patronage of Viscount Clifden. The glebe-house, a new and handsome residence, was built by the present incumbent under the provisions of Primate Robinson's act; the glebe comprises 10 acres. The church is part of a very old cruciform structure, which was restored and fitted up for divine service in 1826; the remainder, which is still in ruin, has some very interesting details in ealry English style, among which are a finely pointed arch of black marble leading into the chancel; a series of similar arches supported by circular and octagonal columns; some windows of elegant design, delicately ornamented in quatrefoil, and several interior chapels. In the R. C. divisions the parish is the head of a union or district, comprising also the parishes of Dungarvan, Blanchfieldskill, Dunbell, Blackrath, Templemartin, Clara, and Tascoffin: the chapel is a neat modern edifice, to which a school-room for 300 children is now being added; and there are three other chapels situated respectively at Pitts, Dungarvan, and Freneystown. About 30 children are taught in the parochial school, supported by the rector; a female school is supported by Lady Dover; there is an infants' school, and also six private schools, in which are about 320 children. Gowran formerly gave the title of Baron to the family of Fitzpatrick, Earls of Upper Ossory.
[From A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837)]

Church Records

Civil Parish: Gowran. RC Parish: Gowran and Clara.
Earliest Records: b. Jan 1809; m. Jan 1810.

Cross reference to Family History Library microfilm (double-check with the Library)

Civil 		Roman Catholic	Time 		FHLC
parish		parish		period		number
Gowran		Gowran		1809-1880	0926194
Note: The northern part of Gowran R.C. parish became Clara.

Historical Geography

Townlands (1851)
Parish		Townland		Acres	Diocese
Gowran		Ballyquirk		523	Ossory    
Gowran		Blanchvilleskill    	98	Ossory    
Gowran		Blanchvillespark   	902	Ossory    
Gowran		Blanchvillestown  	106	Ossory    
Gowran		Brickana        	200	Ossory    
Gowran		Castle Ellis    	195	Ossory    
Gowran		Clashmagrath      	143	Ossory    
Gowran		Clashwilliam		282	Ossory    
Gowran		Clashwilliam Upper	292	Ossory    
Gowran		Clifden Commons    	114	Ossory    
Gowran		Clover			231	Ossory    
Gowran		Commons			162	Ossory    
Gowran		Commons North		73	Ossory    
Gowran		Commons South		9	Ossory    
Gowran		Earlsbog Commons	77	Ossory    
Gowran		Flagmount North		418	Ossory    
Gowran		Flagmount South		24	Ossory    
Gowran		Gallowshill		106	Ossory    
Gowran		Gowran           	259	Ossory    
Gowran		Gowran Demesne    	846	Ossory    
Gowran		Kylebeg			157	Ossory    
Gowran		Newhouse     		176	Ossory    
Gowran		Redbog			136	Ossory    
Gowran		Sheafield North		138	Ossory    
Gowran		Sheafield South		20	Ossory    
Gowran		Stangs			119	Ossory    
Gowran		Talbotshill    		207	Ossory    
Gowran		Watree      		301	Ossory    
Gowran		Woodquarter  		63	Ossory    
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