Jerpoint West

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"Jerpoint Abbey", or Abbey-Jerpoint, a parish (anciently a corporate town), in the barony of Knocktopher, county of Kilkenny, and province of Leinster, 1 1/2 miles (W. S. W.) from Thomastown; containing, 367 inhabitants. This place is situated on the river Nore, and derives its name from an abbey founded here, in 1180, by Donogh O'Donoghoe, King of Ossory, for monks of the Cisternian order, whom he removed from a distant part of Ossory. It was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, and was amply endowed by the royal founder, who was interred here in 1885; and its possessions were subsequently confirmed by John, Lord of Ireland. In 1202, Feix O'Dullany, Bishop of Ossory, was interred here, at whose tomb many miracles are said to have been wrought; and the abbey became a favourite place of sepulture with all the great families in the surrounding country. The present ruins are very extensive, and display some fine specimens of the later Norman passing into the early English style of architecture: the most perfect portion is a well-proportioned, square, embattled tower. The parish is in the diocese of Ossory, and is a vicarage and one of the eighteen denominations, or reputed parishes, that constitute the union of Burnchurch. In the R. C. divisions it is part of the union or district of Thomastown.
[From A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837)]


Church Records

Civil Parish: Jerpointwest. RC Parish: part Thomastown; part Rosbercon
Thomastown - Earliest Records: b. Jun 1782; m. Jan 1786.
Rosbercon - Earliest Records: b. Apr 1817; m. Jan 1835.

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 Civil           Roman Catholic  Time            FHLC 
parish           parish           period           number 
Jerpointwest    Thomastown pt   1782-1833       0926202 
                                1834-1880       0926203 
                Rosbercon       not available  

Description and Travel

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Historical Geography

Townlands (1851)
 Parish         Townland                Acres   Diocese 
Jerpoint West   Baunskeha               909     Ossory     
Jerpoint West   Castlecosker            509     Ossory     
Jerpoint West   Coolnahau               522     Ossory     
Jerpoint West   Curraghmore             467     Ossory     
Jerpoint West   Garrandarragh           699     Ossory     
Jerpoint West   Glenpipe                1157    Ossory     
Jerpoint West   Jerpoint West           399     Ossory     
Jerpoint West   Mullennakill            849     Ossory     

The civil parish of Jerpoint West contained the following townlands.