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"Rosbercon", Rossbercon, or Rossibercon, a parish, in the barony of Ida, county of Kilkenny, and province of Leinster, on the western side of the river Barrow, adjoining the town of New Ross; containing 1260 inhabitants, of which number, 369 are in the village. A monastery, dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, was founded here by the families of Grace and Walsh, where friars-preachers were first introduced in 1267: at the Reformation it was granted to John Parker, Esq. The ruins are extensive and picturesque, comprising the lofty tower of the church, resting on four pointed arches, and the south wall of an aisle, containing five arches and ten windows. At an early period Rossbercon had a charter, by which it was constituted a distinct borough, with nearly the same priveleges as those of New Ross, which town, however, completely outrivalled it, and it is now included within the electoral limits of that borough. The parish is situated on the eastern confines of the county, and comprises 2503 statute acres, as applotted under the tithe act. The village consists of 62 houses, and is properly a suburb of New Ross, with which it is connected by a wooden bridge over the river Barrow. Here is an extensive tannery, and it is a chief constabulary police station. The living is a vicarage, in the diocese of Ossory, episcopally united, by act of council, in 1686, to the vicarages of Dysertmore, Shanbaugh, Ballygurrum, Kilmackevoge and Rathpatrick, together forming the union of Rossbercon, in the patronage of the corporation of Waterford, in which the rectory is impropriate: at the next avoidance, Rathpatrick, which is about a mile distant from the other parishes, is to be united with Kilculliheen. The glebes of the union comprise 21 acres; the glebe-house was erected in 1812. The church is in good repair. In the R. C. divisions the parish is the head of a union or district, comprising this parish and those of Shanbaugh, Desertmore, and Listerling, in each of which is a chapel. The parochial school is aided by the incumbent. Ther are private schools, in which about 60 children are taught; and two Sunday schools, one held in church, and the other in the R.C. chapel.
[From A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837)]

Church Records

Civil Parish: Rosbercon. RC Parish: Rosbercon.
Earliest Records: b. Apr 1817; m. Jan 1835.

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Civil 		Roman Catholic	Time 		FHLC
parish		parish		period		number
Rosbercon	Rosbercon	not available

Historical Geography

Townlands (1851)
Parish		Townland		Acres	Diocese
Rosbercon	Annefield		78	Ossory    
Rosbercon	Ballybeg		233	Ossory    
Rosbercon	Garranbehy Big		189	Ossory    
Rosbercon	Garranbehy Little	24	Ossory    
Rosbercon	Glensansaw    		137	Ossory    
Rosbercon	Glinn          		77	Ossory    
Rosbercon	Hoodsgrove      	295	Ossory    
Rosbercon	Millbanks		198	Ossory    
Rosbercon	Raheen      		269	Ossory    
Rosbercon	Rosbercon		110	Ossory    
Rosbercon	Tinnakilly Big   	216	Ossory    
Rosbercon	Tinnakilly Little 	17	Ossory    
Rosbercon	Tinnaranny   		826	Ossory    
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