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"Tullahought", a parish, in the barony of Kells, county of Kilkenny, and province of Leinster, 5 miles (N.) from Carrick-on-Suir, on the road to Kilkenny; containing 1538 inhabitants. This parish is situated on the small river Lingam, which here separates the counties of Kilkenny and Tipperary, and the provinces of Leinster and Munster. It comprises 4364 statute acres; the substratum consists chiefly of a slaty argillite. Near Kilmacoliver is an extensive quarry of slate of superior quality, called the Ormond Quarry, in which about 150 persons are generally employed; the slates have an extensive sale in this and the adjoining counties, being considered nearly equal to the Welsh slated in colour and lightenss; the quantity annually raised is considerable, and the works have been extended to a depth of 120 feet. Kilmacoliver is the residence of Danl. Osborne, Esq. It is a rectory, in the diocese of Ossory, entirely impropriate in the Marquess of Ormonde. In the R. C. divisions it forms part of the union or district of Killamery; the chapel, a modern structure, is at Kilmacoliver. About 100 children are educated in two private schools. At Lamogue are some remains of an ancient church.
[From A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland (1837)]

Church Records

Civil Parish: Tullahought. RC Parish: Windgap (Killamery).
Earliest Records: b. Aug 1822; m. Sep 1822.

Cross reference to Family History Library microfilm (double-check with the Library)
Civil 		Roman Catholic	Time 		FHLC
parish		parish		period		number
Tullaghought	Windgap		1822-1882	0926205
Note: Windgap was formed from Dunnamaggin R.C. parish. 

Historical Geography

Townlands (1851)
Parish		Townland		Acres	Diocese
Tullahought	Ballynalinagh		536	Ossory    
Tullahought	Baunfree		230	Ossory    
Tullahought	Baunreagh		153	Ossory    
Tullahought	Birchwood        	176	Ossory    
Tullahought	Bregaun         	243	Ossory    
Tullahought	Corragaun (Morris)	144	Ossory    
Tullahought	Corragaun (Reade)	63	Ossory    
Tullahought	Curraghnadimpaun	168	Ossory    
Tullahought	Cussan			288	Ossory    
Tullahought	Garranhalloo		194	Ossory    
Tullahought	Glencommaun		227	Ossory    
Tullahought	Gortnaglogh     	189	Ossory    
Tullahought	Inchanaglogh     	133	Ossory    
Tullahought	Kilmacoliver		347	Ossory    
Tullahought	Knickeen       		142	Ossory    
Tullahought	Knockglass     		29	Ossory    
Tullahought	Knockroe		189	Ossory    
Tullahought	Lamoge			468	Ossory    
Tullahought	Meallaghmore		209	Ossory    
Tullahought	Pollrone        	253	Ossory    
Tullahought   	Tullahought   		211	Ossory    
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