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Ballyorgan Town

Catholic Parish Glenroe-Ballyorgan
Civil/CofI Parish Kilflyn
Poor Law Union Kilmallock
Barony Coshlea


Ballyorgan is situated in the south-east of Co. Limerick and is a small rural community with a population of 704. The region in which it is situated is part of the Ballyhoura countryside. In the area surrounding Ballyorgan it is possible to see ravens, peregrine falcons, as well as the more usual birds, e.g. robins, blackbirds, long-tailed tits, wrens. Carrigeenamroenty is an E.U. designated Natural Heritage Area (NHA) and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). In the woods adjacent to Castlegale, there are grey squirrels, as well as foxes, badgers, hares, rabbits. At the Ballintubber Ringfort continue on to the wood and it is possible to see hen harriers, kestrels, sparrowhawks, as well as the usual birds. On the river walk from Darragh to Ballyorgan, there is a wooded area, which contains oaks, ash, and ferns. In the wintertime, big flocks of lapwings, fieldfares and redwings are to be seen in the fields.  from Local.ie website



  • There are four graveyards in Glenroe-Ballyorgan Parish. These are the Glenroe Cemetery, the Abbey Cemetery, Darragh Cemetery and Kilflyn Cemetery (Church of Ireland). A book has been published by the parish on its graveyards and is entitled 'God's Acre - Glenroe-Ballyorgan Parish'. This book includes a full list of all the headstones in the graveyards, and some inscriptions. It also gives a list of priests in the parish from the 18th century. It is available in Ballyhoura Public Library, Kilfinane. Parish records may also be checked, if necessary.
    Contact Fr. Michael Lane T + 353 (0)63 86040


  • The parish of Glenroe-Ballyorgan is the most southerly point of the diocese. In the south west of the parish the Ahaphuca Bridge is the dividing line between the dioceses of Limerick, Cloyne (the parish of Kiloderry) and Cashel & Emly
  • The church in Ballyorgan was built in 1857. The parish priest at the time, Darby Buckley wanted to build the church on a piece of land owned by Lady Ashton who lived in Foynes. Fr Buckley rode from Ballyorgan to Foynes to get permission to build the church. His quest was not in vain.
  • Situated in Ballyorgan, on a narrow road, opposite Molanna View Farm, is the Kilflyn Angelican Church built in 1812.
  • St. Joseph's, Church of Ireland

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