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Cappamore Town

Catholic Parish Cappamore
Civil/CofI Parish Tuogh
Poor Law Union Limerick
Barony Owneybeg


"CAPPAMORE or TUORAGH,  a village, partly in the parish of Doon, and partly in that of Tuoragh, barony of Ownlybeg, county of Limerick, and province of Munster, 10 miles (S.E.) from Limerick; containing 711 inhabitants.  This village is situated near the banks of the small river Mulcairn, over which is a handsome stone bridge, and on the road from Limerick to Templemmore; it consists chiefly of two irregularly built streets.  Fairs are held on April 20th, Jusly 1st, Sept. 20th, and Dec. 12th, for cattle and pigs.  A spacious chapel is now in progress of erection for the R.C. district of Cappamore, wich includes the parish of Tuoragh and part of the parishes of Doon and Abington. (Topographical Dictionary of Ireland, Vol. I, by Samuel Lewis, 1837)



  • Church of Ireland.  Earliest records b. 1859-; m. 1845-; d. 1859- Status: LC;  Indexed by Limerick Archives to 1980.
  • Diocese of Emly & Cashel.  Parliament ordered the union of Cashel and Emly in 1568, but Catholics did not recognise this. The union of the Archdiocese of Cashel and the Diocese of Emly was formally effected in 1718, sixty-seven years after the last Bishop of Emly, Blessed Terence Albert O'Brien (1647-51), died for the faith on a Limerick scaffold when Cromwellian forces under Henry Ireton captured the city in late October 1651. Since that date, and, indeed, for long centuries before, both dioceses shared a similar historical experience.
  • St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church, Cappamore, available Catholic records

History and Genealogy

  • Parish of Cappamore website
  • Cappamore.com discussion group for tracing ancestors and relations from the village of Cappamore, Co.Limerick, Ireland. Please provide as much information as possible about the person you are trying to find e.g. Full name, date of birth, place of birth, known relatives, emigration details (if any) etc. This is a public group so all information posted is public.

Land and Property

  • Griffiths Valuation.  A property assessment taken in Cappamore in 1851-52.  List of assorted head of households and their townland residence.
  • Tithe Applotment.  A property assessment taken in Cappamore in 1826.  List of assorted head of households and their townland residence.

Census Records

  • Census of Catholic Population 1766 for Tuogh Parish (Cappamore) Part of The Protestant Report dated April 9, 1766.  Listed 30 Protestants, one Popish Priest, one Mass House and 882 Papists (Catholics) for Tuogh Parish which included the Union of Abington, Tuogh and Clonkeen.  The priest, Tim Moore, of a local family, was tried in Bilboa and later hanged in Limerick in 1798. The Pre-Reformation Church was in Towerhill .