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Here is an edited selection of some comments regarding the Fife Surnames list - and other FH pages I have
Google works again!
In 2004, I was contacted by an academic from Queensland, Australia who wrote: "I got your contact address from a Kingdom of Fife query web page. My interest is in John Christie Aitken of Thornton and Acheron in Victoria." I was able to supply him with a lot of accurate information, and make some corrections. He was most appreciative.So many thanks again for all your work on this website. Regards, Sue Pedersen, Australia 31 Jan 2006
Thanks for all your work on our behalf. What great resources your website has led me to! Thank you. Lee Ann Bourcier Oregon, USA 25 Jul 2005
I have had some good leads
with a new cousin contacting me from Canada just recently, along with helpful information from others researching the same names. You do a great job maintaining the list and I find the details/queries section is of great benefit - rather than just a straight surname list. Heather Whitwell. - Perth, Western Australia - 3 Mar 2005
I often trawl thru your pages. Thanks for the effort you put in to help us to make the search for our long forgotten past easier. I'm new to genealogy but thus far have loved searching the web and various lists for ancestors. Its like a lovely treasure hunt. Janice Graham - Waiuku - New Zealand - 11 Nov 2004
As a result of your interesting website,
someone contacted me about the Bowmans of Crail and suggested Walter Bowman, Laird of Logie, as the laird to whom Thomas was gamekeeper. Wendy Garcia Winters - Spain - 7-Nov-2004
I found the pages very well organised and easy to navigate.
I was hopeful of finding more Fotheringham listings as research I have done indicates that it is most common in the Fife area. I will see what my submissions lead to. - Scott Gillis - St John's NF, Canada - 12 Aug 2004
I have just had a look at your home page and am very impressed.
Linda Temple - Rosyth, near Dunfermline, Fife - 10 Apr 2004
Thanks for maintaining a great family search resource so well. Judy Ramsay-Jensen - Foresthill, CA - 31-March-2004
I have been contacted by several people who
found information on your Fife Surnames pages. Many thanks for all your work. Your surnames list has probably helped more people than you will ever know. - Margaret Rome - Vancouver, Canada - 12 Dec 2003
A quick thanks for the Kingdom of Fife Surname List.
I've been looking a long time for forbears of Jean HOWDEN, spouse of David PATERSON, and your list gives not only her but her siblings also - the only source I've found that's given me this lead. Very useful, I shall visit again. - How I found your site? I was getting frustrated with not finding any hits using the usual websites (, world project...) so I simply typed in 'Jean Howden' 'David Paterson' in Google and your site was the one hit!! A shot in the dark! - James Ingram - United Kingdom - 21 April 2003
I have had several contacts through GENUKI over the years,
some of which have been definitely connected. Also I have had responses from some people I have approached via their listings on GENUKI. It is interesting how the contacts can come at any time, several months or years later, so the permanence of the message board is a strong point. Hugh Hoffman - Fife, Scotland 21 Feb 2003
Thank you for the email address change, Hugh. I missed the Paton name.
I have had lots of success on the Venters line but not so much on the others. Thanks for your help. Maurene Wilson, Alberta, Canada 07-Feb-2003
Sometimes I get enquiries that are a little hard to process.
An interesting one was: "I have recently found that Constantine I of Alba was my 32nd great grandfather. He was born 836 and died 877 by being beheaded at Inverdouct, Furgon, Fife. Can you tell me anything about this person and any family information?" I did not reply. - It was from Allan L. Smith Georgetown, Texas USA, 23 Dec 2002
Re the email bounce that you found - Thank you very much for taking the time to track me down. I appreciate your support and work with GENUKI ! Best wishes, Bonnie M. Gilson, Phoenix, Arizona 11-Oct-2002.
What a pleasant surprise to find such a comprehensive listing for people searching for Fife families.I have submitted a query..which, if I am lucky to get an answer, will provide a couple more generations back for an Ottawa family!!!!! Joan Gilday. Knowlton Quebec Canada 04-Sep-02
Have just found your site; am most impressed. Rae Worcester - 08 May 2002
I have recently received an e-mail from the USA and we are matched with his family from Scotland abt 1820. A long wait - I sent you my material on 16 Feb 1999! Patience has its rewards! Thanks for maintaining the site. Regards - Jean Dean - Wiltshire England 29-March-02
Thanks to your list I have traced the McAndrew/Reedie family back many more generations than I could do by myself. thank you for all you do to maintain the lists.   Aloha from Hawaii - Colette Pirie - 17-Jan-02
Your site is all very well done and full of useful information. I am most grateful that people like yourself go to so much work for us all. A great thank you - sent your way - Richelle Buckles Meeker, Colorado, USA  07-Jan-2002
I have had many good responses,
and am corresponding with a number of people in not only Fife, but also Canada and Australia who are doing research on Fife families. Leo Storey - Mansfield, OH, USA - 01-Jan-2002
I've had lots of responses.
Surprising where some come from - Thanks again - Thurman Reynolds - 31-Dec-2001 - also 18-Dec-98
Have had great connections
to the Blaik/Blake twig; have been sent photos of Aberdour, Castle,Village and St. Fillans Church etc - Carol Martin 31-Dec-2001
I get a couple of e-mails a month regarding surnames that I have posted. Also, a person contacted me and they had a family Bible with the births recorded. Phil Grinton - Northern Californi 31-Dec-2001
We have had a couple of very good responses - well worth the listing. Mary LeMay 31-Dec-2001
Thank you for maintaining such a great service - Patricia Hammond - Australia 04-Aug-2001
The value of these surname lists is incalculable
as there are all my name interests displayed for all to see. It's not like the List where you might catch someone's query and realize that it fits or after a period of utter boredom with the names of others - you have to 're-post'. I have received 6 contacts who have connected to my Fife Tree. The nice thing is that it doesn't stop with the initial contact - we correspond on a regular basis, and share the travails of the modern family twigs and twiglets! Thank you for all your time and effort. Sheila Byrne - USA - 04-Oct-2001
I think I've written you before, but wanted to tell you once again, what a nice, user-friendly site you maintain with the Fife surname list. I haven't found my cousins yet, but it is a pleasure looking. Keep up the good work! - Lyn Fisher 01-May-2001 - California, USA
I really enjoy your page - you have done so much to make it very interesting. Yvonne Hart - 16-Apr-2001 New Zealand
By the way I think your site is excellent - I hope I have some luck in making connections. Thanks - Judith Florry - Durham, England - 01-Mar-2001
Thanks for the great resource you have created.
I believe I may have found a distant cousin in Canada, through your surname list. - Chrisy Dennis, Melbourne, Australia - 25-Jan-2001
I have visited your site a few times and found it wonderful. I have e-mailed a few off the listing and have recieved answers that are not conclusive to connecting with my family. Thank you for having this web site. - Cindy Elschide - Northwest Indiana USA  30-Dec-2000
Just visited your website on Scottish Surnames and loved it. Thank you so much for this genealogical tool. It's great - Maureen - via "Jean Nelson"  25-July-2000
Your service is much appreciated.
  Rob Wallace, Adelaide, Australia - 14-Apr-00
I have had several people contact me, one of which was related to me way back. It's been a good thing. - Steven Brande 01-Jan-00
I have had some responses: although they haven't given me new ancestors, I've been able to exchange information, learn some new details, and talk to "new" cousins.  Leanne Broughton 31-Dec-99
I have found the lists to be VERY valuable
and have found many 'cousins' (over time) via this means.. keep up the good work!!  Andrea Hackney  31-Dec-99
Have had a few responses to my message, all interesting and much appreciated. Marilyn Rochford 31-Dec-99
I have had a number of responses.
Most are not my husband's family, but one was and we were able to share lots of information. Thank you for doing the surname list.  Joyce Hancock 29-Dec-99
I have had several replies on the Keddie and Justice names and one excellent one from a Justice (in Canada) who is a direct descendant of my gggrandfather's brother. Well done Genuki Surnames - keep up the good work!  William Robertson 29-Dec-99
I have had success through your surnames page and many thanks for having my names on it. -  Patricia Legg, Victoria, Australia - 15 Dec 1999
Hello Hugh. Yes, I've had some fantastic information sent me by some wonderful people, especially the TULLIS line. Anyway, thank you for a wonderful web site.  Kathy Schmidt - Penna. U.S.A. 29-Nov-99
Many thanks for your help, Hugh. Will keep visiting your site as it is a very useful service. Russ Allison 24-Oct-99
Many thanks for your help. You do a fabulous job. Thank you for all the assistance and the effort you put into the FIFE information. It really is so great for those of us who find it very difficult to get to a research facility. Kind regards, Sue Holloway - Tropical North Queensland, Australia 20-Oct-99
I am happy to tell you that so far I have made three very useful contacts via this route. That's in just 6 weeks. Many thanks. Shelagh Quick, Berks, England. 03-Oct-1999
Thanks for the wonderful site! Sandy MacRae. British Columbia, Canada 02-Sep-1999
Thank you for putting my names on the Kingdom of Fife listing: your time and effort is greatly appreciated. I shall now sit back and expect millions of distant relations with photos and information about gaps in the family tree to contact me - Faint hope! I have researched my family history for years, and visited Fife again in 1997 from Australia. I am back to a 1590 marriage in Dunfermline. - Patricia Hammond. Australia 14-Aug-1999
I've received a couple of dozen or so enquiries, probably stemming from your list. One nice thing is that I got a few Japp enquiries, which resulted in us forming an informal group to swap information.  Iain Sommerville - Fife- 11-Aug-99
May I just add a
big Thank You to you and your colleagues for all the help you give us 'tree searchers'. It's so wonderful when you've had hardly any family to suddenly discover real live relations through the help and encouragement of 'strangers' - people who really are like family should be! I've had loads of successes with my India connection, so fingers crossed for the Scottish lot!   Regards, Ruth Croft, UK. 07-Aug-99
You just put up my listings. A quick note to say thank you. I've had a response already - that's within a day! - Kind regards, Sherrie Blackman. - Sydney, Australia. 01 Aug 99
I appreciate your posting my WALKERs of Saline query on your page. You have a wonderful web site and I am sure
it takes many hours of work to maintain it. I salute you for all your effort and good work! - Sue Delaney 31 July 1999
I have just been trawling through the Kingdom of Fife surnames list, and came across a possible connection in Kinghorn in 1615. You offer a great service; I am now all inspired! - Patricia Hammond, Australia 17 April 99
Thanks for your very helpful website. Keep up the good work!  Marion Paterson, San Diego, CA, USA 11 March 99
I must say I'm very pleased with the way my submission looks on your page. Many thanks for including it. - Patricia Legg, Victoria, Australia 3 March 99
Thanks Hugh for the service you provide by keeping the Fife surnames list going.
I have got in touch with a number of people through it.  Michael Pringle Wellington New Zealand 26-Feb-99
Keep up the good work with the Fife Surnames Web pages. We have met a 5th cousin from Toronto and had email from another in New Zealand. - Chris Whitaker - Newport Pagnell, UK - 16-Feb-99
I had someone contact me about a year ago. Turns out he is a distant cousin. He had the same information I had, so whenever we find new info we check in with each other.  Thanks a lot and keep up the good work. -  Barbara Seggie, Cleveland OH USA - 9 Feb 99
Thank you for the wonderful service you are providing for us suffering with the "Genealogy Addiction" syndrome. It really is great being able to work from home - which we couldn't do if it wasn't for people like yourself. Keep up the excellent work, it's really appreciated. - - Sue Holloway - Townsville, Queensland, Australia - 3 Feb 99
It would appear from "advertising" in your pages that I have distant cousins living in Australia. I have been in touch with a fourth cousin - Steve Wakelys; his g. g. grandfather was one of twin boys from Kemback, Fife 1795. Steve has a home page at Steve has put me in touch with a John Mason also in Australia who is researching the MASON name.Following on from this success I have some more names for your list!   - Eric Mason - United Kingdom - 28 Jan 99
Hi Hugh. I didn't exactly know how all of the IZATT interest had been generated in the past 6 months, but I really suspected it must be from your Fife list :) You then said there is a little trick to know if my emails come from the Fife list. . . . if they are addressed to: Bonnie-Gilson Phoenix-AZ-USA <email address>. . I checked and many came in that way yes, your list has been a great help! . . . Two distant cousins have found me, one in Canada and one in Kentucky. Another possibility is in England. It's been great fun to work on this unusual name. I've seen so much interest in the name lately that I started a new surname list for IZATT!  Many thanks for your help  :)    Bonnie Gilson   24-Dec-98
An Australian was able to send me a lot of information on his direct lines: I sent him a lot of information on my husband's direct lines that he didn't have. I have also been able to help several people that do not have common ancestors with us, but I have access to some records that they don't. The Fife surname list has been a big help to me in making some very valuable contacts. Thank you for your efforts in maintaining this list. - Joyce Hancock Dec 98
Responses to my listed surnames keep trickling in   -  Antonia J, New Zealand   - 18 Dec 98
I have been in touch with distant relatives in Australia; we are now trying to exchange trees. - Thurman Reynolds 18 Dec 98
By posting to the Fife Surname List, I made contact with two relatives from the other side of the world, Jim Welsh (an Australian living in London, England) and Kaye McFarlane from Melbourne, Australia. We are related through our Welsh line. Jim and Kaye's line was through a forebear cousin who emigrated from Kilconquhar to Australia in 1854. Jim contacted me through your List in 1997, Kaye found me in January '98; a three way dialog began. Jim came up to Edinburgh in summer '98 and we spent the day in Kilconquhar, Elie, Earlsferry and St. Monance. Dave Ravie, Fife Dec 98
Wow -
the site gets better and better!   I have found two of my Fife cousins, though since people tend not to say where they found your address, I am not sure this is the site. I am now "close" to a seventh cousin once removed of my husband's - who is even more determined to go to Australia for a visit, since there are so many new-found cousins there. At any rate, these cousins and I are working hard to get back to before recorded time, but appear to be stuck around 1700! You have done a tremendous job -  The Fishers Dec 98
I like the alternate format and find it easy to scan quickly. - Nancy Bomford Victoria  Australia - Aug 98
I thought I would just drop you a line to let you know that I have had several inquiries about the names I listed in your List, and a couple have led to shared ancestors. In one case, a woman in Canada, Isabel Ashworth, and I share a set of g-g-g grandparents - BUTTER. In another case Colin Wilson, Scotland, and I share the same g-g-g-g grandparents: Colin is descended from a son of the first marriage, I am descended from the second marriage. It turns out that our g-g-g-g grandfather was quite an adventurer and Colin has provided me with the whole story! Martyn Obbard  25 Jun 1998
I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful!  I browsed your web home page the other day and was very impressed! This genealogy is an addiction, the more I know, the more I want to know!  -  Suzanne - 14 May 1998
We had a response from Bill Burland in regards to the Reekie name and it turns out that we are related. He sent me a whole file on the family, which was great. I've been busy doing my web page and trying to get into the Scots Origins, so I havent got back to visiting the Fife Surnames page. regards Glenys  - Australia - April 98
I made contact with
Dave Ravie in January this year. I saw his name on the Kingdom of Fife list and emailed him - the first one I'd ever written, so it was quite exciting! I was interested in the WELSH, Kilconquhar 1748-1856 entry. My gggrandfather was Thomas Welsh born Kilconquhar, 1832: he came to Australia, hearing about the gold rush, in 1854. It turned out that Dave and I are both descended from the WELSH family in Elie and Kilconquhar. Our ggggrandfathers were brothers, Thomas and John. Dave's research goes back to 1748: his branch remained in Scotland so it has been interesting comparing notes and lifestyles. When our Thomas came to Victoria, it was in the first 20 years of white settlement and he was a pioneer in his district of Euroa. Dave has also put me in touch with another Welsh descendant-Jim Welsh-in London. We all write regularly and share research and have formed a good friendship as a result. It all began with the Fife surnames list!   Kaye and Daryl McFarlane Victoria, Australia - (via Merlyn McLean)    22 April 98
I had a minor success finding a far off cousin for my husband with a BOWMAN-Isabella posting. We have exchanged that branch and will be in touch if we find more! So many thanks for the Listing. Slainte Mhaithe - Carol - Australia - Mar 98
I keep getting replies to queries and some of them are connections.Thank you for being there. Mary LeMay  California - Feb 1998 
I have had a couple of contacts via the page. We are still in the data swapping stage.. It certainly has paid off for me. For me it is a valuable resource. -   Andrea Hackney - Australia - Jan 98
I had a terrific 'hit' from your surname list a few days ago -- when I first discovered your site. I replied to the DOIG surname and got in return my whole Doig line, of which my gg grandmother was one. Ken Doig, who entered the query, didn't have details of my gg grandmother, so I was able to repay him with some information he was missing.- Mary - Dec 1997
Congrats...on your Kingdom of Fife Surname Listing..
Your listings look great here in California - Keep up the good work.. Regards... expat from Dunfermline - Jim White - Nov 1977
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