Kingdom of Fife, Scotland Surnames List - formats for surname & enquiry submissions

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The Fife GENUKI surname list is designed to be helpful, easy to use and relatively fast to download, limiting individual entries to about one line. The submission should have the following format. Please do not omit information, just in the hope of getting a greater response! Some entries have been withdrawn because the stated information was too general, and too many enquiries were being sent.

Each submitted entry will be given an e-mail reply link. Additional separate "specific enquiry" text enquiries, that relate to name entry, are also welcome; unlike some other similar lists, these queries are always cross-referenced to a name entry in the main list, so they are not "buried". Submit them in any text format, up to 100 words; submissions may be edited. See the query listing for samples. Direct linking with personal family history web pages is also planned. When you have completed your submision material, please check that it is complete and correct: all dates should have b, c, m or d related to them; the e-mail supplied is the one you want; all known alternate surname spellings are given; your contact information is as complete as you want it to be. If you notice an error after mailing, please resubmit the entire material. The Fife GENUKI surname pages are produced by a volunteer: the information contained therein shall not be reproduced without permisssion and shall not be used for professional use in any manner whatsoever. Entries after 1860 cannot usually be justified for inclusion. Please remove geographic information outside Fife.
    Examples of appropriate name listings are:

        LOGAN, Walter; servitor to Lord Balcarres; Fife, alive 1648 - Vivienne Dunstan
       LOTHIAN LOUDEN John; linener; b 1752 Cupar Dalgety, Fife -  Iain Sommerville

For the contact listing, please provide as much information as you are comfortable with. This will usually include an e-mail address, but can also include a fax number and a mailing address. If only an e-mail address is given, a general locality would be appreciated, e.g. Sydney area, NSW, Australia.

If you have a web page that includes genealogical information for Fife, please add that too: such information is encouraged. Any comments on the readabilty or usage of this list would be appreciated; in particular, feedback on the use and relevance of snail-mail addresses is solicited. This Surname Interest List is not to be used, in whole or part, for profit or commercial gain.

If you are someone that browses surname lists regularly (particularly if you are a Surname List Maintainer), you may be interested in viewing an experimental alternate format which may be better suited for use with appropriate Internet Search Engines. Comments very welcome!! Stay tuned - here is a draft of some more detailed inspection and analysis - the experiments continue!!

Comments, submissions and suggestions welcome - Hugh Reekie