The Highland Family History Society - Frequently Asked Questions

Membership and Subscription enquiries

01. What is the membership charge in currencies other than UK sterling?

Calculate at current exchange rate, having added two pounds to normal rate. A currency conversion web site can help with this. You may wish to obtain a draft in UK Sterling funds from Reusch; Canadians may prefer Accu Rate.

02. I notice that the subscription year is from Sept 1 to Aug 31. If I were to join on the Aug 1st how much extra would I have to pay?

If you join after July 1st, you would be counted as signing up early for the new session, not late for the old one, so just the normal subscription would be due. There is no "half-year" payment option.

Membership enquiries should be sent by e-mail to: John Durham, the treasurer (Note the email is Durran not Durham)

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