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Is there a Computer SIG in the Society?

The HFHS has no special-interest group for computers as such (we're growing, but still quite small) but I use the journal for comments and feedback, giving email addresses of correspondents, reviewing web sites and software as well as books and magazines in our Bookshelf section. I hope this will enable us to avoid a computer SIG by treating such things as infrastructure to be used and not put on special pedestals from which they look down on both disciples and gentiles alike.

10. What is the relation between the Highland Council's Genealogist and the HFHS?

None, but both organizations are aware of each other's needs (and possessions!) and our relationship is friendly. Alastair MacLeod is the Genealogist in the Highland Council Archives department. He offers an excellent service and charges for it. His department is not yet online.

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