Highland Family History Society - Frequently Asked Questions

Submission of articles & enquiries for publication in the HFHS quarterly magazine

07. If I wish to place an Inquiry in the Journal, should I send it to directly to you via e-mail or should I send it to the Society's general address by snail mail?

Submit any way you care, paper, disk, email. Send any e-mails straight to Jonathan McColl: that method is probably the easiest.

08. What are the criteria for articles submitted for publication?

The writing can be any length, although vaguely around 2000 words (about four pages) is nice. We will publish longer pieces if warranted, split between successive Journals if needed. We are always seeking short fillers and reviews of not only books, but also software and websites. Keep illustrations/maps simple, few and in black and white. The main requirement is subject: it needs to concern Highland family history, and people who left and had descendants who kept a connexion alive count just as much as people who did not leave. Sources of information like family letters, oral history, newspaper files or major national archives are of enormous importance so please do give references. We also keep on file any family trees sent to us, and every blue moon or so I bring the collection up to date by numbering them and entering the surnames mentioned in our database. This is still quite small, a hundred or so with about 2500 database entries, but great acorns fall off little oak trees. They are freely available in Inverness Library for our members (but not the general public) to view.

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Further enquiries should be sent by e-mail to: mailto: John Durham <JohnDurran@compuserve.com> John Durham

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