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Church Records

Presbytery of Aberdeen - Synod of Aberdeen

Here are details of the Birth, Marriage and Death records for this parish, available on the OPR films.

Film Births Marriages Deaths
168B/1 1641-99    
168B/2 1699-1721    
168B/3 1721-63    
168B/4 1763-97    
168B/5 1797-1819    
168B/6   1621-1721  
168B/7   1722-83  
168B/8   1783-1819  
168B/9     1642-1766
168B/10     1766-1819
168B/11 1776-1800 (Appendix)    
168B/12 1820-30    
168B/13 1830-36    
168B/14 1836-54    
168B/15 1820-54 (Appendix)    
168B/16   1820-35  
168B/17   1835-47  
168B/18   1847-54  
168B/19     1820-49
168B/20     1849-54
168B/21     1772-1854 (Duplicate)
168B/22 Index to 1820-54    
168B/23   Index to 1820-54  
168B/24     Index to 1820-54


Here is a detailed description of the parish, written in 1875.


This parish appears on sheet 38 of the OS Landranger Series, and on sheet 246 of the OS Pathfinder Series.

Names, Geographical

Here is a list of place names in the parish.


A booklet containing extracts from the 1696 Poll Book for this parish is available from the Aberdeen & NE Scotland FHS.

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