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Aldbar Chapel in the parish of Aberlemno, Angus. The chapel is now in quite bad condition with the area used for burials containing a number of fallen trees which have luckily not damaged any of the headstones or the chapel itself yet. The roof of the chapel has now almost collapsed and inside there is at least one foot of organic matter. The general condition of the chapel and the surrounding burial ground is not good.

According to Andrew Jervise in "Memorials of Angus and the Mearns" the chapel was restored by Mr Patrick Chalmers in c1850 "who not only preserved the exact dimensions of the building, but also used the old stones as far as possible, thereby preserving much of its ancient character."

The monumental inscriptions were recorded fully in the summer of 1996, and from then until another visit in March 1998, conditions have deteriorated quickly.

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