Parish of Auchterhouse


Registration District 273

"The parish is bounded on the east by Tealing, on the south-east by Mains & Strathmartine, on the south by Liff, on the west by Lundie & Fowlis, on the north-west by Newtyle and on the north by Glamis.It is triangular in shape and exposed to the south. It has an area of about 8.5 square miles, with 3567 acres cultivated, 1406 under wood and 475 in hill pasture.Easy access to the market town of Dundee may be obtained either by the Dundee - Newtyle turnpike road or by the Dundee - Newtyle railway. The railway affords conveyance for 2500 tons of goods and 3000 passengers annually."

Edited from The New Statistical Account of Scotland, Angus, 1843

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