Parish of Dun

DUN, Angus

"The parish of Dun measures 4 miles in length by 4 miles in breadth at its greatest parts. A small part of the parish is detached from the rest by the estuary at Montrose and several houses belong to Montrose parish quod sacra. It is bounded by the parishes of Brechin, Stracathro, Logie Pert, Maryton, Farnell and Montrose. The parish contains 2600 acres under cultivation, 550 under wood and 100 uncultivated moor. There is also a large tract of ground covered by tides that might be embanked, but it is doubtful whether it would yield a fair return. The cattle reared are chiefly of the black Angus breed. There is fishing both in the river and on the sands of the basin for mussels for bait. There are 3 schools in the parish, and a small parochial library, mostly religious books of which the people are very fond. There is a savings bank in the parish with investments generally being made by the labouring class of people. English coal, procured at the shore in Montrose, from 1/- to 1/3d. per barrel, is the fuel generally used."

Edited from The New Statistical Account of Scotland, Angus, 1833

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