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Help and advice for Heads of Families in the Parish of Glamis in Communion with the Church of Scotland, December 1834.

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Heads of Families in the Parish of Glamis in Communion with the Church of Scotland, December 1834.

Glamis Village

David Couper James Alexander Archibald Rea James Bunch
William Blackadder David Stormonth William Carey Robert Muir
David Irons Thomas Donaldson James Johnston Thomas Doig
Alexander Stevenson David Penman James Reid David Baillie
James Shepherd John Johnston Andrew Robb John Reid
William Johnston Donald Coutts George Nicoll James Abbott
Henry Ostler William Craig Christian Coutts James Gray
David Miller William Donald James McIntyre John Johnston
John Robertson John Wright John Greenhill jun David Rankin
Thomas Sturrock William Fariweather William Greenhills Robert Stoall
Alexander Kidd William Waddell James Horn David Kinnear
Peter Heigh John Watson John Bumman John Kinnear
James Duncan William McDonald Donald Reach Thomas Winter
John Greenhill sen John Johnston William Gibson Robert McDOnald
David Laird George Luckie James Bunch James Tough
William Heigh John Langlands William Gibson John Doig
John Barnet      

Glen of Ogilvy

William Fairweather James Chalmers James Hill Alexander Hill
William Stiven John Smith David Ramsay John Glendy
William Donaldson Andrew Thom Robert Bowes Samuel Mortimer
Alexander Cathro William Chalmers William Fernes James Mortimer
James Watt Alexander Chaplin Andrew Suttie James Rea
George Smith Andrew Osler John Taylor William Harels
James Forbes William Drummond David Nicoll Alexander Chaplin
David Couper James Mackie David Gibson Thomas Edward
David Donald Peter Meek John Gibson James Laird
William Valentine John Gow Alexander Cruikshanks James Young, Latch
James Bower James Roger Robert Lamond David Thomson
James Allan John Hill Peter Duff James Watson
James Falconer John Stiven James Gibson Thomas Davidson
Thomas Barnet James Whyte    


John Dick James Mustard William Couper John Langlands
Benny Ramsay George Monroe John Suttie Alexander Hay
George Buchan Alexander Wright James Suttie Robert Suttie
John Buchan James Mavor James Linn David Bennet
John McDonald Alexander Bruce James Mollison Peter Livingston
William Abbot Samuel Mortimer William Watt David Donald


Alexander Barrie Benjamin Hogg Charles Neave James Barrie
Alexander Petrie Robert Simpson John Bennet Alexander McKiddie
George McKiddie David Taylor James Hall James Farquhar
John Mollison John Chisholm John Lindsay David Johnston
Thomas Abbott John McKiddie Alexander Mustard John Robbie
David McKiddie Charles Inverdale John Anderson James Young
Alexander Taylor Andrew Hunter James Watson William Pickard
Hugh McKiddie James Chisholm    


John Bennet James Bennet Thomas Neave James Fraser
John McLeod Alexander Fox    


John Smith esq David Grant Donald McDonald William Small
James Langlands Peter Deuachars John Donaldson David Couper, Scroggd
David Will      

Grasshouse (later Jericho)

George Mollinson David Elder George Mill David Clark
Robert Ramsay Alexander Davidson James Blacklaws David Johnston
William Johnston John Ramsay William Davidson John Graham

Plans of Thornton

John Graham John Osler John Luckie George Kidd
William Kidd David Kidd David Johnston David Stewart
James Lowden Chalres Patterson Alexander Rattray Robert Whitton
Alexander Johnston      


Thomas Mitchell William Wilkie David Nicoll Henry Rea
John Mungo George Johnston Andrew Rough John Paterson
William Horn David Stormonth William Johnston  


Robert Aldie Peter Miller John More  


Peter Miller James Bruce Charles Chalmers Charles Mill
James Miller George Gray Alexander Kidd Thomas Bruce
William Mann      

Leys of Cossins

John Allardice John Young George Allardice William Rea
Benjamin Robertson David Crabb James Rattray James Lindsay
James Robertson William Robertson John Low Adam Hay
Alexander Robertson Alexander Lawson    

Haughs of Cossins

James Gibson Charles Malloch John Dumber  


James Dair David Pullar John Reoch William Malloch
Alexander Bennet Alexander Brown George Ritchie Alexander Donaldson
William Donaldson Charles Ritchie James Jackson David Ross
James Ritchie, sen John Ritchie William Fairweather David Johnston
James Ritchie David Smith