Parish of Glamis


"Glamis parish is large in extent, being about twelve miles long by one to five miles broad. A portion of the Loch of Forfar is within the boundary. On the north, the parish is bounded by Airlie and Kirriemuir, on the west by Eassie and Nevay, on the east by Forfar and Kinnettles, and on the south by Tealing, Auchterhouse and Newtyle. The northern part of the parish is completely level, only broken here and there by gentle uplands and grassy knolls. The soil is poor, being of a light sandy nature. In the central portion the soil is rich, and in the glens it is gravelly, yet good. The hills on the south are heatherclad, and contain stretches of moorland. The Glen of Ogilvy and Glen of Denoon are enclosed by three parallel ranges of the Sidlaws, the highest point of which, Craig-oul, 1493 feet above sea level."

Glamis, A Parish History by John Stirton.

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Glamis village is the main centre of population within the parish and there are a number of hamlets such as Milton, in the Glen of Ogilvy, and Jericho. The village of Charleston was built in the 1830's to the south of Glamis village on the road to Dundee.



Monumental Inscriptions of the Parish Churchyard of Glamis have been recorded in Pre-1855 Gravestone Inscriptions in Angus, edited by Alison Mitchell, Scottish Genealogy Society, 1979, ISBN 09010614. (Follow links to online shop, then memorial inscriptions, then Angus.)

A full transcription has also been carried out and this will be published by Tay Valley FHS in the future. There is also a new cemetery in Glamis, opened in 1890, monumental inscriptions have not been recorded for this cemetery yet. Burial records for the Churchyard and Cemetery in Glamis are held at Angus Recreation Services, County Buildings, Forfar. A Private Burial Ground of the Earls of Strathmore is located to the north of the Church.


All census returns for the parish of Glamis are held at New Register House, Edinburgh and can be consulted there. The census returns have been microfilmed by the LDS church and the films numbers are:

1841 1042678
1851 1042225
1861 0103790
1871 0103947
1881 0203493
1891 0208721

An enumeration of the heads of family within the parish in communion with the Church of Scotland was taken in December 1834.

Church History

Church History is dealt with in the following books.

Church Records

Old Parish Records for the parish of Glamis (289) are located in New Register House, Edinburgh. These have also been microfilmed by the LDS Church (Film number 0993434). The records contain:

289/1 b 1677-1715; m 1699-1715; d 1685 - 1715
289/2 b 1716-1819
289/3 b 1820-1868; m 1834-1854; d 1834-1854

Births and marriages have been indexed and the deaths will eventually be included in the National Burial Index.

The Kirk Session records of Glamis are held in the Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh. They have been microfilmed and copies of these can be bought from them. Three volumes are at the SRO:

CH2/170/1 Minutes 1719-1747
CH2/170/2 Minutes 1780-1833 (with Accounts)
CH2/170/3 Minutes 1833-1874 (with Accounts)

Civil Registration

All records of Civil Registration are held at New Register House, Edinburgh. Microfilm copies of births, deaths and marriages for the years 1855-1875, 1881 and 1891 have been filmed by the LDS church and can be ordered to any family history centre worldwide. Microfilm numbers for Births, Deaths and Marriages in Angus can be found on the Civil Registration page. It is necessary to know the parish number and this can be found on the list of Angus parishes. PLEASE CHECK FILM NUMBERS BEFORE ORDERING.

Court Records

Details of Wills and Testaments can be found in Commissary Court Records. Persons from Glamis can be registered in the Commissary Courts of St Andrews, Brechin, Dunkeld or Edinburgh. Indexes to these records have been published by the Scottish Record Society until 1800. Glamis was in the Sheriffdom of Forfar and details of these records can be found on the Forfar Sheriff Court page. Records of the Commissary Courts and Sheriff Courts are held at the Scottish Record Office, Edinburgh.

Emigration and Immigration

Population movement can often be very difficult to trace. There are a number of publications which can help trace individuals who may have emigrated from the county of Angus such as "Tay Valley People in North America", and "Tay Valley People in Australia" both published by Tay Valley Family History Society along with "The Scots Overseas: emigrants and adventurers from Angus and Perth" by David Dobson, 1996, St Andrews.



Tay Valley Family History Society, based in Dundee which promotes genealogy in Angus, Perth, Fife and Kinross has published a number of books about genealogy in Angus, including regular Members Interests of research.


General History is dealt with in the following books:

Additional information can also be found in the three Statistical Accounts.


Information regarding the nobility in Glamis can be found in "Glamis, A Parish History", by John Stirton, 1913, Forfar. Covering mainly the Bowes-Lyon family but with references to others.


Year Population Year Population
1755 1780 1861 1980
1801 1931 1871 1813
1811   1881 1631
1821   1891 1464
1831   1901 1351
1841 2167 1911 1159
1851 2152    


There has been a Lodge of Ancient and Free Masons in Glamis since 1738. There was a Society of Free Gardeners which no longer exists.

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