Parish of Lundie


"Lundie, united to Fowlis (sic) Easter, which is situated in the county of Perth. The united parish extends seven and a half miles in length, and one and a half in breadth, containing 5202 acres, of which Lundie contains 3258, and Foulis 1944: of these 3200 are arable. The soil is in general rich, well cultivated, and mostly enclosed. There are several lakes; one of which Lundie loch, covers 72 and 1/2, and is intended to drain off by a tunnel cut through one of the surrounding hills. The greater part of Lundie belongs to Viscount Duncan, and the whole of Foulis belongs to Sir William Murray of Ochtertyre; niether of whom have residences in the parish. The church of Foulis is still perfectly entire, although it was bult on 1142."

The Gazetteer of Scotland, W Chalmers, Dundee 1803.

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