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[Description(s) from The National Gazetteer (1868)]

"MIDDLEBIE, a parish in the district of Annandale, county Dumfries, Scotland. It comprises the villages of Eaglesfield, Kirtlebridge, Watersbeck, and the ancient parishes of Carruthers and Pennerscugh. It extends in length about 9 miles S.W., with an extreme breadth of 4, and is bounded by the parishes of Fundergarth, Langholm, Half-Morton, Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Annan, and Haddam. The surface is moderately even, though along the centre and to the N.E. are considerable elevations. Red sandstone and limestone abound. The soil chiefly consists of stiff and loamy clay, and above one-fourth of the land is in a good state of cultivation. The parish is traversed by the road from Glasgow to Carlisle, and by the main trunk of the Caledonian railway. The village of Middlebie is situated on the river Kirtle, 6 miles N.E. of Annan, and 3 miles from Ecclefechan. It has a station at Kirtlebridge on the Caledonian railway. Here was the Roman station Blatum Belgium, also a middle station between Netherby and Castleover in Eskdalemuir. A portion of the inhabitants are employed in cotton weaving. This parish is in the presbytery of Annan and synod of Dumfries. The minister has a stipend of 219. The parish church was erected in 1821. At Waterbeck is an United Presbyterian church. There are two parochial schools, also a circulating library. Dr. Currie, of Liverpool, author of "The Life of Burns," was born in this parish. Near the church are traces of a Roman camp, in which Roman coins have been found."


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