Old Kilpatrick

"KILPATRICK (OLD), village and parish in Dumbartonshire. ... The parish contains also the towns of Duntocher and Clydebank, the villages of Bowling, Dalmuir, Faifley, Hardgate, Milton, Littlemill, Dumbuck, and part of Yoker. Its length is nearly 8 miles; its greatest breadth neatly 6 miles; its area 12,554 acres. ... Pop., quoad civilia, 8862; quoad sacra, 6020. The surface is bounded along all the south by the Clyde, and appears pretty fully in view from a vessel sailing down or up the river. The Kilpatrick Hills occupy all the north and part of the centre; present to the south picturesque features of seclivity, escarpment, ravine, and wood; strike gradually toward the Clyde from a distance of about 4 miles in the east to a distance of less that 1 mile in the west; have near altitudes of from 800 to 1313 feet above sea-level; exhibit, adjacent to Bowling Bay, the deep broad ravine of Glenarbuck; and terminate abruptly in Dumbuck Hill, about a mile east of Dumbarton Castle. The ground between the hills and the Clyde is mostly either sloping or flat. Chief seats are Auchentorlie, Auchintoshan, Mountblow, Dalmuir, and Dumbuck; and chief antiquities are site or vestige of terminal forts of Antoninus' Wall, a Roman bridge and site of Roman sudorium at Duntocher, vestiges of several Caledonian hill-forts, and ivy-clad remains of Dunglass Castle. Established, Free, United Presbyterian churches are at Clydebank. 8 schools for 1495 scholars are in the parish, and 3 of them and enlargements for 816 are new."

[From The Gazetteer of Scotland, by Rev. John Wilson, 1882.]

Church Records

Records in the old parish registers (OPRs) for Old Kilpatrick parish span the following years:

Births or Baptisms ~ 1688-1854
Marriages or Banns ~ 1689-1854
Deaths or Burials ~ no records

Civil Registration

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Historical Geography


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