Dunbartonshire GENUKI Service Providers

A very big "thank you" to all contributors - without you so much great information would not be available!

The following people have all contributed information, or given permission for previously published information to be used on the GENUKI Dunbartonshire website. Contact details are provided for acknowledging contributions, and for establishing mutual interest only - please do NOT ask them for help with your research. If you are looking for help, and haven't found your answer amongst the material already available, a much better place to ask is one of the Dunbartonshire-oriented Mailing Lists, where you will find friendly, helpful people who are more than willing to provide assistance.

If there is no contact address provided, it may be that the person concerned prefers to remain anonymous.

Information Provider Contribution
Louise SmithCreated original set of Dunbartonshire pages, including Church Records Information.
David McFarlaneConverted structure to current Genuki format.
David McFarlaneConverted files to CSS/SHTML.
David McFarlaneAdded What's New and Providers pages.
David McFarlaneIncluded additional basic content, picture link, and hooks to future Vision of Britain links - all pages.

If you are not already a contributor and have information you'd like to offer, then please see GENUKI Help Wanted page. If you've contributed, but no longer want your email to be listed, please also let me know.