Where in Fife is .......?

This list gives 2300 place names in Fife and the parish(es) in which they can be found. Once you have located the parish, go to the relevant parish page where a link to Places in .... parish takes you to a selection of online historical and modern maps.

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This list is complied from various sources. Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

If you still cannot find a place, Glasgow University have a test version of a database of Fife Place-name Data. The site is searchable by parish or by place and gives map references.

Backfield of LadeddieCeres parish
BackmarchInverkeithing parish
Backmuir of New GilstonLargo parish
Backmuir of PitfirraneDunfermline parish
BaincraigAuchtermuchty parish
BaintownKennoway parish
BalassCupar parish
BalbairdNewburn parish
Balbairdie, EastKinghorn parish
Balbairdie, WestKinghorn parish
Balbarton, EastKinghorn parish
Balbarton, WestKinghorn parish
BalbedieKinglassie parish
Balbedie, WesterKinglassie parish (part was in Ballingry parish before 15 May 1891)
Balbeggie CottageDysart parish
Balbeggie CottagesDysart parish
Balbeggie, EasterDysart parish
Balbeggie, MiddleDysart parish
Balbeggie, WesterDysart parish
BalbieBurntisland parish
Balbirnie BurnsMarkinch parish
Balbirnie HouseMarkinch parish
Balbirnie MainsMarkinch parish
Balbirnie MillMarkinch parish
BalbougieInverkeithing parish
BalbuthieKilconquhar parish
BalcanquhalStrathmiglo parish
Balcanquhal HouseArngask parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Balcanquhal, Newton ofArngask parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Balcarres HouseKilconquhar parish
Balcarres MainsKilconquhar parish
Balcarres MillKilconquhar parish
Balcarres WardKilconquhar parish
Balcaskie HouseCarnbee parish
BalchrystieNewburn parish
BalcluneCarnock parish
BalcomieCrail parish
BalcormoCarnbee parish
BalcormoLargo parish
Balcormo MainsLargo parish
Balcormo MillCarnbee parish
Balcormo, Newton ofCarnbee parish
BalcurvieMarkinch parish
Balcurvie HouseMarkinch parish
Balcurvie SmallholdingsMarkinch parish
Balcurvie, Bankhead ofMarkinch parish
BaldastardLargo parish
Baldastard MainsLargo parish
BaldinnieCeres parish
Baldinnie, LowerCeres parish
Baldinnie, NetherCeres parish
Baldinnie, OverCeres parish
Baldinnie, PercyCeres parish
Baldridge FarmDunfermline parish
Baldridge HouseDunfermline parish
Baldridge, WestDunfermline parish
BaldridgeburnDunfermline parish
Baldutho, NorthCarnbee parish
Baldutho, SouthCarnbee parish
BalfargMarkinch parish
BalfourMarkinch parish
Balfour MainsMarkinch parish
Balfour MillMarkinch parish
Balgarvie, EasterMonimail parish
Balgarvie, WesterMonimail parish
BalgeddieLeslie parish
BalgonarSaline parish
Balgonar BridgeSaline parish
Balgonar, WestSaline parish
BalgonieAuchterderran parish
Balgonie CastleMarkinch parish
Balgonie CottageMarkinch parish
Balgonie MillMarkinch parish
Balgonie South ParksMarkinch parish
Balgonie, Coaltown ofMarkinch parish
Balgonie, LittleAuchterderran parish
Balgonie, Milton ofMarkinch parish
BalgothrieLeslie parish
Balgothrie, LittleLeslie parish
Balgothrie, MeikleLeslie parish
Balgothrie, WestLeslie parish
BalgoveStAndrews parish
Balgove LinksStAndrews parish
Balgownie MainsCulross parish
BalgriebankKennoway parish
BalgrummoScoonie parish
BalhelvieFlisk parish
BalhouffieCarnbee parish
BalhousieLargo parish
Balingall MillLeslie parish
BalkaithlyDunino parish (part was in Crail parish before 15 May 1891)
BallantagerMonimail parish
BallenkirkKettle parish
BallinbreichFlisk parish
BallindeanBalmerino parish
BallingallLeslie parish
BallingryBallingry parish
Ballingry FarmBallingry parish
BallinkirkMarkinch parish
Ballo, EasterFalkland parish
Ballo, LittleFalkland parish
Ballo, WesterFalkland parish
BallomillCollessie parish
Ballomill, EasterCollessie parish
BalmainLargo parish
BalmakinCarnbee parish
BalmalcolmKettle parish
Balmalcolm CottageKettle parish
Balmalcolm FarmKettle parish
BalmashieStAndrews parish
BalmeadieDunbog parish
BalmeadowsideCreich parish
BalmerinoBalmerino parish
BalmonthCarnbee parish
BalmuleAberdour parish
BalmuleDunfermline parish
Balmule FarmDunfermline parish
Balmule, Valley ofDunfermline parish
BalmulloLeuchars parish
Balmullo FarmLeuchars parish
BalmungoStAndrews parish
Balmungo FarmStAndrews parish
BalmutoKinghorn parish
Balmuto CottageKinghorn parish
BalnielKilconquhar parish
BaloneStAndrews parish
Balquhomry, LittleLeslie parish
Balquhomry, MeikleLeslie parish
BalramAberdour parish
BalreavieFalkland parish
BalreggieAuchterderran parish
Balrymonth, EasterStAndrews parish
Balrymonth, WesterStAndrews parish
BalsillieLeslie parish
BaltillyCeres parish
Baltilly FarmCeres parish
Balvaird CastleAbernethy parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Balvaird CottageAbernethy parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Balvaird FarmAbernethy parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Balvaird SmithyArngask parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
BalwearieAbbotshall parish
BanbeathScoonie parish
Banchory CottagesKinghorn parish
BandirranCeres parish
BandonMarkinch parish
BandrumSaline parish
Bank PlaceLeslie parish
BankheadAberdour parish
BankheadBurntisland parish
BankheadDalgety parish
BankheadDunfermline parish
BankheadKilrenny parish
BankheadKinglassie parish
BankheadKinglassie parish
BankheadScoonie parish
BankheadTorryburn parish
Bankhead (1)Ceres parish
Bankhead (2)Ceres parish
Bankhead of BalcurvieMarkinch parish
Bankhead of PiteadieKinghorn parish
Bankhead of Piteadie Farm CottagesKinghorn parish
Bankhead of RaithAbbotshall parish
BanksideFlisk parish
Bankton ParkKettle parish
BannafieldDunino parish
Bannaty / BannetyStrathmiglo parish
Bannaty MillStrathmiglo parish
Bannety / BannatyStrathmiglo parish
BarbarafieldCeres parish
BarhamMonimail parish
Barley MillArngask parish (was in Kinross-shire before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
BarnbraeStrathmiglo parish
Barns LawKingsbarns parish
BarnsleeMarkinch parish
BarnsmuirKilrenny parish
BarnyardsKilconquhar parish
BarringtonStrathmiglo parish
Bastin Cottage / BastionCollessie parish
Bastion / Bastin CottageCollessie parish
BathCulross parish
BeathBeath parish
Beath ChurchBeath parish
Beath, Hill ofBeath parish
Beath, Mains ofDunfermline parish
Beech CottageAberdour parish
BeechgroveCupar parish
BeggAuchterderran parish
Begg, The, FarmAuchterderran parish
Bein, MeikleAbernethy parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
BeleyDunino parish (was in Crail parish before 15 May 1891)
Beley, HighDunino parish
BeleybridgeDunino parish
BellbraeCupar parish
BellcraigsKinglassie parish (was in Portmoak parish in Kinross-shire before 15 May 1891)
BellfieldMarkinch parish
BellfieldStrathmiglo parish
Bellfield CottagesMarkinch parish
BellistonCarnbee parish
Bells KnowsInverkeithing parish
Bellyeoman (formerly)Dunfermline parish
Bellyeoman (present day)Dunfermline parish
Benarty HouseBallingry parish
Bendameer HouseBurntisland parish
BentheadDunfermline parish
Bents FarmSaline parish
Bents, ClinkhillDalgety parish
Bents, TheSaline parish
BentymiresBeath parish
Bernards SmithyAberdour parish
BerryhillAbdie parish
BerryknoweArngask parish (was in Perthshire before and after 15 May 1891)
BerrylawDunfermline parish
BeveridgewellDunfermline parish
BeverkaeAberdour parish
Beverkae HouseAuchtertool parish
Bickram VillageSaline parish
BickramsideSaline parish
BightyMarkinch parish
BinnendBurntisland parish
BinnheadBurntisland parish
Birkhill HouseBalmerino parish
BirniehillArngask parish (was in Kinross-shire before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
BirnsCollessie parish
Black HouseCarnock parish
Black LodgeAberdour parish
BlacketysideLargo parish
BlackfauldsCeres parish
BlackhallDunfermline parish
BlacklawDunfermline parish
BlacklawsKilrenny parish
BlackstoneKinglassie parish
BlackwallsCameron parish
BlairCarnock parish
BlairDysart parish
Blair CastleCulross parish
Blair HouseCarnock parish
Blair MainsCulross parish
Blair MillBallingry parish
Blair, EastArngask parish (was in Kinross-shire before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Blair, EastBallingry parish
Blair, WestArngask parish (was in Kinross-shire before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
BlairburnCulross parish
BlairenbathieBeath parish
BlairhallCulross parish
Blairhall FarmCulross parish
Blairhall MainsCulross parish
BlairsgreenSaline parish
BlairstruieArngask parish (was in Perthshire before and after 15 May 1891)
Bleach WorksKinghorn parish
BleachfieldBeath parish
BleachfieldMarkinch parish
Blebo CraigsKemback parish
Blebo HoleKemback parish
Blebo HouseKemback parish
Blebo MainsKemback parish
Blebo, Milton ofKemback parish
Blebo, Morton ofKemback parish
Blebo, Newbigging ofKemback parish
Blebo, Streamside ofKemback parish
BlindwellArngask parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
BlindwellsLargo parish
BlinkbonnieDunfermline parish
BlinkbonnyCarnbee parish
BlinkbonnyDunbog parish
BlinkbonnyNewburn parish
Blinkbonny LodgeAbdie parish
BlinkeerieCulross parish
BloomfieldLeuchars parish
Blythes TowerKinglassie parish
BoarhillsStAndrews parish
BoghallKettle parish
BoghallKingsbarns parish
Bogie HouseAbbotshall parish
Bogie, WesterAbbotshall parish
BogleysDysart parish
Boglillie / BoglilyKinghorn parish
Boglily / BoglillieKinghorn parish
BogsideKennoway parish
Bogside FarmCulross parish
Bogside, SouthAuchterderran parish
BogwardStAndrews parish
BogwellsDysart parish
BonerboCarnbee parish
BonfieldStAndrews parish
Bonhard, EastCarnock parish
Bonhard, WestCarnock parish
BonningtonSaline parish (was in Torryburn parish before 15 May 1891)
BonnybankKennoway parish
BonnytonCarnock parish
BonnytownStAndrews parish
Bonnytown CottagesStAndrews parish
BordieCulross parish
BorelandDysart parish
BorelandInverkeithing parish
BoswellKinghorn parish
BottomcraigBalmerino parish
BoulterhallForgan parish
BouprieAberdour parish
Bouprie BanksAberdour parish
Bouprie, NetherAberdour parish
Bow of FifeMonimail parish
BowdenKettle parish
BowershallDunfermline parish
BowhillAuchterderran parish
Bowhill, EasterAuchterderran parish
Bowhill, NorthKilconquhar parish
Bowhill, South, FarmKilconquhar parish
BowhouseAuchterderran parish
BowhouseCollessie parish
BowhouseElie parish
BowhouseKinglassie parish
BowhouseWemyss parish
BowleysDunfermline parish
BrackmontLeuchars parish
Brackmont MillLeuchars parish
BraefootDalgety parish
BraeheadAuchterderran parish
BraeheadBeath parish
Braehead CottagesAberdour parish
BraesideCameron parish
BraesideDunfermline parish
Braeside (1)Abdie parish
Braeside (2)Abdie parish
Braeside MainsAbdie parish
Braeside of CultsCults parish
Braeside of LindoresAbdie parish
Braeside VillaAuchtermuchty parish
Brake, TheDunino parish
Brankstone HouseCulross parish
BranxtonLargo parish
BranxtonWemyss parish
BrewsterwellsCameron parish
Brewsterwells MarchCameron parish
Bridge EndFalkland parish
Bridgend (part)Ceres parish
Bridgend (part)Cupar parish
Brigghills FarmAuchterderran parish (part was in Ballingry parish before 15 May 1891)
BrighouseLogie parish
BrigtonCameron parish
BroadleysAuchtermuchty parish
BroadleysKinghorn parish
BroomScoonie parish
BroombraeAuchtermuchty parish
BroomfieldMarkinch parish
BroomhallNewburn parish
Broomhall HouseDunfermline parish
BroomhillAuchtermuchty parish
BroomhillSaline parish
BroomiesideDalgety parish
BroomknoweTulliallan parish
BroomleesKilconquhar parish
BrotusCults parish
BrownhillsStAndrews parish
Brownies ChairStrathmiglo parish
Bruce HavenDunfermline parish (was in Inverkeithing parish before 15 May 1891)
Bruce Haven (present day)Inverkeithing parish
BrucefieldCollessie parish
BrucefieldDunfermline parish
Brucefield HouseDunfermline parish
Brucehaven CottagesDunfermline parish
BruckleyLeuchars parish
BruntonCreich parish
Brunton BarnsKennoway parish
Brunton HouseMarkinch parish
BruntshielsKilconquhar parish
BuchanansDunfermline parish
BuckhavenWemyss parish
Bucklyvie, EasterAberdour parish
Bucklyvie, WesterAberdour parish
BullionsTorryburn parish
Bunzion, LowerCults parish
Bunzion, UpperCults parish
Burial GroundArngask parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
BurnbraeCrail parish
BurnsideCollessie parish
BurnsideKennoway parish
BurnsideLeuchars parish
BurnsideSaline parish
BurnsideScoonie parish
BurnsideStAndrews parish
Burnside (1)Strathmiglo parish
Burnside (2)Newburgh parish
Burnside (2)Strathmiglo parish
Burnside Muir CottageStAndrews parish
Burnside of CassendillyCeres parish
Burnside, LingoCarnbee parish
Burnside, NorthSaline parish
Burnside, SouthSaline parish
BurnsquareCeres parish
BurntislandBurntisland parish
BurnturkKettle parish
Burnturk, Coaltown ofKettle parish
BurrowineCulross parish
BushesSaline parish
BussesSaline parish
ByresBalmerino parish
ByresloanMarkinch parish
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