Where in Fife is .......?

This list gives 2300 place names in Fife and the parish(es) in which they can be found. Once you have located the parish, go to the relevant parish page where a link to Places in .... parish takes you to a selection of online historical and modern maps.

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This list is complied from various sources. Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

If you still cannot find a place, Glasgow University have a test version of a database of Fife Place-name Data. The site is searchable by parish or by place and gives map references.

Daft MillCollessie parish
DairnieFalkland parish
DairsieDairsie parish
Dairsie BridgeKemback parish
Dairsie CastleDairsie parish
Dairsie HouseDairsie parish
Dairsie MainsDairsie parish
DalachyAberdour parish
Dalachy CottagesAberdour parish
DalbeathBeath parish
Dales, TheInverkeithing parish
DalgairnCupar parish
DalgetyDalgety parish
Dalgety BayDalgety parish
Dalgety ManseDalgety parish
DalginchKennoway parish
Damhead (part)Arngask parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Damhead (part)Arngask parish (was in Kinross-shire before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Damhead (part)Arngask parish (was in Perthshire before and after 15 May 1891)
DamsfoldKettle parish
DamsideCrail parish
DamsideCupar parish
DamsideDairsie parish
DarnoeFalkland parish
Datie MillKinghorn parish
DaubsCollessie parish
DeanheadDunfermline parish
DemperstonAuchtermuchty parish
Demperston CottagesAuchtermuchty parish
Den of LindoresAbdie parish
DenbeathWemyss parish
DenbraeLogie parish
Denbrae FarmStAndrews parish
Denbrae Mill (1)StAndrews parish
Denbrae Mill (2)StAndrews parish
DenheadCeres parish
Denhead (part)Cameron parish
Denhead (part)StAndrews parish
DeninoDunino parish (an old spelling of the parish name)
Denmill / DenmylneAbdie parish
DenmuirDunbog parish (was in Abdie parish before 15 May 1891)
Denmylne / DenmillAbdie parish
DenorkCameron parish
Deuglie, MiddleArngask parish (was in Perthshire before and after 15 May 1891)
Deuglie, WesterArngask parish (was in Perthshire before and after 15 May 1891)
DevillaCulross parish
DevonKettle parish
Devon CommonKettle parish
DevonsideSaline parish
Dewars MillStAndrews parish
DirdumKemback parish
DodheadBurntisland parish
Dogton / DogtownKinglassie parish
Dogtown / DogtonKinglassie parish
DollyDunfermline parish
Donalds Wa'sFalkland parish
DonibristleAberdour parish
DonibristleDalgety parish
Dotham TollAuchterderran parish
DothanAuchterderran parish
Douglas Bank CemeteryDunfermline parish
DovesdenStrathmiglo parish
DownfieldKettle parish
DrakelandsKettle parish
Dreel HouseCarnbee parish
DrinkbetweenKinghorn parish
Dron, SouthLeuchars parish
Dron, WesterLeuchars parish
DruimmuilionnKinghorn parish
DrumainLeslie parish
DrumcarrowCameron parish
DrumcooperDalgety parish
DrumdreelStrathmiglo parish
Drumdreel Farm CottagesStrathmiglo parish
Drumdreel Saw MillStrathmiglo parish
DrumeldrieNewburn parish
DrumfinTorryburn parish
DrumfordDunfermline parish
DrumheadCameron parish
DrumleyCollessie parish
DrumlyCrail parish
DrummairdKennoway parish
DrummochyLargo parish
DrumnodKilmany parish
DrumoigLeuchars parish
DrumrackCrail parish
DrumsFalkland parish
Drums, NetherFalkland parish
DrumtenantCollessie parish
Drumtenant Farm CottagesCollessie parish
DrumtrisselCeres parish
DrynapsDunfermline parish
DubbiesideWemyss parish (was in Markinch parish before 15 May 1891)
Duck HillTorryburn parish (was in Saline parish before 15 May 1891)
DulochInverkeithing parish
Duloch Home FarmInverkeithing parish
Duloch, MidInverkeithing parish
Duloch, NorthInverkeithing parish
Duloch, OldInverkeithing parish
DumbarnieNewburn parish
DumbarrowAbernethy parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
DunbogDunbog parish
DuncrevieArngask parish (was in Kinross-shire before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Duncrevie HouseArngask parish (was in Kinross-shire before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Duncrevie, Hilton ofArngask parish (was in Kinross-shire before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
DundonaldAuchterderran parish
Dundonald, North, FarmAuchterderran parish
Dundonald, SouthAuchterderran parish
DunduffDunfermline parish
Dunearn HouseBurntisland parish
DunfermlineDunfermline parish
Duniface FarmMarkinch parish
Dunimarle CastleCulross parish
DuninoDunino parish
DunnikierKirkcaldy parish
Dunnikier HouseKirkcaldy parish
Dunnikier MuirDysart parish
DunnygaskDunfermline parish
Dunnygask Lodge FarmDunfermline parish
Dunshalt / DunsheltAuchtermuchty parish
Dunshelt / DunshaltAuchtermuchty parish
Dura DenKemback parish
Dura HouseKemback parish
Dura MainsKemback parish
DurhamLargo parish
Durie HouseScoonie parish
Durie ValeMarkinch parish
Durie, WesterScoonie parish
DykeheadMarkinch parish
DysartDysart parish
Dysart MuirDysart parish
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