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Where in Fife is .......?

This list gives 2300 place names in Fife and the parish(es) in which they can be found. Once you have located the parish, go to the relevant parish page where a link to Places in .... parish takes you to a selection of online historical and modern maps.

Select a letter from the table below to change to a list of place names with a different initial letter.

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This list is complied from various sources. Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

If you still cannot find a place, Glasgow University have a test version of a database of Fife Place-name Data. The site is searchable by parish or by place and gives map references.

Gallatown   Dysart parish
Gallow Knowe   Abdie parish
Gallowhill   Kennoway parish
Gallowridge   Culross parish
Gallowridge Hill   Dunfermline parish
Gamekeepers Cottage   Abernethy parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Garlands   Dunfermline parish
Garpit   FerryportOnCraig parish
Gartarry   Tulliallan parish
Garvock Hill   Dunfermline parish
Gask   Dunfermline parish
Gaston   Crail parish
Gateside   Dunfermline parish
Gateside   Markinch parish
Gateside   Strathmiglo parish
Gateside House   Strathmiglo parish
Gateside Station   Strathmiglo parish
Gathercauld   Ceres parish
Gauldry   Balmerino parish
Gauldry, The   Balmerino parish
Gellet   Dunfermline parish
Gellet (present day)   Dunfermline parish
Gellet, Easter   Dunfermline parish
Gellet, Wester   Dunfermline parish
Gibliston Farm   Carnbee parish
Gibliston House   Carnbee parish
Giffordtown   Collessie parish
Giffordtown Church   Collessie parish
Gillingshill   Carnbee parish
Gilmerton House   Cameron parish
Gilmerton, Wester   Cameron parish
Gilston House   Newburn parish
Gilston, East, Mains   Largo parish
Gilston, New   Largo parish
Gilston, New, Farm   Largo parish
Gilston, West, Mains   Largo parish
Glassiebarns   Dunfermline parish
Glasslie, Easter   Falkland parish
Glasslie, Wester   Falkland parish
Glassliehead   Burntisland parish
Glassmount   Kinghorn parish
Glassmount, North   Kinghorn parish
Glassmount, North, Farm   Kinghorn parish
Glassmount, South   Kinghorn parish
Glenburnie   Abdie parish
Glencraig (1)   Ballingry parish
Glencraig (2)   Ballingry parish
Glendeughie   Arngask parish (was in Perthshire before and after 15 May 1891)
Glendevon Farm   Dunfermline parish
Glenduckie   Flisk parish
Glendy Mill   Arngask parish (was in Kinross-shire before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Gleneden   Strathmiglo parish
Gleneden Mill   Strathmiglo parish
Glenfarg (part)   Arngask parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Glenfarg (part)   Arngask parish (was in Kinross-shire before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Glenfarg (part)   Arngask parish (was in Perthshire before and after 15 May 1891)
Glenniston   Auchterderran parish
Glenniston Cottages   Auchterderran parish
Glenorkie   Kettle parish
Glenrothes   Glenrothes new town
Glenrothes (part)   Kinglassie parish
Glenrothes (part)   Leslie parish
Glenrothes (part)   Markinch parish
Glenshee   Aberdour parish
Glentarkie   Abernethy parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
Goatmilk Farm   Kinglassie parish
Goatmilk, East   Kinglassie parish
Goatmilk, West   Kinglassie parish
Gordonshall   Carnbee parish
Gospetry, Easter   Strathmiglo parish
Gospetry, Wester   Strathmiglo parish
Gowdie   Monimail parish
Gowerfield   Culross parish
Gowkhall   Carnock parish
Graingers Square   Auchterderran parish
Grange   Elie parish (was in Kilconquhar parish before 15 May 1891)
Grange   Balmerino parish
Grange   Burntisland parish
Grange   Kinghorn parish
Grange Cottages   Kinghorn parish
Grange Mount   Dunfermline parish
Grange of Lindores   Abdie parish
Grange   Dunfermline parish
Grange, East   Culross parish
Grange, East   StAndrews parish
Grange, Middle   Culross parish
Grange, New, House   StAndrews parish
Grange, North   Abdie parish
Grange, The   StAndrews parish
Grange, The, Farm   StAndrews parish
Grange, Vicars   Kinghorn parish
Grange, West   Culross parish
Grange, West   StAndrews parish
Grangehill   Elie parish (was in Kilconquhar parish before 15 May 1891)
Grangehill   Kinghorn parish
Grangemire   Kinghorn parish
Grangemuir   AnstrutherWester parish
Grangemuir, Easter   AnstrutherWester parish
Grantsfield   Markinch parish
Grantsmoor   Dysart parish
Grantsmuir   Dysart parish
Grassmiston   Crail parish (was in Kingsbarns parish before 15 May 1891)
Grayson   Kilmany parish
Green Nap   Dunfermline parish
Greenend Farm   Dysart parish
Greenend House   Dysart parish
Greenhead   Kinglassie parish
Greenkip   Aberdour parish
Greenknowes   Beath parish
Greenmyre Farm   Auchtermuchty parish
Greenside   Carnbee parish
Greenside   Ceres parish
Greenside   Kemback parish
Greenside   Kettle parish
Greenwells   Falkland parish
Greigston House   Cameron parish
Grey Craig (1)   Saline parish
Grey Craig (2)   Saline parish
Grievesland   Beath parish
Guardbridge   Leuchars parish
Guttergates   Dunfermline parish