Where in Fife is .......?

This list gives 2300 place names in Fife and the parish(es) in which they can be found. Once you have located the parish, go to the relevant parish page where a link to Places in .... parish takes you to a selection of online historical and modern maps.

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This list is complied from various sources. Remember that the spelling of place names may change from time to time.

If you still cannot find a place, Glasgow University have a test version of a database of Fife Place-name Data. The site is searchable by parish or by place and gives map references.

MacedoniaKinglassie parish
Mackies MillMarkinch parish
Magask, NetherCeres parish
Magus MuirStAndrews parish
Magus, UpperCeres parish
Maiden CastleMarkinch parish
MainsCameron parish
Mains HouseWemyss parish
Mains of BeathDunfermline parish
Mains of ComrieCulross parish
Mains of LindoresAbdie parish
MairslandAuchtermuchty parish
Makgill RowCupar parish
Manorlees / ManorleysKinghorn parish
Manorleys / ManorleesKinghorn parish
ManseAbdie parish
ManseFalkland parish
Manse (1)Arngask parish (was in Perthshire before and after 15 May 1891)
Manse (2)Arngask parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
MansfieldStrathmiglo parish
March of LathonesCameron parish
MarionvilleAberdour parish
MarkinchMarkinch parish
MaryfieldKettle parish
MarytownForgan parish
MastertownDunfermline parish
May, Isle ofAnstrutherWester parish
MayfieldCeres parish
MayfieldKilconquhar parish
Meadow WellsCollessie parish
MeadowendDunfermline parish
MeadowfieldKinghorn parish
MeadowheadSaline parish
MeadowsideMarkinch parish
Meetings, EastMarkinch parish
Meikle BalgothrieLeslie parish
Meikle BalquhomryLeslie parish
Meikle BeinAbernethy parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
MeiklebeathBeath parish
Melville Home FarmCollessie parish
Melville HouseMonimail parish
Melville LodgeCollessie parish
Melville MuirCollessie parish
Melville, MountCameron parish
MethilWemyss parish
MethilhillWemyss parish
Mid ConlandFalkland parish
Mid DulochInverkeithing parish
Mid MillDunfermline parish
Mid StrathoreDysart parish
Middle BalbeggieDysart parish
Middle DeuglieArngask parish (was in Perthshire before and after 15 May 1891)
Middle GrangeCulross parish
MiddlebankDunfermline parish
MiddlefieldCupar parish
MiddlefieldKettle parish
MiddlefoodieDairsie parish
MidfieldSaline parish
MilesmarkDunfermline parish (was in Inverkeithing parish before 15 May 1891)
Mill FarmAberdour parish
MilldeansKettle parish
MilldeansKinglassie parish
Millfield HouseFalkland parish
MilltailFalkland parish
MilltownMarkinch parish
MillwatersFalkland parish
MiltonBallingry parish
MiltonLeuchars parish
MiltonSaline parish
Milton of BalgonieMarkinch parish
Milton of BleboKemback parish
Mire EndDunfermline parish
Miry HallSaline parish
MonimailMonimail parish
MonksholmStAndrews parish
MonkstownCollessie parish
MontqueyAberdour parish
MontraveScoonie parish
Montrave Home FarmScoonie parish
MonturpieNewburn parish
MonziehallAberdour parish
MoonzieMoonzie parish
Moonzie MillLeuchars parish
Moonzie, Torr ofMoonzie parish
MorendyForgan parish
MorningsideDunfermline parish
MortonForgan parish
MortonKingsbarns parish
Morton of BleboKemback parish
Moss CottagesAberdour parish
Moss MorranAberdour parish
Moss, TheTulliallan parish
MossbankAberdour parish
MossgreenBeath parish
MossgreenDalgety parish
Moss-sideBeath parish
Mount MelvilleCameron parish
Mount PleasantAbdie parish
Mount PleasantNewburn parish
Mount, TheMonimail parish
MountfleurieScoonie parish
Mountquhanie FarmKilmany parish
Mountquhanie HouseKilmany parish
Mourn HouseKinghorn parish
MugdrumNewburgh parish
Muir ParkStAndrews parish
MuircambusKilconquhar parish (was in Elie parish before 15 May 1891)
Muircambus, WestKilconquhar parish (part was in Elie parish before 15 May 1891)
MuircockhallDunfermline parish
MuircraigsKilmany parish
MuiredgeWemyss parish
MuirendDalgety parish
MuirendKettle parish
MuirfieldArngask parish (was in Fife before 15 May 1891 then in Perthshire)
MuirheadAuchterderran parish
MuirheadCeres parish
MuirheadCrail parish
MuirheadCulross parish
MuirheadDunfermline parish
MuirheadKettle parish
MuirheadLeuchars parish
Muirhead HoldingKettle parish
MuirhousesDunfermline parish
MuirmealingSaline parish
MuirsideCollessie parish
MuirsideDunfermline parish
MuirsideKinglassie parish
MuirsideMoonzie parish
MuirsideSaline parish
MuirsideTorryburn parish
Muirside of KinnedarSaline parish
MuirtonKinglassie parish
Muirton / MuirtownBeath parish
MuirtownDysart parish
Muirtown / MuirtonBeath parish
MurdochcairnieKilmany parish
MurelAberdour parish
MuriespotMarkinch parish
MurnipeaAuchtermuchty parish
Murray PlaceAuchterderran parish
MurrayknoweAuchterderran parish
MurrelAberdour parish
Murrel, TheAberdour parish
Mutton HallAbbotshall parish
MyregorneyDysart parish
Myres CastleAuchtermuchty parish
MyresideFalkland parish
Myrie HallSaline parish
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