Fife Council Archive Centre

Police Personnel Records

Personnel register entries less than 75 years old are not on general access as they may contain confidential information. For advice on access to information in Police personnel registers less than 75 years old please contact the archivist, Andrew Dowsey.

The catalogue can be searched on the Fife Council website (select  A in the A-Z list, then  Archives).

Dunfermline City Police (1832-1949)
  Register of police officers 1874-1913
  Special Constables 1914-1933
  Police War Reservists 1939-1946
  Women Auxiliary Police Constables 1939-1946
Kirkcaldy Burgh Police (pre-1845 and 1877-1949)
  Registers of police officers 1877-1948
  Women Auxiliary Police Constables 1940-1946
Fife County Constabulary (1840-1949)
  Registers of police officers 1858-1949
  Police cadets and civilian employees 1947-1949
  Special Constables appointed during the General Strike 1926
  Women Auxiliary Police Constables 1941-1949
Fife Constabulary (1949- )
  Police cadets and civilian employees 1949-1966
  Annual lists of new appointments, resignations & retirements 1955-1974
  Register of police pensions 1891-1987
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