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Dunfermline 1851 Census - Missing Pages

Two pages are missing from the second LDS filming of the census (LDS film numbers 1042265 & 1042266). They are included on the first filming (LDS film number 0103679). The pages are missing from the sites which have made transcriptions from the films. The pages are book 20B, pages 29 & 30. They are transcribed below.

Dunfermline Book 20, page 29. Parliamentary Burgh of Dunfermline

120 8 Damside Street
  David Moyes Head Mar 48   Handloom weaver linen Fife Dunfermline
  Mary Moyes Wife Mar   48 Midwife practising Fife Dunfermline
  Ann Moyes Daur U   28 Warper factory Fife Dunfermline
  Mary Moyes Daur U   20 Warper factory Fife Dunfermline
  George Moyes Son U 18   Handloom weaver linen Fife Dunfermline
  David Moyes Son   15   Handloom weaver cotton Fife Dunfermline
  Christina Moyes Daur     13 House servt. Fife Dunfermline
  Henry Moyes Son   10      
  Jean Moyes Neice     1   Fife Dunfermline
    John Laurence Visitor   1     Midlothian Edinburgh
121 9 Damside Street, Goat House
  Isabella Whitehill Head W   44 Pirn winder pauper Kinross-shire Kinross
  Margaret Whitehill Daur U   17 Handloom weaver cotton Fife Dunfermline
  John Whitehill Son   9   Scholar Fife Dunfermline
  Isabella Whitehill Daur     7 Scholar Fife Dunfermline
  James Watson Son in law Mar 22   Coal hewer Fife Dunfermline
  Janet Watson Daur Mar   20   Fife Dunfermline
  Alexr. Christie Lodger Mar 30   Nailer Fife Dunfermline
122 Peter Paton Head Widr 50   Tailor Fife Saline
  Margaret Paton Daur U   26 Housekeeper Kinross-shire Kinross
  Peter Paton Son   10   Tobacco spinner appr. Kinross-shire Kinross
  Janet Cunning Grandson [sic]     4 m   Fife Dunfermline
I2 U0 B0 10 11  

Dunfermline Book 20, page 30. Parliamentary Burgh of Dunfermline

123 9 Damside Street, Goat House
  John Young Head Mar 33   Handloom weaver linen Fife Dunfermline
  Isabella Young Wife Mar   31   Fife Dunfermline
  Janet Young Daur U   10 Scholar Fife Dunfermline
  John Young Son U 3     Fife Dunfermline
  Andrew Young Son U 8 m     Fife Dunfermline
124 John Downie Head   43   Handloom weaver cotton Fife Dunfermline
  Elisabeth Downie Wife     50   Fife Dunfermline
  William Anderson Stepson   26   Handloom weaver linen Fife Dunfermline
  Alexander Anderson Stepson   24   Handloom weaver linen Fife Dunfermline
  Janet Anderson Stepdaur     22 Handloom weaver linen Fife Dunfermline
  John Downie Son   8   Scholar Fife Dunfermline
125 Jean Stark Head     37 Domestic duties pauper Fife Beith
  Hellen Stark Daur     15 Handloom weaver cotton Kinross-shire Kinross
  Margaret Stark Daur     12 Scholar Fife Dunfermline
  Euphemia Stark Daur     9 Scholar Fife Dunfermline
  James Stark Son   7   Scholar Fife Dunfermline
  Robert Stark Son   3     Fife Dunfermline
  Janet Stark Daur     9 m   Fife Dunfermline
    David Stark Son   5   Scholar Fife Dunfermline
I0 U0 B0 10 9 End of the Twentieth District

Scottish Census Data - Crown Copyright General Register Office for Scotland. Reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and Queen's Printer for Scotland.

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