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KIRKBEAN, Kirkcudbrightshire

"It is bounded on the northeast, east, south, and southwest, by the Solway Firth, comprising about ten miles of sea coast, and in the other directions by a rugged mountainous district, terminated on the northern extremity by Criffell.....
The parishes that come in contact with Kirkbean are New Abbey to the north and northwest, and the united parishes of Colvend and Southwick to the southwest and west....
In various directions, the view from the summit of Criffell is very extensive. Annan, Carlisle, Dumfries, and Castle Douglas are distinctly visble, and also the Isle of Man....
There are four small villages. That of Kirkbean is one of the most beautiful and interesting anywhere to be seen. It is situated in a simple rural valley....
Upon the whole, great attention has of late been paid to the improvement of all kinds of cattle" (Rev. Thomas Grierson, Minister)
New Statistical Account, Blackwood

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History, Kirkcudbright. The New Statistical Account of Scotland, 2nd Series, W Blackwood, 1845.


The Church Yard of Kirkbean has had pre-1855 monumental inscriptions transcribed and indexed. The index and transcribed inscriptions are included in a series of volumes that cover all of Kirkcudbrightshire. Kirkbean is in volume 7. Refer to the county page for additional details.

Church History

"The church is five miles distant from the remotest farm house, and four from the village of Saturness. Still it is well placed for the accommodation of the principal part of the population....

There is not above four families of old Dissenters in the parish, besides two Catholic families. To this number may now be added about fifteen families who have lately joined the Free Kirk...."

Rev. Thomas Grierson, Minister, New Statistical Account, Blackwood.

Church Records

Church of Scotland records are held at the General Register Office in Edinburgh. Copies of the pairsh register on microfilm may be consulted in LDS Family History Centres around the world. Refer to the county page for additional details.

Records Available Baptism Marriage Burial Reference
Church of Scotland 1714-1854 1714-1790
1714, 1787
OPR 870
Free Church none none none CH3 1139

The Kirkbean and Southwick Free Church records contain some court minutes and miscellaneous papers.


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