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NEW ABBEY, Kirkcudbrightshire

"The surface is of irregular elevation, and, in many places, rough and rocky. Along the whole western boundary, there is a range of hills, commencing with Lowtis on the north, and terminating with Criffell on the south...

Dumfries, distant seven miles, is the nearest market town, and supplies a ready demand for all sorts of agriculture produce.

About ten families reside at Drumburn, which, except New Abbey, is the only place in the parish that can be called a village.

The length of the parish from north to south is fully ten miles, and its breadth from east to west about 2 miles. It is bounded on the north, by the parish of Lochrutton; on the south, by Kirkbean; on the east, by Troqueer and the river Nith; and, on the west, by Kirkgunzeon and Colvend."

Rev. James Hamilton, Minister, New Statistical Account, Blackwood.

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History, Kirkcudbright. The New Statistical Account of Scotland, 2nd Series, W Blackwood, 1845.


The Church Yard of New Abbey has had pre 1855 monumental inscriptions transcribed and indexed. The index and transcribed inscriptions are included in a series of volumes that cover all of Kirkcudbrightshire. New Abbey is in volume 7. Refer to the county page for additional details.

Church History

"The church is conveniently situated for the population, which is by far most numerous in the low end of the parish....

The Roman Catholic chapel is within the diocese of Edinburgh. There are 235 families in the parish, consisting of 935 individuals professedly belonging to the Established Church, and 35 families of 115 individuals belonging to various sects of Dissenters, including 67 Roman Catholics.... "

Rev. James Hamilton, Minister, New Statistical Account, Blackwood.

Church Records

Church of Scotland records are held at the General Register Office in Edinburgh. Copies of the pairsh register on microfilm may be consulted in LDS Family History Centres around the world. Refer to the county page for additional details.

Records Available Baptism Marriage Burial Reference
Church of Scotland 1691-1854 1769-1854 1769-1854 OPR 877
Roman Catholic 1816-1876
Same Same Dumfries Archive Centre

Kirk Session Notes: The Kirk Session records for the parish start in 1691, and continue till 1860. (CH2 1042 ) Refer to the county page for additional details.


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