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This page has been created to assist the maintainer and others to keep track of changes made to the Kirkcudbrightshire pages on GENUKI. Please note that the links provided on this page will take you to the Kirkcudbrightshire Town or Parish page containing the new information, and NOT directly to the information itself, so please be prepared to hunt around for the details!

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This site was orginally developed by Vivienne Dunstan in 1995. Since 1997 Don Jaggi continued to develop the Kirkcudbrightshire page and create parish pages. In 1999 Stephen Browning created the interactive parish map for the county. In 2004 the pages were moved to the www.genuki.org.uk server and David Hawgood started to do error correction and amendments; Don Jaggi continues to supply new information. By December 2010 maintenance was done by Mel Lockie, and in October 2013 by Chris Willis.


The file names now are the complete parish name. This affected the following parishes: Balmaclellan, Balmaghie, Carsphairn, Crossmichael, Kirkcudbright-Parish, Kirkgunzeon, Kirkmabreck, Kirkpatrick-Durham, Kirkpatrick-Irongray, Lochrutton, Minnigaff, New-Abbey, Southwick, Terregles

I added the following links as of August 13, 2000: Articles appearing in county newspapers of 1909 marked the 50th aniversary of the opening of the Dumfries-Dalbeattie-Castle Douglas railway. The articles relate accounts of the impact the railway has had, how it was received, and the celebration that took place in 1859.

The Highland and Agriculture Society of Scotland published an article by Thomas Maclelland of Kirkinner, Wigtownshire in 1875 on the state of agriculture in Galloway.

Section 5, A sketch of the early state of agriculture in Kirkcudbright and Wigtown, depicts the times from the seventeenth to nineteenth century.

These paragraphs record the effect the Napoleonic conflict had on the region. "The first impetus the agriculture of the two counties received was consequent on the high prices of grain during the French war. Gold or silver had always hitherto....

Land and Property

(This section added September 17, 2000:) A primary source of land ownership can be found in Sasine registers. Many farmers leased land so they would not be in the sasine registers.

The sasine records are indexed from 1617 to 1868 and beyond. The sasine registers to be aware of are the Particular Register for the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright and Burgh register of Sasine for the towns of New Galloway and Kirkcudbright. There is also a general register of sasine which was kept in Edinburgh. Sasine records are held at the National Archives of Scotland in Edinburgh and may be purchased from them. Search the indexes first to determine if these records exist for your ancestor. (see Bibliography #5 and #6)

History of the Land and their Owners in Galloway, by P.H. M'Kerlie, provides information about land and its owners in every parish from the dark ages into the nineteenth century. Many place names that are no longer on maps can be found in this work. The Buittle section is online. (see Bibliography # 4)

Church Records

On January 7, 2001 new paragraph added in history section
A History of Dumfries and Galloway by Herbert Maxwell provides a history of the region as it relates to Scottish history from A.D. 79 to about 1750. Read some brief excerpts...
new reference added in bibliography
Herbert Maxwell, A History of Dumfries and Galloway, (Edinburgh and London, William Black and Sons, 1896) available in the LDS library collection recently reprinted by Heritage Books Inc. It is also available on the internet. [Added 2013]

The parish page of Kirkcudbright has been updated to reflect the new web site.

12 Dec 2010

Updated all pages to reflect the addition of parish pages and to use GENUKI standard format.

Oct/Nov 2013

Updated parish pages to include grid references (in the map and nearby links), having made those in the gazetteer more precise. Also adjusted out of date links in index.html, the parish pages (ie KKD, Kircudbright, Buittle, Balmaghie, and Kirkgunzeon) and above.

Also reworked the old parishes that were united with neighbours, mostly in the seventeenth century. These are now findable via the gazetteer. The up arrow takes you to the new parish rather than the county. Except for IronGray, there is a short paragraph giving their dates of amalgamation, together with some evidence.

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