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"A police burgh and a quoad sacra parish in Lasswade parish, Edinburghshire, 4 ½ furlongs from the North Esk's left bank, and 5 miles S by E of Edinburgh by road, but 10 ¼ by the Roslin and Glencorse branch of the North British railway. With charming environs, including a very romantic reach of the North esk's glen, it mainly consists of two streets, which join each other at an obtuse angle; and it contains a number of good houses, which serve as a summer retreat for some of the Edinburgh townsfolk, though its own population consists in great measure of miners and those engaged in the oil-works and paper-mills."

(Extract from Ordnance Gazetteer, Scotland)


The transcription of the section for Loanhead from the National Gazetteer (1868) provided by Colin Hinson.
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Below is a list of the population of Loanhead in various years

1861 1310
1871 1759
1881 2493
1891 3244


For a social and economic record of the parishes of East Lothian together with considerable statistical material, see Sir John Sinclair's Statistical Account of Scotland, which was compiled in the 1790s. Follow-up works to this were the New Statistical Account (also known as the Second Statistical Account) which was prepared in the 1830s and 1840s; and more recently the Third Statistical Account which has been prepared since the Second World War.

Thanks to a joint venture between the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh the First and Second Statistical Accounts can now be accessed on-line at The Statistical Accounts of Scotland, 1791-1799 and 1845.

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