WEEM, Perthshire - Extract from National Gazetteer, 1868

[Description(s) from The National Gazetteer (1868)]

"WEEM, a parish in county Perth, Scotland. It comprises a village of the same name, and those of Caolvallock, Balnasuin, Balwahanaid, Cragganester, Tombreck, and Craggantoul. The parish is much mixed up with and intersected by neighbouring parishes. The surface is mountainous and rugged. It is watered by the rivers Tay, Lyon, Lochy, and Dochart. Red deer, foxes, wild cats, otters, badgers, black game, wild fowl, and a few eagles are met with. The great military road from Crieff to Inverness passes through Weem proper, and is joined by numerous county roads at Tay Bridge, about half a mile from the church. This parish is the seat of a presbytery in the synod of Perth and Stirling. The stipend of the minister is about £149. The parish church was erected in 1835. There are a parochial school and four non-parochial schools. Near the church is Castle Menzies, the seat of Sir R. Menzies, Bart."

"BALNASIUM, a village in the parish of Weem, in the county of Perth, Scotland, not far from Aberfeldy."

"CRAGGANESTER, (and Craggantoul) hamlets in the parish of Weem, in the county of Perth, Scotland, 2 miles from Aberfeldy."

"KIRKTON-OF-WEEM, a village in the parish of Weem, county Perth, Scotland, 24 miles N.W. of Perth. It is situated in the vicinity of the river Tay."

"LAWERS, a village in the parishes of Kenmore and Weem, county Perth, Scotland, 7 miles S.W. of Taymouth. It is situated under Ben Lawers, and has a mission church built by the Marquis of Breadalbane in 1833."

"MENZIES, (or Meengis, Castle), in the parish of Weem, county Perth, Scotland. It is an ancient edifice situated in a well-wooded spot."

"TOMBRECK, a hamlet in the parish of Weem, county Perth, Scotland."

[Description(s) from The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868)
Transcribed by Colin Hinson ©2003]

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