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Hawick Mortality in 1849

"MORTALITY OF HAWICK FOR 1849 - The following acount of the mortality of Hawick, during the year 1849, was read to his congregation by the Rev. L.A. Wallace, of the Free Church, there on Sabbath last. The deaths in each month in the Parish of Hawick were as follows, in January, 7 deaths; in February, 20; in March, 8; in April, 25; in May, 13; in June, 16; in July, 17; in August, 67; in September, 66; in October, 46; in November, 22; in December, 17; total deaths 324. The average deaths for the last 7 years was 162, so that last year just the double of that number died. The number of cases of cholera in the parish of Hawick, were 422, the deaths were 143 from cholera, 88 male and female heads of families died, and 28 widows, altogether 116 heads of families have died during the course of last year; 50 husband have lost their wives, and 38 wives have lost their husbands; 137 died under 15 years of age, 34 between 15 and 30 years of age; 61 between 30 and 50 years; and 92 above 50 years. Mr Wallace stated that since he was ordained in the year 1833 to the ministry of the parish of Hawick till the disruption, there died in the parish 1504 and since the disruption to the end of December 1849, there had died 1192. Total deaths from 1833, till December 1849, 2696; he stated that during the last year 36 families had lost 2 members by death from cholera, 13 families had 3 deaths in each family, and 2 families had 4 deaths, 12 families had lost both father and mother."

From The Scotsman, Wednesday 9th January 1850, page 3