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Index to biographical listings of Hawick people

NameDescriptionBirth/death datesPublication date
Anderson, Robertsolicitord. 18621941
Armstrong, Mrs (nee Waldie)of the Post Officed. 18691921
Ballantyne, Walterstockingmakerd. 18751941
Ballantyne, Walterdrummer1800-18811941
Balmer, Williambugler 1941
Barrie, Walter Scotttweed and hosiery manufacturer and Provostd. 19121941
Beattie, Williamstockingmaker and photographer1830-18911921
Black, Robertbookseller, stationer and newsagentd. 18991941
Blaikie, Georgetinsmith and bell-hanger1821-18971921
Blaine, James A.H.headmaster of Wilton Schoolb. 18151921
Blenkhorn, John Farrartweed merchantd. 19091941
Borthwick, Andrewgrocer and ham curer1803-18861921
Brydon, Dr James d. 19051941
Brydon, Jamesgrocerd. 18901941
Bunyan, Georgebarberd. 18751941
Burnet, Williammaster shoemakerd. 19161941
Cathrae, Thomascommercial traveller and editor 1921
Charters, Dr Samuelminister of Wilton1742-18251921
Chisholm, John Scottof Stirches1810-18681921
Craig, Johnpharmacistd. 19101941
Craig, Mrs (wife of John Craig)member of School Boardd. 19141941
Crozier, Williamlandlord of Tower Hoteld. 18771941
Currie, Marktweed merchantd. 19161941
Dalgleish, Jamesprinter1819-18971921
Davidson, Gilbertagent for British Linen Bank1833-18961921
Davidson, Williambanker1790-18681921
Daykins, Jamesstockingmaker1810-18961941
Deans, Johndirector of Building Society 1921
Deans, Robertprinter and postmand. 18791941
Diener, Frederickjoiner1814-18861921
Dodds, Anthonyschoolmaster1819-18871921
Donaldson, A.J.engineerd. 18911921
Douglas, Dr John 1789-18611921
Douglas, Jamesof Cavers1822-18781921
Douglas, Jamescashier1826-18851921
Duncan, Georgestockingmakerd. 18891941
Easton, Georgehairdresser and fishing tackle maker1809-18731921
Elliot, Jamesof Goldielandsd. 18481921
Elliot, Jamesof the Ewe and Lamb1792-18831921
Elliot, Williamhosiery manufacturerd. 18641941
Ewen, Provostmanufacturer 1921
Fraser, George Hardydraperb. 18301921
Goodfellow, Hughbaker1767-18471921
Gordon, Johncolporteur1820-18811921
Graham, Dr 1793-18581921
Grant, Dr 1823-18761921
Gray, Frankhandloom weaver and bandmaster1839-19221941
Greenwood, Robertmanufacturer1811-18861921
Grierson, Adammerchant and corn dealer1812-18931921
Grieve, Walterslater1784-18561921
Guild, Johnsergant and Sheriff Officerd. 18831941
Gunion, Andrewminister of Cross Wynd Church1822-18731921
Guthrie, Jamesplumber, slater and glazier1806-18721921
Guthrie, Johnplumber, slater and gasfitterd. 19031941
Haddon, Andrewmanufacturer1818-18941921
Haddon, Waltersolicitor, banker etc.1841-19071941
Hart, Adamcoal merchant and contractord. 19101941
Henderson, Jameshosiery manufacturerd. 19011941
Hobkirk, Georgebaker and corn merchant1816-18771921
Hodgson, Richardchairman of North British Railway Company1812-18771921
Hogg, Franktreasurer of Hawick Archaeological Societyd. 18801941
Hogg, Georgehosiery manufacturer1817/9-18741921
Hogg, Georgehosiery manufacturer and Provostd. 19001941
Hogg, John Amosstockingmakerd. 18821941
Hunter, Johncabinetmakerd. 19051941
Hunter, John Y.photographerd. 19031941
Hunter, Robertpoet and manager with Wilson and Glenny Ltd.d. 19051941
Hunter, Sir William Wilson b. 18401921
Inglis, Johnjoinerd. 19011941
Inglis, JohnCurator of Museum and tweed foremand. 19281941
Inglis, Williammillworker1826-18911921
Innes, Alexander Pringleof A.P. Innes and Co.1837-18891921
Irvine, Andrewof the Savings Bank1787-18701921
Irvine, Williammerchant, of Laing & Irvine1824-18931921
Johnman, Rev. William Andrew Pattonof Hawick Free Churchd. 19231941
Kedie, Robertbaker1791-18691921
Kedie, Robertmerchant, Glasgow 1921
Kedie, Williamdraper1815-18801921
Kennedy, Williampolicemand. 19061941
Kennedy, William Normanfounder of Archaeological Society1821-18651921
Knox, Robertfarmer of Martin's Housed. 19001941
Kyle, Frankfarmerb. 18181921
Kyle, Thomascommercial traveller and cricketerd. 19211941
Laidlaw, Adambuilder1815-18921921
Laidlaw, Thomashosiery manufacturerd. 19071941
Laidlaw, Williammanufacturer1786-18611921
Laing, Alexandermanufacturer1786-18501921
Laing, Johnmanufacturer1813-18761921
Laing, Walterof Dicksons and Laings1820-18951921
Lawrie, Waltergrocerd. 18721941
Lawson, Alexander S.watchmaker and jewellerd. 19161941
M'Ewen, Rev. Jamesof East Bank U.P. Church 1921
Mackenzie, Francishairdresserd. 19001941
Macrae, Rev. Doctorminister of Hawick1815-18921921
Marshall, Johnbuilder1801-18741921
McLeod, Dr Donald d. 19031941
Melrose, Johnengineer1815-18891921
Michie, Alexanderskinner1813-18861921
Milligan, RobertProvost, cabinetmaker, undertaker and auctioneerd. 18921941
Mitchell, Robertglazier and glass merchant, and Provostd. 19281941
Morrison, Ex-BailieSuperintendent of Police and Procurator-Fiscald. 18921941
Munro, Rev. Williamof Congregational Union Church, O'Connell Streetd. 18831941
Murray, Dr James A.H.dictionary editor 1921
Murray, General John b. circa 18261921
Murray, Roberthosiery manufacturer1831-19011941
Murray, William d. 19161941
Nichol, Johnbusiness mand. 18811921
Nichol, Walterof Cameron Highlanders and Roxburgh Rifle Volunteersd. 18961941
Nixon, Williammanufacturer1785-18711921
Noble, Roberttweed manufacturerd. 19191941
Ogilvie, Williamof Chesters and Branxholmeb. 17841921
Oliver, Jamesof Mayfield, lawyer etc.b. 18141921
Oliver, Jamesof Thornwood, auctioneerd. 19051921
Oliver, Johnlawyer1770-18491921
Oliver, Mrsof Thornwoodd. 19141941
Orr, Rev. Jamesminister of East Bank congregation 1921
Park, Williamdraper1833-18971941
Paterson, Henryauctioneerd. 18871941
Patterson, Davidmeat salesmand. 18981941
Pitcairn, Williamheadmasterd. 19161941
Pringle, Walterof Langlands1826-18951921
Purdom, Robertsolicitor and Town Clerkd. 19361941
Purdom, Thomasbanker1826-18861921
Purvis, Williamwhipmaker, fruiterer and confectionerd. 19021941
Rawlinson, Thomascricketerd. 19031941
Reid, Thomasmason and farmerd. 19011941
Richardson, Robertfounded Richardson, Noble and Co.1828-18771921
Robison, Ebenezerwhip and thong maker1795-18621921
Rodgie, Rev. Andrewof West End Anti-Burgher congregationd. 18611941
Scott, Jamestobacconist 1921
Scott, Johntweed designer ("Johnnie the Gover")1828-1889?1941
Scott, John Young d. 18801941
Scott, Peterhosiery manufacturer1852-19251941
Sheridan, Franciskeeper of the Irish Harp (and very tall man!)1837-18701941
Shiel, Davidpublican and grocerd. 19071941
Shiel, JamesRegistrar and Inspector of Poord. 19191941
Smith, James d. 18711941
Smith, Sir AndrewGeneral in Army1797-18721921
Smith, Tomstockingmaker and bowlerd. 19051941
Spalding, Jameschimney sweep and runnerd. 19271941
Stewart, Danielstockingmakerd. 18841921
Stewart, Rev. Duncanminister of St Andrew's U.F. Churchd. 19081941
Stewart, Rev. Jamesminister of Wilton1821-18861921
Strachan, Jamesweaver1776-18641921
Tait, Georgebuilder1813-18971921
Thom, JamesSuperintendent of Policed. 18741941
Thomson, Jamesroad surveyor1776-18531921
Thomson, Jamesthe poet1827-18881921
Thomson, Rev. Johnminister of St Mary'sd. 18891921
Trotter, Williamstockingmakerd. 19041941
Tudhope, Jamestobacconistd. 18801941
Turnbull, Georgeseedsman1821-18721921
Turnbull, Jamesmerchant1825-18781921
Turnbull, Roberthosiery workerd. 19001941
Turnbull, Williamgrocerd. 18661941
Vernon, Joshua Johnsurgeon-dentistd. 19231941
Watson, David McBurniecommission agentd. 19021941
Watson, Robert Frasertweed manufacturer and Provost1839-19041941
Watson, Sir Rennyengineer and bank directorb. 18381921
Watson, Williamdyer and hosiery maker1770-18431921
Waugh, Andrewtailor1813-18851921
Waugh, Jamesstockingmakerd. 18701941
Welsh, Anthonylabourerd. 19011941
Wemyss, Bailie b. 18131921
Wilson, Charles Johnof Wilson and Armstrong1842-19231941
Wilson, Edwardtweed manufacturer and Provostd. 19201941
Wilson, GeorgeKilmenyb. 18151921
Wilson, Jamestown clerk1797-18621921
Wilson, Johnmerchant1783-18571921
Wilson, Mungoprovision merchantd. 19141941
Wilson, Petermanufacturer1784-18621921
Wilson, Roberthistorianb. 17721921
Wilson, Rt. Hon. JamesM.P.1805-18601921
Wilson, Waltercabinetmaker1770-18471921
Wilson, Waltercabinetmaker1798-18621921
Wilson, Walterof Teviot Crescent, skinner etc.1812-18651921
Wilson, Williammanufacturer1764-18321921
Wintrup, Michaeltown drummer and landlord of Teribus Armsd. 18941941