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Kelso School Census of Children (circa 1885)

The Scottish Borders Archive and Local History Centre has a copy of the Kelso School Census of Children, taken circa 1885 (reference R/ED/1/57) [Note: the archive's catalogue gives a different date for the census, but circa 1885 was my estimate based on the details of people recorded in the census]. This gives information about children of school age living in the town at that time. Here is an example of the sort of information in the census:

No. Name of parents Occupation Residence Name of each child Age School each child is attending Remarks

154 William Anderson Draper Forestfield Sarah C Anderson 12 Girls High School
George B Anderson 10 Kelso High
John W C Anderson 8 Kelso High Twin
Jessie L Anderson 8 Maitland House Twin
William Anderson 6 Kelso High
Agnes M Anderson 3

Note: the family details here are fictitious, but based upon actual entries contained in this census.