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Melrose (town)

"The town of Melrose is delightfully situated at the north base of the Eildon hills... It has partly the character of an antique dingy place, with narrow thoroughfares and ancient houses, and partly the appearance of a modern, spruce, aspiring seat of population, with elegant and airy edifices; and in both respects it looks in good keeping with its situation, harmonizing partly with the grand antiquities adjacent to it, and partly with the magnificent landscape around it. It has recently, on the whole, undergone much improvement, in consequence of wealthy strangers being attracted to it for occasional or permanent residence." from the Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland, edited by John Marius Wilson, 1868.
See also Melrose parish.


Description and Travel

Melrose now has its own town website giving lots of information about the modern town, photographs, maps, and also articles about the history of Melrose.

A 19th century account of Melrose town can be read online.


Lots of information on the town's history is contained in Melrose's town website.

The Trimontium Trust has its own website giving information about the Roman fort near Melrose.

Historic Melrose by E.P. Dennison and R. Coleman was published in 1998 by Historic Scotland in association with the Scottish Cultural Press. This is part of the "Scottish burgh survey" - "a series designed to identify which areas of Scotland's historic burghs are of archaeological interest". In addition to an architectural assessment the book contains a lot of information about the history of the burgh throughout the centuries.


A 19th century account of Melrose town includes much on the trade and industry in the town.

Social Life and Customs

Social life in Hawick and Melrose in 1866: a comparison compares life in the two towns in 1866.

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