Name, Extent, & c. Buchanan was fomerly called Inchcailloch, the name of an island on Lochlomond, where the church was till the year 1621, when a considerable part of the parish of Luss, at that time on this side of the loch, was annexed to the parish of Inchcailloch. Some years after the annexation, the walls of the church in Ichcailloch failing, and the people likewise not finding it convenient every sabbath, expecially in stormy weather, to be crossing over to the island worship was performed in a church near the house of Buchanan, which was originally a Chapel of Ease belonging to the parish of Luss. From this chapel, which was clled the church or chapel of Buchanan, the whole united parish came by degrees to be called the parish of Buchanan. Inchcailloch signifies "the island of the Old Women"; so called, because in former times there was a nunnery there. The parish of Buchanan has been reckoned 18 computed miles long, and 6 broad. The cultivated part of the south end lies east and west between the moor of Buchanan and the river Endric. A long tract lies along the north side of Lochlomond to the upper end of the parish, near which there are two glens crossing the parish from east to west, Glendow and Glenarclet, both of which are inhabited.

Parish of Buchanan (County of Stirling, Synod of Glasgow and Ayr, Presbytery of Dunbarton) By the Rev. Mr. David MacGibbon.(Statistical Account of Scotland 1791-1799)

(See also Tom Paterson's transcription of the "New Statistical Account of 1841").

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