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"Ecclesmachan (Celt. 'church of St Machan'), a village and a parish of Linlithgowshire. The village stands 2 1/4 miles N by W of Uphall station, 3 WSW of Winchburgh station, and 4 ¾ ESE of Linlithgow.

The parish until 1891 consisted of two portions, separated by a strip of Linlithgow parish, 1 mile broad at the narrowest. In that year, however, the Boundary Commissioners united the two portions of Ecclesmachan by transferring to that parish the intervening Linlithgow strip. It at the same time received a further accession of territory by having transferred to it also the western portion of Dalmeny parish, the eastern portion going to Kirkliston. While the south-western portion was the larger of the two, the north-eastern contained the village."

Extract from Groomes Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland c.1895.

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