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Help and advice for 1801 Census, Amlwch - Part 2

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1801 Census, Amlwch - Part 2

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AddressNameOther InfoAdultsChildrenServants
Amlwch PortWMS InoLivp'l1133--
Amlwch PortTHOS Ino 1131--
Amlwch PortEDW'D Ro't 1121--
Amlwch PortROGERS Mgt -1321-
Amlwch PortHUGHES DavidSailor1-1-1-
Amlwch PortPARRY Anne -1-5--
Amlwch PortGABRIEL(?) W 11--1-
Amlwch PortJONES MarySailor-122--
Amlwch PortPARRY O 1112--
Amlwch PortROBERTS Hu 1--1--
Amlwch PortJONES HuSlater1121--
Amlwch PortHUS MgtLoft - W-1-4--
Amlwch PortROBERTS GriffLoft11----
Amlwch PortROBERTS Hu 1111--
Amlwch PortWMS Edwd 11-1--
Amlwch PortWMS Hu 11-2--
Amlwch PortTHOMAS RichCarpenter11-I--
Amlwch PortWILLIAMS Robt 11321-
Amlwch PortJONES JaneSailor-11---
Amlwch PortTHOMAS Edw 11----
Amlwch PortHUGHES T LastraNailor11-1--
Amlwch PortPETERS W 111311
Amlwch PortTIMBERLAKE MarySailor-11--2
Amlwch PortTHOMAS Harry 1--1--
Amlwch PortJONES DavySmith1121--
Amlwch PortMORGAN Cath'nW-1-2--
Amlwch PortOWEN Edw'dShoemaker11111-
Amlwch PortISAAC InoSmith11-2--
Amlwch PortOWEN WShoemaker1-----
Amlwch PortROBTS ElviSailor-111--
Amlwch PortJOSHUA JaneW-1-111
Amlwch PortJONES Elin74 - W-1----
Amlwch PortWMS MgtSailor-111--
Amlwch PortWMS W 11-1--
Amlwch PortWMS WOfficer11-2--
Amlwch PortJONES IsaacOfficer11---1
Amlwch PortHUGHES AnneW-133--
Amlwch PortHUGHES ElinW-1-1--
Amlwch PortROWD ThosCooper1121--
Amlwch PortTHOMAS CathnSailor-12---
Amlwch PortPRICHARD JohnCaptain1112--
Amlwch PortOWEN Hu 1123--
Amlwch PortFRANCIS ElizSailor-1----
Amlwch PortROOSE ElizSailor-131--
Amlwch PortDALE John 1142--
Amlwch PortEDWARDS CathnW-113--
Amlwch PortWMS Hu 1111--
Amlwch PortWMS JHobler1122--
Amlwch PortEVANS WHobler11-I--
Amlwch PortHOWSER S ------
Amlwch PortHUGHES GW------
Amlwch PortEVANS MrBacwhouses1----1
Amlwch PortWMS Ino 11-2-1
Amlwch PortROW'D ElizSailor-1-1--
Amlwch PortMORGANS Morgan 1-12-1
Amlwch PortBENNET MrsW-1-1-1
Amlwch PortHUS W 11--1-
Amlwch PortOWEN EW-1-2--
Amlwch PortOWEN CathSailor-111--
Amlwch PortJONES Foulk 1---11
Amlwch PortJENKINS T 1123-1
Amlwch PortHUWS ElinSailor-1-3--
Amlwch PortJONES O 112312
TreyrdathTHOS Lewis 113---
TreyrdathDAVID John 1112--
TreyrdathOWEN Thos 1111--
TreyrdathOWEN Rt 1123--
TreyrdathEVANS Eman'l 114---
TreyrdathJONES Cath'n -1---2
TreyrdathEDWARD JWeaver11111-
TreyrdathROWD O 11-1--
TreyrdathJONES JaneW-112--
TreyrdathWMS Sam'l 11-2--
TreyrdathROBTS Marg'tW-1-2--
TreyrdathHUGHES WmCarpenter11--1-
TreyrdathROWL'D J 1143--
TreyrdathDAVID Rt 11----
TreyrdathWMS W 11----
TreyrdathOWEN Mary -1-11-
TreyrdathROBERTS CathW-11---
TreyrdathHUGHES John 11----
TreyrdathPRAWDY MaryW-1-1--
TreyrdathLAZURUS JWeaver11-2--
TreyrdathOWEN W 1--2--
TreyrdathHUNT Thos 11----
TreyrdathPRICH'D J 112---
TreyrdathDAVIES D 1-22--
TreyrdathJONES W 111---
TreyrdathWMS W 1113--
TreyrdathOWEN CathW-13---
TreyrdathTHOS Hu 114---
TreyrdathWMS AnnW-1-1--
TreyrdathTHOS O 11141-
TreyrdathOWEN JAssaymaster11----
TreyrdathEVANS MarySailor-112--
TreyrdathMEREDITH W 11----
TreyrdathMORRIS W 1--2--
TreyrdathTHOS Francis 1111--
TreyrdathJONES J 113-1-
TreyrdathROBYN J 11-1--
TreyrdathJONES Elin -111--
TreyrdathDAVID John 1111--
TreyrdathTHOS JButcher/Baker11-1--
TreyrdathWMS Thos 11-1--
TreyrdathOWENS O 1-23--
TreyrdathWMS J 1112--
TreyrdathTHOS W 1111-1
TreyrdathMATHEW RtMiner11--1-
TreyrdathEVANS WMiner11-3--
TreyrdathDAVID WLimekilnworker112-1-
TreyrdathHUGHES ThosMiner111---

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Transcription by Joyce & Douglas Hinde